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Piña Colada Popsicles

When your favorite drink becomes your new favorite dessert!

Piña Colada Popsicles


Serving size: 6-8


1 pint heavy cream

14 ounces coconut milk

14 ounces condensed milk

1½ ounces pineapple juice

4½ ounces CÎROC Summer Colada


1 bag (16 ounces) milk chocolate chips

1 bag (16 ounces) white chocolate chips

1 cup shredded sweetened coconut, divided

1 cup nut topping, divided


1.Combine heavy cream, coconut milk, condensed milk, pineapple juice, and CÎROC Summer Colada in a bowl.

2.Using a hand mixer, blend until completely combined.

3.Pour into popsicles molds or a loaf pan and cover with foil.

4.Freeze at least six hours or until frozen solid.

5.Using warm water, carefully remove ice cream from molds, working quickly.

6.If using a loaf pan, use a warm knife cut block into 6-8 blocks, and carefully place popsicle sticks into the center, then place on a tray and return to freezer for about 10 minutes.

7.Melt white chocolate in 30 second intervals until melted, then set aside.

8.Melt milk chocolate in 30 second intervals until melted, then set aside.

9.Place nuts and coconut shavings onto separate plates for topping.

10.Carefully dip bars into chocolate, then sprinkle on your desired toppings.

11.Place on a tray and return to the freezer.

12.Keep frozen until ready to serve.