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The 10 Stages Of Unemployment's a process.

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1. At first, there's a huge sense of freedom.

2. You start looking at job listings. You're excited! You're churning out cover letters!

3. Then you wait.

And wait.

But it's okay. You have it under control. Now you've got time for dancing.

And exercising!

And eating well!

4. You start to lose it a little. Is ANYONE going to respond to you?

5. Finally, you get a call back. Someone wants to interview you. Huzzah!

6. It doesn't go quite like you want it to.

7. You don't get the job.

8. Panic starts to set in.

You start to question yourself and your career path.

9. You try to get it together and solider on. You keep on applying.

You keep your eye on the prize.

You give yourself some pep talks before interviews.

You work on your confidence.

10. And finally, finally, FINALLY, you get an offer.

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