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12 Common Household Products With An Unexpected Second Use

Who knew these everyday items could reward you with another fantastic use? Just like the Citi® Double Cash card earns you 1% when you buy and another 1% when you make a payment towards your purchases -- big or small.

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1. Marshmallows → Brown Sugar Softener


Your favorite hot chocolate topping and s'mores ingredient can also be used to keep brown sugar from getting rock hard! Just throw a mallow in the container, and let the moisture work its magic.

2. Olive Oil → Sticker Remover

Olive Oil: Thinkstock / Suitcase: Peter Dazeley / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Trying to peel a sticker off something but can't get rid of that annoying residue? Rub on some olive oil, let it sit for a few seconds, then scrape and it'll come right off! Sautéing and sticker removal — who knew?

3. Baking Soda → Laundry Hamper Freshener


Don't let your trusty box of baking soda hide away in the cabinet until it's time to make your next cake! Keep dirty clothes from getting musty while they are sitting in the hamper by sprinkling this natural deodorizer over them.

4. Banana Peel → Teeth Whitener


Rethink throwing away the peel after making your morning smoothie! Instead, help whiten your chompers by rubbing the fleshy side of the peel on them, letting the residue sit for 10 minutes, then brushing! All the minerals that make bananas healthy also help reduce enamel stains.

5. Coffee Filter → Camera Flash Filter


Morning brew now, fabulous photos later! When you're using the flash on your camera to snap a shot, place an unused coffee filter over it to soften the brightness. Your skin tone will thank you. ;)

6. Dental Floss → Cheese and Cake Cutter


There's another reason to keep floss around besides your dentist nagging you! Grab a long piece of unflavored floss and cut right through soft cheeses, breads, and layer cakes. You'll get much cleaner slices than you would with a knife!

7. Lemon Juice → Rice Un-Sticker and Brightener


The key to a perfect cup of tea — and a fluffy bowl of white rice! Adding a few drops of lemon juice to your rice while it is cooking will prevent the grains from sticking together and ensure the color is as bright white as can be!

8. Sticky Notes → Keyboard Cleaner


If you're type A about organization and cleanliness, sticky notes are your dream item. Say goodbye to the gross dust and crumbs on your computer keyboard by sliding the adhesive side of the sticky note between the rows of keys!

9. Toothpaste → Bug Bite Treatment


It's hard not to scratch an itchy bug bite, but a dab of toothpaste can actually reduce the itch with its cooling effect. Just remember to wipe it off before you go outside. :)

10. White Vinegar → Stain Remover


White vinegar can be used to clean just about any tough clothing stains, from ink stains to mustard stains. Give it a try and perhaps your favorite pair of jeans with the grass stains just might be salvaged!

11. Coffee Grounds → Facial Scrub


Once you've made your cup of joe, the old coffee grounds can be used to make an amazing facial scrub. The grainy texture of the coffee grounds makes for an ideal exfoliant. It'll revolutionize your beauty regimen!

12. Kitty Litter → Wet Cell Phone Savior


You may have heard of the rice trick, but your furry friend's litter is much more absorbent and may be more effective in saving a waterlogged phone! Remove the battery, wrap the device in a towel, and stick it in a container of litter for a couple days before trying to turn it on again!

One use just isn’t enough! Put these products to work, and remember that the Citi® Double Cash card earns you cash back twice — 1% when you buy and another 1% when you make a payment towards your purchases -- big or small.

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