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13 Timeless Barry Scott Moments I Think We All Remember

Husband, father, friend, (Cillit Bang) lover.

1. When he rocked this classic look:

2. The time he went on a roller coaster...

3. ...for his commute into work.

4. When he did the penny trick for the first time.

5. When he co-opted a jet plane to let you know he wasn't kidding when he said he loves Turbo Power.

6. When he – and we're guessing here – hired an entire quarry to make a salient point about limescale removal.

7. When he cleaned his front door key, but forgot to do the other half.

8. When he took a possibly ill-advised ride on the teacups.

9. When he used Cillit Bang to propel a rubber duck across a makeshift pond in a powerful, moving (lol) display of chemistry and physics.

10. When he took up skateboarding.

11. When he launched a new genre of techno.

12. When he came down a slide to show you how free and lubricated your pipes should be working.

13. When he brightened your afternoon by heroically interrupting four straight injury lawyer adverts.

All images courtesy of Reckitt Benckiser.

Barry Scott is back! Which means the dirt is gone! Watch him get to grips with tough stains with Cillit Bang’s new Bangtastic powerful formula.