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8 Reasons It’s Good Your Actual Doctor Is Not A TV Doctor

More health care. Less drama.

Oh man, there's nothing better than seeing a hot TV doc each week.

BUT your doctor is a real, human doctor. And that's better for so many reasons.

1. Your real doctor went to a real medical school — not just the school of "how to act like a doctor on TV."

2. Your real doctor doesn’t have an awkward history with your nurse...or the receptionist...or the chief of surgery.

3. Plus, your real doctor's words come from the heart, not a script.

4. There's no loud, dramatic music playing under your appointments.

5. Actual doctors don't spend their days managing ~dramatic plot twists~.

6. Like ill-timed appearances from a rival TV doctor...

7. ...or leaving a patient in the middle of surgery to chase the other patient they fell in love with.

8. And, most importantly, your actual doctor will be there to care for you.

Still, you should listen to TV doctors on one thing: They're here to encourage you to take control of your health.

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