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    Catastrophe In The Making: What’s Next For ‘Krypton’? 😱

    *gasps* WTF just happened?!

    It’s the show that makes you question what you actually know about Superman. Syfy’s Krypton introduces its audience to a world without Superman. Bear in mind, this is 200 years before Supes’s birth.

    The Season 1 finale asks even more questions after two crucial events change the timeline as we know it. If you saw the final couple of scenes from the episode, you would have seen this happen:

    Yeah. You saw that correctly. The Superman cape just went poof. Thanks, Zod! Let’s examine some of the burning questions, shall we?

    How Can General Zod Still Exist With Seg Now In The Phantom Zone?

    One of the season’s biggest bombshells came in episode 9, entitled ‘Hope’. The bombshell revealed General Zod is not only Lyta’s son from the future, but Seg’s too. We all know how observant the evil general is. Seeing the love Seg and Lyta have for each other, he realises his paternity without needing to do a DNA test.

    With Seg now in The Phantom Zone, Zod should have gone poof... right? After all, you need the blood of both parents to be fused in the Genesis Chamber to procreate a child.

    However, it’s a little too early in the timeline for Zod and his half-brother, Jor-El to exist. After all, there’s two hundred years of timeline before Krypton goes ka-boom anyway. We don’t know at the current time how many years have to pass before Zod needs to exist. Zod has pretty much jeopardised his chances of being born after he smashed the control panel in Val-El (Ian McElhinney)’s Fortress of Solitude to prevent Brainiac from coming back. By doing this, he’s prevented his own father from giving him life.

    Depending on the time jump, it could be months, even years until Val can get his grandson out of The Phantom Zone. If he can’t get Seg out in time for Zod to be conceived, Zod will likely realise there was a kink in his plan for world domination.

    Will We Ever Get To See Hawkwoman?

    Before Krypton even premiered, it was rumoured we would see Shayara Hol/Hawkwoman. No, we aren’t talking Kendra Saunders of The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Well, we are, but this is a different version of her.

    According to showrunner Cameron Welsh, they tried to fit Hawkwoman into the story. When they realised they had no room to introduce her in the first season, they put her on the backburner, should they get renewed. Now that the show has been renewed for a sophomore season, there’s possibility we’ll get to see her in the flesh.

    Since there’s going to be a Krypton panel at San Diego Comic Con this year, we could get a confirmation to Hawkwoman appearing in next year’s Season 2.

    Where The Eff Is Adam?

    The last time Seg sees his time-traveling pal is when Adam saves him from getting blown up by Ona. Before this, Seg and Adam had gotten into a massive fight.

    Seg’s life might have been saved, but Adam was teleported elsewhere via the Zeta Beam. Question is, where did it take him? From what we see towards the end of the season, we see him in one of the bottled worlds Brainiac has already taken. There’s a city of frozen people and then, after Zod has taken over there’s a massive Zod statue. Another question is, which world is he on? Is he on an alternate version of Earth or another planet that resembles Earth?

    Does Supes Still Exist?

    The finale of Season 1, left a lot of people wondering the same thing: does Superman still exist in the alternate timeline?

    While Krypton was built off the question ‘what would happen if Superman was never born?’, Season 2 will likely dive into the question more deeply. We’re going to have to cross our fingers because if Seg doesn’t come back, Krypton will never blow up and Zod will continue to rule.

    What's The Deal With Jax-Ur, Nyssa And Val?

    In the final few moments of Season 1, we see Jax and Nyssa walk into the Fortress of Solitude where Val has spent the last month trying to extract Seg from the Phantom Zone.

    In the final few moments of Season 1, we see Jax and Nyssa walk into the Fortress of Solitude where Val has spent the last month trying to extract Seg from the Phantom Zone.

    It appears they’ve been getting updates from Val in regards to his progress in saving Seg. There’s a load of possibilities here as to what the relationship between these three characters could essentially become. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if it’s revealed that Jax is actually Nyssa’s mother. While it’s just a theory, it would make sense as they’re both blonde and Jax has a long history with Daron-Vex.

    Will Lyta Stand By And Watch Her Son Destroy Their Future?

