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    30 Valentine’s Day Gifts From Walmart They’ll Probably Assume Were Much More Expensive

    Don't worry, I won't tell them how much you *actually* spent.

    You can find Walmart’s expected shipping time depending on the product on its landing page, and also track your order. Most orders take 3+ days to ship, depending on your location.

    1. A pink heart-shaped Dutch oven for the person who just loves to be in the kitchen. This will bring their soups, breads, roasts, and more to the next level as well as their kitchen aesthetic.

    the pink dutch oven with baked brownies inside

    2. A wood-framed piece of wall art so they can have a visual reminder of your ever-growing love whenever they look up from the couch.

    The sign hanging on wall reads: I love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow

    3. A darling set of pure silk scrunchies because they're super cute but won't damage your giftees hair! Such a win-win.

    4. A vegan leather handbag and clutch that look designer even though they aren't — so between the two, they'll have no problem toting around their accessories in chic style.

    5. A bamboo serving tray with a slide-out knife drawer that will let them serve up artsy charcuterie spreads during all future at-home date nights. In fact, you might as well give them the board with snacks and wine too. 🍷🧀

    the bamboo board with the utensil drawer pulled out and cheese, cured metas and crackers displayed on top

    6. An essential oil diffuser because there's something inherently aesthetic about filling your home with soft mists of gentle aromatherapy. Not to mention this one has the outward appearance to match — it even lights up and changes colors for some extra zen vibes.

    The brown wood diffuser on a yoga block next to someone meditating

    7. A bamboo bath tray if their self-love language is a luxurious soak in the tub. With this, they can light a candle, sip some vino, watch a show, and more, all while relaxing in the steamy bubbles.

    the bamboo bath caddy with towels, a book, a glass of wine, a bowl of strawberries, flowers and a candle on it

    8. A heated foot spa bath to massage those tired feet after running around all week long. Pro tip: add some Epsom salt and essential oils for extra relaxation.

    9. A three-tiered chocolate fondue fountain since it's hard to go wrong with chocolate-covered treats for Valentine's Day, and it'll be even more fun when you both get to make them together! Ideas include, but are not limited to: strawberries, marshmallows, cashews, even cookies!

    the chocolate fountain with fruit and other biscuits next to it

    10. A tree-of-life leather journal that makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for writers, doodlers, and the self-reflective type. After all, they need a place to jot down their love poems right? JK JK...unless...

    11. A birthstone heart pendant necklace for a classic, tried-and-true Valentine's Day gift. Jewelry, especially in the shape of a heart, is a universal way to say I love you.

    Model with the purple amethyst necklace on

    12. An air fryer with 12 one-touch cooking functions, which means they can whip up french fries, wings, fried fish, roasted veggies, and other yummy eats all at the touch of a button and with minimal oil. Even more unbelievable? All this for under $60!

    The air fryer with breaded chicken nuggets next to basked of french fries on counter

    13. A pair of comfy noise-isolating wireless earbuds with such crisp and clear audio they'll definitely think you spend top dollar on them!

    model wearing the earbuds

    14. A silky satin robe that checks off all the loungewear boxes: soft, elegant, breathable, and just a touch sexy!

    model in the shorts, long-sleeve floral robe

    15. A French press so they can start their day with a cup of liquid love, aka freshly brewed coffee.

    the french press with coffee

    16. Or, a beautiful glass teapot with a glass infuser if loose-leaf tea is more their thing. This will surely make tea time feel oh-so-sophisticated.

    The glass teapot with loose leaf tea brewing

    17. A prism photo frame to transform even your most basic selfie together into something elegant-looking. I can almost guarantee you this is gonna be front and center on their desk.

    18. A Kenneth Cole cologne gift set featuring three mini-sized delicious scents for them to enjoy: black, blue, and vintage black, all of which are a slightly different mix of fruity, earthy, and musky. I smell a winner of a gift right here (pun fully intended).

    19. A pair of faux-fur moccasin slippers with cushy memory foam insoles to keep their feet comfy, cozy, and supported whenever they're chilling (or working) at home — or taking the dog out!

    Seven different colored moccasins laid on in an arch

    20. An Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush that makes a great, practical gift for the person who doesn't want anything lovey-dovey or over-the-top romantic. This is thoughtful, useful, and will most definitely bring a (brighter) smile to their face. :)

    Split screen of the electric toothbrush uncharged and charged up and ready to go

    21. A pom-pom throw blanket because it's soft, cozy, and super-duper cute, which is exactly how blankets ought to be! It's just what they need for snuggling up on the couch with you hehe.

    The deep red throw blanket draped over couch

    22. A pink Nutribullet personal blender — it's pretty and powerful, just like them. They'll be mixing up delicious smoothies *snaps fingers* like that.

    Someone mixing fruit in the pink blender

    23. A large vanilla bean candle since the wick actually crackles, which is fancier than just about any other candle I've ever seen. Not to mention, the scent is extra warm and inviting.

    Three different sizes of the candle lit on a vanity tray

    24. A deep tissue massage gun for targetting any tight spots in their muscles and relieving tension. It's like having their own little massage therapist whenever they need it!

    Someone using the massage gun on chest with diagram outlining three steps: 1, locate painful area on body, 2, get relief through percussive motion, and 3, improve circulation, enjoy recovery and relief

    25. A Gaiam cork yoga mat because it's comfy, supportive, and nonslip, all while being more sustainable than other types of mats. New and experienced yogis alike will absolutely love this luxurious upgrade to their practice.

    Model stretching in low lunge on cork mat with text detailing its non-slip texture and ability to block germs, moisture & odor

    26. A JBL portable Bluetooth waterproof speaker so they can enjoy their favorite tunes whenever and wherever their heart desires, whether that's on a hike, in the shower, or just hanging in the living room.

    The speaker

    27. A diamond-accented bracelet since the heart charm adds just the right touch of love to this already gorgeous piece of jewelry. Don't be surprised if they're wearing it just about every day.

    The gold bracelet clasped on wrist

    28. A Lego orchid building set if you want to give them beautiful blooms that will last forever (after they build them, of course). This is how you make flowers indestructible!

    Someone building the Lego orchid

    29. A Vera Wang perfume featuring notes of water lily, apple, and mandarin meringue layered on top of dark chocolate, musk, and vanilla. In other words, a fragrance fit for royalty (which they are). 👑

    The perfume in heart-shaped bottle with crown screw-off lid

    30. A shimmery rose gold insulated tumbler that's quite the upgrade from a plastic Dunks cup, both in terms of looks and performance. This beauty keeps drinks hot or cold for hours!

    The tumbler

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