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    Just 10 Unique, Weird, And Fun Things You Can Buy At Shop BuzzFeed Right Now

    Go ahead, you deserve a fun little ~treat yourself~ purchase.

    1. A Chikn Nuggit plushie because this little cutie's unbelievably adorable and ready to become your new snuggle bud. Just look at those big eyes! 🥺

    Someone holding the yellow plushie

    2. A sleek black phone case featuring a meow kitty design so everyone knows you're a ~cool cat~.

    The phone case on iPhone with a cat that says meow

    3. An adorable tote bag you'll obviously need to carry around all your precious books 24/7. And maybe, just maybe, someone will ask you about your book club, and you'll get to gush about your favorite thing in the world: books.

    the tote bag that says "ask me about my book club"

    4. A silly dog day crewneck sweatshirt since I'm pretty sure seeing the image of a dog playing b-ball will make just about everyone smile (and might even distract from the fact that you couldn't be bothered to wear more than comfy sweats today).

    the grey crewneck with a dog playing basketball

    5. A Good Advice Cupcake pin that's giving ~playful chaos~. Is it just the pin that's cute and stabby?? Or, maybe that metaphorically describes you, too?? The world may never know, and that's what's so fun!

    the pin that has as an animated cupcake holding a knife that says cute but stabby

    6. A hilarious Ok-est Mom ever sticker if you're looking for a light-hearted gag gift for a mom figure in your life. Don't worry — there's also one for Dad, too! Word of caution: This will only end well if they have a great sense of humor.

    the sticker that says ok-est mom ever

    7. A T-shirt for a cute and colorful way to express your identity and remind folks of your pronouns — they/them — without having to say a word!

    the black t-shirt with rainbow logo and squiggly text that says they/them

    8. A BuzzFeed Unsolved tumbler, which is exactly what you need to sip warm coffee and listen to your fave true crime podcast on-the-go.

    the tumbler with buzzfeed unsolved logo

    9. A pack of Weird Helga sushi dogs stickers for a really bizarre and quirky addition to your sticker collection — quasi dog sushis are pretty unique! 🤪

    the sticker with two dog sushis

    10. An introvert mug to keep your coworkers — or really anyone who's close enough to read your coffee mug — from trying to engage you in conversation. I'll be keeping to myself forever and always, thank you very much!

    the mug with introvert design reading "noun 1. an anxious hermit afraid to make phone calls."