    Lyta has always felt she needs to help Krypton. However, when her future comes into play, we see her allegiances drastically change. From the end of the first episode, we see her relationship with Seg begin to crack under the pressure.

    We see her attempt to sneak off to help General Zod free Doomsday, only to get caught by her mother and Seg. We see her and Seg make up before things come crashing down again. However, the question still remains.

    Will Lyta allow her son to destroy their future by allowing his father to remain in The Phantom Zone? Will she see the errors of his ways before they create the rift between the El and Zod families?

    How Will Seg Escape The Phantom Zone?

    Krypton is about Superman’s grandfather. Without Seg, the show has basically no purpose. Seg’s escape from the Phantom Zone will play a pivotal role next season.

    Since Zod destroyed the control panel in the Fortress, there has to be another way of getting Seg out without unleashing Brainiac as well. The answer of how Seg will get out of his prison is yet to be determined. Getting Seg out without unleashing Brainiac will likely be fraught with danger and unforeseeable troubles.

    Will They Solve The Mystery Of Who Jor-El’s Mother Is?

    One question that was never answered, even in the comics was ‘who was the mother of Jor-El?’ Krypton has so far explored two possibilities. The first is Lyta-Zod. The second is Nyssa-Vex. So far, the series has seemed to dismiss these two possibilities.

    Since there’s 200 years before Seg’s grandson, Kal has to be born, there’s plenty of time. However, they’ve introduced General Zod into the mix. He’s since been revealed to be Lyta’s son with Seg. Lyta is definitely NOT Jor’s mother.

    Then, there’s the case of Nyssa. In the first episode, she and Seg conceive a son, Cor-Vex via the Genesis Chamber. It’s unlikely Nyssa is Jor’s mother. However, if she and Seg get together, they could change their son’s name to Jor-El. Though, the chamber predicted that Cor would be assigned into the Lawmaker’s Guild.

    Longtime Superman fans will be aware Jor was a scientist, hence being assigned to the Science Guild. This is apparent as the House of El has a long-standing tradition of being associated with that guild. With Krypton, anything is possible at this point.

    What Happened To Jayna?

    The House of Zod seems to love challenging people to the death. Lyta did it with Quex-Ul and then, Dru-Zod just had to challenge his dear old granny, Jayna to the same challenge. For most of the fight, Jayna had the upper hand. Until, Lyta gave her mother a non-lethal bolt to the ribs.

    Jayna then manages to get away, wounded. She is soon found by a face she thought she would never see again: her brother, Vidar. Considering she doesn’t appear in the finale episode, we don’t know what happened to her after Vidar found her. We can assume he’s helping her heal after what Lyta did to her.

    Hopefully, next season will explain what happened to her. They wouldn’t just leave it ambiguous.

    Will Jor-El Ever Be Born?

    We don’t know now! What better way for Zod to get revenge on Kal then to take over Krypton and ensure he’s never born? Zod may be twisted, but would he be callous enough to ensure his father can’t escape The Phantom Zone? Without Seg, the El bloodline can’t continue. Well, Zod is Seg’s future son so he has El blood, but he doesn’t carry the El name.

    As Seg says in his narration in the pilot episode:

    “I was almost the last of our line.”

    This indicates more than we originally imagined. By the end of the pilot episode, we just assumed Seg was the LAST El after the deaths of his parents and grandfather. That is until we learned something else… at the very end of the season. Seg gets trapped in The Phantom Zone.

    Currently, because Zod took over and Seg is now MIA, Jor-El’s existence is looking pretty slim. If Seg is able to be retrieved from The Phantom Zone, then Jor-El’s existence will resume to being likely.

    Will Supergirl And Zor-El Exist Within The Krypton Universe?

    It’s hard to say who will appear in the series next and when they’ll appear. We know Jor-El, Zor’s brother once existed, according to General Zod’s brief account of his childhood. That is until Zod played god and trapped Seg (their father) in The Phantom Zone.

    There’s been no mention by Adam or Zod about Supergirl’s existence. Okay, he might be Superman’s nemesis, but he’s probably aware of Supergirl. It’s only a matter of time before we find out if Zor-El and Kara Zor-El appear or at least get mentioned.

