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    31 Seriously Useful Under-$20 Cooking Products From Target

    You don't have to spend big bucks to invest in high-quality, useful kitchen gadgets — these budget-friendly products will make cooking a whole lot easier for you and your wallet.

    1. A matching pair of plaid oven mitts so you can handle all those hot dishes with ease and style. Added bonus: They're machine washable!

    The blue oven mitts

    2. A nonstick cooling rack that's perfect for cookies, muffins, and basically all your baked goods. And since no crumbs get left behind, nobody will notice if you sneak a cookie or two.

    The steel rack cooling macaroon cookies

    3. A silicone baking mat if you're sick of going through roll after roll of parchment paper and tinfoil. This nonstick, oven-safe mat is a great eco-friendly, reusable alternative!

    A reviewer's photo of cookies on the mat

    4. A pastry dough blender because when a recipe says to "cut the butter in," you're going to want this handy tool. I can't remember how I ever made scones without it!

    Close up of the tool being used to cut butter into flour

    5. A bamboo turntable that makes it super easy to access your spices, oils, and other ingredients when cooking.

    A reviewer's photo of the turntable used to organize spices in their cabinet

    6. A stainless steel mixing bowl with a nonstick base and removable lid because everyone needs a sturdy cooking bowl in their kitchen.

    The bowl holding spinach salad

    7. A USA-made microwave plate cover so you never have to clean up a food-splosion again. Plus, it's also great for keeping your food warm.

    The clear plate cover being placed over a dish of spaghetti

    8. A set of two nonstick frying pans with handy Thermo-Spot heat indicators that let you know *exactly* when your pan is hot and ready to cook.

    The larger fry pan sliding a egg onto a plat with no cooking residue left on pan

    9. A small Cuisinart stainless steel pot with a clear lid since it's a cooking essential that's comes with a lifetime warranty.

    The pot cooking soup

    10. A Houdini electric corkscrew that pulls off the most impressive stunt of all: flawlessly opening a wine bottle with just the press of a know, for when you have to cook with wine...cause it's in the recipe, yeah.

    The electric corkscrew

    11. A Bodum French press coffee maker if you love a fresh brew in the morning. Just load your favorite ground coffee, add water, and press! No filters, no hassle, no mess — just good ol' coffee while you cook up breakfast.

    The french press

    12. A six-speed hand mixer because even if you're the strongest person ever, sometimes mixing things by hand is just too much work.

    The mixer used to mix cookie dough

    13. An egg cooker so you can effortlessly boil or poach your eggs to perfection, making breakfast, snack time, and meal prep a whole lot easier.

    A reviewer's photo of the egg cooker boiling three eggs

    14. A Black+Decker citrus juicer with self-reversing cones to make sure you get allllll the sweet juice you can out of that orange.

    A reviewer's photo of the juicer making orange juice

    15. A lid organizer with five adjustable dividers because life gets a whole lot easier when you don't have to spend five minutes digging around the cabinet trying to find the right lid to store the delicious food you just cooked up.

    A reviewer's photo of the organizer neatly storing her container lids

    16. A stunning metallic cookbook stand so you can easily read your recipes and don't accidentally spill something all over the page while cooking.

    Reviewer's photo of the stand holding her cookbook open

    17. A roll of nonadhesive shelf liner that's nonslip on both sides to protect your drawers and make it easier to find your utensils when cooking.

    The liner in a drawer with utensils

    18. An expandable three-piece organizer so you can finally get all your spices organized in a way that makes them easy to read, find, and grab.

    19. A waterproof digital thermometer since the trick to cooking perfectly moist and tender meats is all about hitting the right temperature.

    The thermometer with LCD screen

    20. A pack of reusable, nonstick silicone baking cups because they're cute and colorful cupcake and muffin tins, but also because they're BPA free, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly.

    A green baking cup filled with a cupcake and a stack of the empty baking cups in the different colors

    21. A speckled stone upright spoon rest to put an end to the constant drips and spills from your cooking utensils. A product you can really lean (your spoon) on!

    A wooden spoon rests firmly upright in the spoon rest

    22. A Lodge pot holder if you cook with cast iron dishes — you'll need this so you can actually touch the handle without burning yourself (those things get hot hot hot!).

    A warm Mexican casserole is served in a Lodge cast iron dish, with the red pot holder on the handle

    23. A gorgeous, high-powered Zulay frother so you can transform your kitchen into a classy café by quickly and quietly frothing up your lattes, teas, eggs, and more!

    Two milk frothers are shown lying next to a steaming, frothy latte

    24. A Ninja express chopper to perfectly chop, mince, and puree with just the touch (or two) of a button! It's sleek, effective, and pretty a real ninja.

    The chopper contains tomatoes, garlic, and cilantro, with a plate of chips & salsa next to it

    25. A space-saving, budget-friendly personal blender because who doesn't want their own lil' smoothie bar? Plus, the blending container doubles as a smoothie cup.

    A reviewer's photo of the blender making a smoothie

    26. A pair of stainless steel tongs with a soft, easy-grip handle that are great for flipping steaks, rotating potatoes, and more!

    The tongs

    27. A set of two machine washable reusable sponges because cooking means you're also going to have clean the dishes — and these will make it easy each and every time.

    The two sponges

    28. A cast aluminum lemon squeezer to make squeezing citrus fruits...well...easy peasy lemon squeezy. You can even hang it up for a bright and cheery wall decoration!

    The lemon squeezer

    29. A wood spoonula that's perfect for scooping, scraping, and flipping — all without scratching your pans and dishes.

    The spoonula scooping pie filling onto the crust dough

    30. A set of measuring cups and spoons since you'll need them anytime you want to cook or bake something following a recipe.

    The cups and spoons

    31. A Corningware casserole dish that's super durable and extremely useful for all sorts of cooking tasks — it's oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, *and* it won't absorb food odors or flavors.

    The white dish

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