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The internet of things is quite a convenient description for the acronym IOT. Of late, the concept of internet of things is slowly gaining prime importance. What we notice nowadays is a global upsurge with almost every technology being linked to IOT as a quintessential product. The world has gone smart with the application of smart products which are but the outcomes of a creative IOT implementation

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IOT connects real physical devices with people and data and synchronizes them on a greater sale of integration. It finds application in the subtle use of technology to automate the daily processes and enable people to machine and vice versa interactions for greater throughput's in general.

This has ultimately led to the creation of smart relationships wherein not only the devices but also the people connect on a digital level. The creation of smart products, hence finds accurate implementation in this case.


Smart products are developed through the practical implementation of IOT technology aimed towards the achievement of particular objectives. The smart products are primarily composed of three core components namely:

1 Physical elements

2 Smart technological devices like sensors, microphones, analytics devices and the like.

3 Connection of data streams with the physical devices via cellular or wifi connections and the application of the cloud system for close monitoring of these devices

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The smart products are primarily developed with the intention to ease out the basic lifestyle of the people and facilitate better productivity through automation of the basic tasks. However, the whole concept of IOT has taken on quite a different level through a more serious consideration of the research systems. Listed below are some of the uses of smart products in the daily lives of the people as such:

1 Automation

Introduction of encrypted and sophisticated algorithms, now any product can be easily programmed to achieve functionality in a desired state. Such functionaliti9es can be either stand alone machines or dynamic integrations depending on the complexity levels of the corresponding application.

2 Optimization of the product

The product can be easily fine tuned and activated with network diagnostics and better software integrations for delivering high end functionality on the part of the user.

3 Remote control

The very implementation of IOT signifies remotely controlled devices which can be configured for specific purposes and tasks respectively. This allows greater scalability wherein people can easily walk through their specified products with utmost ease.

4 Improved monitoring

Physical proximity of the product is no longer a necessity. One can easily monitor these products remotely at the single click of a button. This facilitates improved functionality on the whole.

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The very implementation of IOT is a true game changing aspect that finds varied applications and integration with the future technologies. Hopefully, these smart products and the technological innovations stand a far greater chance of making the lives of people easier in the upcoming future.

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