    Will Nyssa’s Sisters Appear?

    Throughout the first season, there are multiple references to Nyssa’s four older sisters. They haven’t been named and they haven’t been seen once. It’s referenced that they live in Kryptonopolis.

    There will be plenty of opportunities to introduce them, if they’re needed. Why not add more family drama, now that their father is dead.

    Who Will Be The Next Big Bad?

    The big bad has presumably already been revealed. Drum roll please… It’s likely going to be Dru-Zod, Lyta and Seg’s son. Or… so we’re lead to believe. It could be someone entirely different, but it looks like Zod could play an even bigger role than he already does.

    If you think about it, it makes the most sense. Though, the enemy could be someone else with Zod serving a minor antagonist for the season.

    What’s Happening With Kem’s Frame Of Mind?

    Poor Kem! In just a short amount of time, he loses his friend Rhom to Brainiac. His temporary ward, Ona, Rhom’s daughter also to Brainiac and now, he loses Seg, his best friend to The Phantom Zone.

    Losing Ona devastated Kem to the point, Seg and Lyta send him to Kryptonopolis to keep him safe. We see him in the final moment of the episode being conscripted into Zod’s new army.

    As far as losing Seg is concerned, he wasn’t there to witness what happened. It’s likely he found out later. Hopefully, we’ll see him in a better place when they bring Seg back.

    What About The Status Of Doomsday?

    The final scene in the finale was Doomsday breaking free from his prison. As far as we know, he’s unstoppable.

    With the beast now on the loose, anything could happen. Literally. If there’s one person that should get blamed, it’s Zod. He’s the one who used his blood to open to open the vault. Doomsday’s release could also spell the premature end to Krypton.

    What Will Dev’s Role Be While Siding With Zod?

    Dev-Em is a human being who will is loyal to only one family: House Zod. He would follow them to the ends of Krypton. He worships Jayna and he’s in love with Lyta. To say Dev hates Seg would be the world’s biggest understatement.

    In the last moments of the finale, we see him standing with General Zod and Lyta. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in his eyes, but in the audience’s eyes it is pretty terrible. Loyalty can often lead to becoming blind to a person’s true motives.

    Dev’s role could end up being anything from becoming a spy to being a stern leader to the military. Anything’s possible. Since the timeline’s changed, it’s possible Dev does end up being Zod’s father instead of Seg.

    Will Nyssa And Seg’s Relationship Pick Up Speed?

    Every Krypton fan will have seen Nyssa and Seg’s relationship grow from hatred to a mutual understanding for the sake of their unborn son. However, throughout the first season, we watched Nyssa’s plan to have Seg to herself, ultimately backfire. Or did it?

    We’ve seen Nyssa unwittingly undress in front of Seg. We’ve seen her kiss him to create a distraction. Then, they share a willing kiss after they put a temporary stop to Brainiac. We don’t know whether Nyssa actually has come to love Seg and vice versa. It could be just a moment of weakness.

    Nyssa is aware of the love Seg has for Lyta, but that could change. After all, she’s the mother of their son and his intended. Judging by the jump forward at the end of the finale, she and Jax-Ur visit Val at the fortress, Nyssa is just as desperate to get Seg back as the older El is. We’ll have to see what happens and it's going to be awesome to see how deep Nyssa and Seg’s relationship gets.

    What Will Nyssa Do Now She Knows The Truth About Herself?

    The finale episode revealed a bombshell about Nyssa. She’s a clone of the original Nyssa-Vex who was severely injured in a Skimmer crash that killed her mother. It’s unknown if Nyssa’s original body died.

    What we do know is the original Nyssa’s consciousness was transferred into the clone. Clone Nyssa never knew the truth until Jax-Ur revealed the truth to her.

    From the beginning, Nyssa was always an unpredictable character. We might see her join forces with Black Zero and Jax-Ur, but we just don’t know at this point. She had every reason to hate her father for what he wanted to do.


    Krypton is an adventure for everyone, even if you don’t know anything about Superman. You don’t have to be a Superman fan to understand the basis of the series. There are so many other questions within the context of the first season that weren’t answered. The next season should clear up a few of these questions.

    Krypton returns to SyFy sometime in 2019.