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13 Timeless Barry Scott Moments I Think We All Remember

Husband, father, friend, (Cillit Bang) lover.

1. When he rocked this classic look:

Blue shirt, white tee, beige trousers – all staple pieces of your mid 2000s wardrobe.

2. The time he went on a roller coaster...

Look at him; he's having a lovely time.

3. ...for his commute into work.

Barry Scott in a nutshell: work and pleasure, all mixed together.

4. When he did the penny trick for the first time.

Ah, classic Barry! Always double-dipping.

5. When he co-opted a jet plane to let you know he wasn't kidding when he said he loves Turbo Power.

Also the EXACT moment when you realised Barry Scott wasn't playing games anymore with this cleaning lark.

6. When he – and we're guessing here – hired an entire quarry to make a salient point about limescale removal.

(Nailed it.)

7. When he cleaned his front door key, but forgot to do the other half.

Come to think of it, he does have a habit of only cleaning half of things...

8. When he took a possibly ill-advised ride on the teacups.

Either he has an iron stomach, or there was a lot of editing to do in post production for this one.

9. When he used Cillit Bang to propel a rubber duck across a makeshift pond in a powerful, moving (lol) display of chemistry and physics.

I mean, wow.

10. When he took up skateboarding.

Of all of Barry's feats of athletic prowess, this is the one that probably left the biggest mark in our hearts.

11. When he launched a new genre of techno.

Between this and "Buttery Biscuit Base", it certainly was a golden age of dance music. (And then EDM came along.)

12. When he came down a slide to show you how free and lubricated your pipes should be working.

Yes, Barry, they should be that free and easy!

13. When he brightened your afternoon by heroically interrupting four straight injury lawyer adverts.

Of all of his achievements, this may stand tallest. *applauds*

All images courtesy of Reckitt Benckiser.

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