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Women Put On Glamglow's Glitter Mask And It Was Everything They Hoped

"I look like I fell into a Michael's store or something."

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Who doesn't like a nice face mask that leaves your skin feeling fresh? Well, now there's a high-end one that has glitter!


It's the #GlitterMask Gravitymud Firming Treatment from GlamGlow that retails for $69.

Watch these ladies try it out for themselves!

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These ladies gladly volunteered to try out the GlamGlow #GLITTERMASK. Hello?


Their skin types ranged from oily to sensitive so they had no idea what to expect. "I'm scared to willingly put a bunch of glitter on my face that may never come off."

The mask comes with a little brush, and the ladies thought it not only went on super smooth, but also smelled so good you could almost drink it.


Did we mention it had star glitter? How fun!

"I feel like a little galaxy. Everyone, gravitate around me."


Can you tell they were loving it yet?

After covering their face with the sparkly black goo, they sat and waited for about 20 to 30 minutes.


Kinda like this.

When it came time to take that baby off, it was relatively painless, but they did get a few hairs in there. Yikes!


Note to self: watch the hairs.

After they washed the residue off, all three ladies decided they looooved the mask.


It wasn't messy, it wasn't tight, and it didn't leave any glitter. And, most importantly, they felt fucking fresh!

This seemed like a game-changer. Can't wait to try!

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