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DIY Image Transfer Coasters

Not sure what to get for a loved one this holiday season? These DIY coasters are fun to make with friends. So get back to the moments that matter with the Citi Mobile® App. Designed for you to spend less time on it.


3”x5” printed still images


3”-round wood coasters

Craft glue

Small foam brush


Print and photocopy your images to the size of your coasters.

Use scissors to cut out the desired portion along the coaster edges.

Use a foam brush to coat the cutout in a layer of craft glue. Let dry.

Add one more layer of craft glue to the cutout. Place coaster on the cutout. Let sit for at least 10 minutes.

Add a small amount of water to the paper. Gently peel away the paper and glue to reveal the final image transfer.