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    8 Gifts For Artsy Kids Straight From An Art Teacher

    These gifts are for those art-centric kiddos that are craving drawing, painting, and fine arts.


    Guide Craft / Via

    Art tables are a great way to foster creativity at home. A child really benefits from having a dedicated place to work and play (kinda helps the parents too). If you are worried about the mess, you can even place a mat underneath to catch any spillage! Now, you can sit a child at just any old table, but giving them their own, age-specific table, with storage, is a win-win. Get it from Guidecraft for $289


    Rock Your Kicks and Vans / Via

    If you have an artsy kid you probably have a unique kid as well! Help your child to rock their uniqueness by getting them this "Design Your Own Shoes Kit." This is a funky hip way to encourage your young artist. Buy the kit on Amazon for $33.30 and the shoes also on Amazon for $31.75


    Buddha Board / Via

    This is thought of as an adult product, but I’ve found that children enjoy this product as well. See your child's wonder as they draw/paint with JUST WATER! Buddha Boards allow you to produce monocramatic art (black and shades of grey). Each drawing (painting) evaporates, providing a blank canvas to “paint” again. Get it from Amazon for $34.95


    Guide Dots / Via

    We have a winner! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. It’s unique. It brings an experienced art educator into your house (through online video instruction) to work with, and teach, kids how to draw and paint. There are actual art skills taught here. Confidence is developed. Each lesson can be re-used over-and-over and each results in a different, finished piece of art. I very much like that Guide Dots is a monthly subscription service (can be cancelled at any time). Each month delivers 2 new lessons that uses initial starter kit. Young and old can enjoy Guide Dots together. Now is that rare, or what? Get it at Guide Dots starting $30/month and then reducing to as low as $15/month after initial purchase.

    5. Bob Ross ANYTHING!

    Oooyeah / Via

    Believe it or not, Bob Ross is super trending right now...even with kids! These duds are just one example of a Bob Ross quirky gift. If your child is plugged into the art world, I promise they will be happy as a Bob Ross tree to receive this! Get them from Amazon for $12


    iFymei / Via

    Old school. Kinda lost for a generation or so, Paint-By-Number is back. There are now thousands of designs/paintings, for “children” of ALL ages. Probably best to just “search” Paint-By-Number by the age group you’re interested in, and then find a subject that you like. Paint-By-Number isn’t the most educational activity, but it can be done alone or shared. It’s also fun and your child will see something through from start to finish. You also end up with a painting that you’ll be pleased with.

    NOTE: Paint-By- Sticker is now a thing too!

    7. EASEL

    Art Alternatives / Via

    Confession: I like easels. Easels are unique stands that, by their very shape and nature, promote activity, creativity. They can be floor stands or table rests, but they MUST be sturdy. There are different easels depending on the age of the artist but I always say to air on the side of more professional because that will send a message to your child that YOU think they could be a GREAT artist. One great option is this one from Amazon for $14


    Unicone Art / Via

    OK, pour/flow art is hot right now. It’s really an adult thing, but it sure can be shared with a child. Flow art is fun and it makes pretty abstract finished art. There are steps involved and it can be messy, but it is fun. What’s more, you’ll like the results. This kit from Amazon for $52.99 provides a nice, complete introduction set.