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17 Times TV Insulted Our Intelligence

Do you think we are stupid, TV? Some of these character swaps you may know, and some will blow your mind.

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Couldn't they have just replaced Doakes? Nobody liked him anyway...

16. Ghost Writer- Gaby Fernández


We don’t need Ghostwriter to solve this mystery. We know what happened here, and Mother Nature is the culprit. You know what that means, the first Gaby had to be replaced because she looked too ‘old’.

Well played Ghostwriter, well played.

15. Modern Family - Lily Tucker-Pritchett / Via

The original Lily was portrayed by two identical Asian girls. Apparently they only did the 1st and 2nd seasons because they weren't enjoying acting...

Stupid parents. Your kids could have been the second coming of the Olsen twins, but you threw it all away because they were cranky.


14. That 70’s Show - Laurie Forman / Via

Just because everyone was “high” on the show doesn't mean us viewers were. Clearly the writers thought we wouldn't notice a completely different Laurie. COME ON. Even after eating a tray of special brownies we'd be able to tell the difference, who were you fooling!?

Sad news bears, first Laurie left the show because of personal reasons. We know that’s code for drugs. Ironic, no?

13. Boy Meets World - Topanga’s Mom and Dad


No wonder Topanga was so messed up in the beginning seasons of the show. She had so many parents it must have been traumatizing. She didn’t have an identity, unlike her parents who had many!

We doubt the writers planned to have her parents change, but with the names Jedediah and Rhiannon they had to have known we would have caught on. Those are two insanely unique names.

It all makes sense now...


Their explanation for new Morgan's disappearance/reappearance? Look at this:

Shit's weak.

*Well maybe BMW casting did do one thing right: New Morgan was sassy and sarcastic and we loved her for it.

11. Boy Meets World - Harley Keiner


There are so many easy ways this could have gone down, as a troublemaker Harley could have gotten shipped off to boarding school or even sent to juvi.

For one episode he was replaced by the guy on the left. Why? Don’t even have him in the episode. Was he that vital? We think not.

10. The Office - Pam’s Mom / Via

Pam's first mom was... how can we put this? Very mom-like. From her mom jeans to her comfy sweater, her appearance in the early episodes shot her into America's hearts. BUT THAT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH. That's right, in the famous wedding episode writers replaced her with another actress and basically made her a cougar who slept with Michael Scott. What?! Do you have a personality disorder Office writers?? Completely change a characters personality with no explanation. Sure. Makes total sense.


9. The O.C. - Trey Atwood / Via

First Trey (Bradly Stryker, is that your real name? It's almost as good as Rider Strong) only appeared in two episodes.

Trey finished serving time and came out ten years younger and way hotter. Only in Newport Beach would that happen. Again, makes no sense, but we forgive you because we just got lost in second Trey’s eyes.

8. The O.C. - Kaitlin Cooper


We are noticing a trend here OC. Trey comes out younger. Kaitlin comes back older. This is addressed by the lovable Seth Cohen who says " You have uh, you have grown..." Kinda creepy, but Seth can do no wrong.


6. Clueless - Mel Horowitz


Don’t get us started on this one.. Well okay, did the new Mel get gastric bypass surgery, go tanning, and get hair plugs in between Season 1 and Season 2? Because we have no other explanation for this.

5. Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Vivian Banks (Aunt Viv) / Via

This is one of the more well-known TV switcheroos. Uncle Phil divorces and remarries, car crash, or a drive by shooting after a visit to Philly. These are just a few of the things that could have happened to Aunt Viv, but no, she got STRAIGHT UP replaced with a woman who was 50 shades lighter than her.


4. Family Matters - Harriette Winslow


9 episodes, you couldn't stick it out for 9 more episodes? Not only did Family Matters replace her 9 episodes before the series finale, but the replacement doesn't even come close to looking like our beloved Harriette.

For devoted fans of the show, it was like a punch to the face! At that point, don't insult our intelligence; just write her out of the show.

JoMarie Payton would rather spend time promoting her jazz album than finishing out one of America's favorite sitcoms, we'll never forgive her for that.

Yes, you read it right, we said jazz album...

She left us in the shadows, the Southern Shadows.


This makes us feel like Jessie when she was hopped up on too many caffeine pills.

2. Baywatch - Hobie Buchannon


You may recognize this familiar face on the left from another sitcom, Step by Step. Brandon Call was actually the original Hobie, but supposedly chose to leave due to the shows poor ratings in the first season. That was a bad Call, Brandon.

Due to Pamela Anderson’s boobs, Baywatch became a phenomenon and the new Hobie, Jeremy Jackson reaped the benefits, and decided to party hard for the rest of his life.

Side Note: Do you not get chills when you hear the beat of the drums (dun dun dun dun dun) during the intro of Baywatch?

View this video on YouTube / Via

1. Roseanne - Becky Connor / Via

You could say that this one set the Barr.

Let’s break it down for you. Original Becky decides to go to college, leaves the show. New Becky joins the show for 3 seasons. Old Becky graduates and comes back to the show thinking it will be the last season, leaving new Becky jobless. But surprise bitches, Roseanne got renewed for the real last season. Old Becky leaves yet again to do God knows what and new Becky comes in like a champ to finish out the series.

However, the best part about this is that Roseanne addresses these changes multiple times throughout the show in very clever ways.


View this video on YouTube


Skip to 1:04 for the good stuff.

Gullah Gullah Island - Binyah Binyah Polliwog


This article is dedicated to Binyah Binyah Polliwog. Yes it’s true, Binyah Binyah was sadly replaced because the actor portraying him in Seasons 1 and 2 passed away in a car accident.


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