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17 Date Night Ideas When You're Broke After Christmas

Let's start filling that diary, shall we?

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3. Take in some local culture with a museum visit...

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From the Natural History Museum, to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, to the National Railway Museum in Bath, there's a lot of history and culture to be had for the princely sum of zero pounds.

6. Have an indoor picnic.

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And then when you're home from sledding, you can dial up the romance with a nice and warm picnic by the fire (or at least with the radiator on full blast).

10. Forget MasterChef, host your own Ready Steady Cook competition.


The rules are simple: You each have a fiver to go buy the other ingredients from the supermarket. Whoever can rustle up the tastiest meal with what's given to them wins!

(Just remember, it's in your interest to buy some cookable ingredients!)

11. Break out the board games.

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One for the unashamedly competitive couples among us.

Pro-tip: Try starting a triathlon-style challenge, where you take on three different games at a time and see who comes out on top!

14. Cross off the UK's best roads to drive.

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The UK's a beautiful place if you know where to look, like the A82, which passes through Glencoe, Scotland.

Further south, there's Black Mountain Road (A4069) in Wales, and the A591 stretch between Kendal and Keswick in the Lake District.

15. And why not go camping while you're at it?

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If you're brave enough to face the elements, then camping out can make for a pretty special evening and a great excuse to explore a new part of these fair shores.

17. Do a good deed and volunteer together.

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And why not extend the season of goodwill into the New Year and do a good deed. Charities from across the spectrum always need extra help and hands, and what a lovely thing to be able to do together.

Here's another date night idea: Free cinema tickets courtesy of Citroën!

That's right, you heard us correctly. To brighten those gloomy days after Christmas and keep the festive spirit going, Citroën are giving away cinema tickets completely free!

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