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Current Reality Vs. Virtual Reality: Practical Technology With Bluetooth Tracking For Valuables

CitizenTekk is giving away a free Bluetooth tracker combo pack. Enter here. While virtual reality, artificial intelligence and autonomous cars are vying for investment dollars and histrionic attention among tech enthusiasts, it may be creating an information vacuum for those located inside the tech bubble. It’s captivating to think about robots doing the dishes and cars driving themselves down the interstate. Technology that alters our reality continues to attract top talent, including engineers and new graduates. However, on a more practical level, there are plenty of problems to solve in our current reality – and plenty of innovation that solves daily, minute problems.

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As we continue to accumulate more things – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other valuables – we introduce more opportunities to lose them. According to the Census, there were over 139 million workers commuting in 2014. Which means we are more on the go than ever before. Bluetooth tracking can help to alleviate the risk of losing valuable items. Instead of using Bluetooth only for headsets, speakers and computer peripherals, a tiny tracker can be attached to small tags to be used for things such as instrument cases, gear, purses, and electronics. The tags are tracked via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) by forming a radio-based link with your belongings.

For most trackers, the BLE system causes the Bluetooth tracker to stay in communication with an app on your smartphone. The tracker can also communicate with your phone, should you lose this instead. Also depending on the tracker you choose, it will either emit a sound when you need to locate an item or when the item strays from the tracking tag. With that said, Bluetooth is not the same as GPS devices. While Bluetooth trackers can tell you the last place you had access, it can’t necessarily tell you if the bag is still there until you are within range. Bluetooth is proximity-based and a suitable solution for valuables such as wallets, keys and electronics where you have some idea where you last left them (home, office, restaurant). It’s not the best choice if you are protecting a sports car or expensive camera equipment that is likely to be stolen when you are not aware.

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