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    Oct 29, 2016

    Organize A Messy Linen Closet With These Easy Hacks

    Because folding fitted sheets shouldn't be a nightmare.

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    One complete sheet set:

    Fitted sheet

    Flat sheet

    Standard pillowcases


    1. Lay the fitted sheet inside out lengthwise on a flat surface.

    2. Straighten out all corners.

    3. Fold bottom corners that are closest to you on top of the farthest corners from you.

    4. Grab the corners you just folded and slide them into the inside of the sheet.

    5. Repeat step 3 by folding the left corner onto the right.

    6. Repeat step 4 by folding the top sheet into the inside of the last corner.

    7. From the right to the left, fold to make a narrow rectangle.

    8. Then fold once from the bottom to the top.

    9. Place the folded flat sheet and pillowcase on top of the fitted sheet.

    10. Take a pillowcase and store all fabrics inside for storage.

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