10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Recovering Alcoholic

I’m sure you mean well, but please think before you talk.

1. “I don’t know how you get by without alcohol”

I don’t know how I got by all those years with it!

2. “Are you all weird and religious now?”

Are you really that ignorant?

3. “Do you care if I drink in front of you? / I feel guilty for drinking in front of you”

Just because I can’t drink doesn’t mean I want to ruin it for everyone else

4. “Why can’t you just have one or two?”

If only I could. Then I wouldn’t be an alcoholic!

5. “You weren’t that bad”

Maybe you weren’t there…

6. “I’m sure in a few years you’ll be able to drink again”

That’s like setting me up for failure

7. “Being sober must be so hard!”

Only now that you mention it

8. “OMG I’m so hungover!”


9. “How do you have fun now?”

I have a blast, I just remember it all now

10. “I don’t normally drink, this is unlike me, I’m not an alcoholic”

That’s your business and I’m not judging you

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