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13 Incredible Facts We Learned Interviewing Barry Scott, The Guy From The Adverts

We spoke to the man, myth, and legend to find out what makes him, er, bang.

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1. The first thing he ever cleaned was his neighbour's car at age 13.

According to Barry: “When I was 13 I decided that I would clean everybody’s car that lived in my street. I started with old Mr. Harpic next door, when I wiped that first spot of dirt clean from his car, it gave me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, I knew I couldn’t stop there.”

4. Yes, he does yell "bang" in the bedroom. (Occasionally.)

"After a long day squeezing my orange nozzle into nooks and crannies and
polishing in every room, I do like to let off a climactic bang of satisfaction."

TMI, Barry. TMI.

6. Barry’s favourite film growing up was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

And he knows all the songs and dance routines! They just haven't been able to secure the rights to be able to use this in an advert. Yet...

7. That's what also got him the nickname “The Curse of Tooting Common”.

When he came home from school, he would pretend to be Dick Van Dyke and perform all the songs and dance routines. The neighbours would complain about the racket and loud banging, which eventually led to the moniker (and subsequent headlines in the Wandsworth Guardian).

9. His age is unquantifiable and merely an illusion.

According to Barry, time is an earthbound form of quantum physics and mechanics and is not a universal constant. Unlike soap scum, which is most definitely not an illusion, and we should all get scrubbing.

(We simply asked him how old he was!)

11. If he wasn’t a Cillit Bang spokesperson, he’d want to host his own gameshow.

This would involve Barry surprising people on their doorsteps for fun and games, as well as live guest bands in the garden.

13. The fight against grime never stops. EVER.

Here's Barry again: "I'm grime-busting 24/7. And I will say this: We shall fight grime in the kitchens. We shall fight grime in the drains. We shall fight grime on the taps and tiles. We will never surrender until, as a nation, we are cleaning individuals."

What a note to end on. Truly inspirational!

All images courtesy of Reckitt Benckiser

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