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12 Photos Of Beautiful Food That Are Too Good Not To Share

Chow down for a cause! Support Citi and No Kid Hungry to help provide meals for children in need.

1. This beautiful array was used for good:

2. These drinks — um, yes, please — were more than just eye candy:

3. This artful display was shared in the name of giving:

4. This floral delicacy contributed to the cause:

5. And this flower-topped bite did too:

6. This colorful poke creation was used for good:

7. This deep-fried delight played its part:

8. This play on a burger became part of the movement:

9. This lovely little taste had a big impact:

10. This gorgeous macaron display didn't just dazzle:

11. This out-of-this-world cupcake helped people in need:

12. And this magnificent doughnut, too:

All of these foods were shared so that Citi could support No Kid Hungry to give children in need access to healthy food.