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Upgrade Boring Tables With These Fun Tiling Ideas

'Cause we all know it was only $8.

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What you need:

· Scissors

· Hot glue gun

· Tile

· Scissors

· Spray paint (optional)

· Spray sealant (optional)


1. Find a basic table that needs a fancy upgrade! Measure out the size/number of tiles needed to cover your table and purchase accordingly.

2. Cut down any tile that extends past the table's measurements. If desired, spray paint the tiles.

3. Individually hot glue each tile to the table. For best results, apply the glue in an “X” on the back of each tile.

4. If the table will be used outdoors, spray the entire table with spray sealant after attaching the tiles.

Now you’re ready to enjoy a fancy table without breaking the bank!

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