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    20 Travel-Friendly Sex Toys From Lovehoney So You Can Take Some Good Vibes Everywhere

    Don't look at me like that TSA.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A silicone finger vibrator since this tiny little thing will add extra sensation and pleasure without requiring you (or your partner) to change up your technique — just slip it on and let the buzz bring you to new levels of bliss!

    the pink vibrator on an index finger

    2. A rechargeable flower vibrator that comes with lovely little petals to delicately flick your clit AND! a removable nine-speed bullet vibe. Pro-tip: If you really need to save space, just pack the bullet! Either way, get ready for your pleasure to ~bloom.~

    The pink flower vibe with bullet removed next to it

    3. A vibrating butt plug so you (or your lover!) can feel entirely new sensations of pleasure from back-door play, especially if you opt to actually turn it on and stimulate those sensitive nerve endings with some extra buzzing.

    model holding the black butt plug

    4. A battery-powered magic bullet vibrator for those who love something small but mighty. It might look discreet, but you'll have a hard time keeping things on the DL as you play around with the three vibration speeds and seven patterns. 😅

    Someone holding the shiny vibe in silver

    5. Or! a mini rechargeable bullet that's just as much fun (we're talking 10 exciting settings here), but doesn't run the risk of the batteries dying and you not being able to find any nearby your hotel. Pretty sure that could ruin your vacay.

    The black bullet held in someone's hand, roughly the length of a finger

    6. A rose-shaped clitoral stimulator because you deserve a romantic gesture of self-love — and what better way than to give yourself this beautiful red bud and indulge in the 10 suction modes while you're on a self-care trip?

    The rose-shaped stimulator

    7. A vibrating bullet ring — it promises the perfect amount of stimulation for you both (but can easily tuck away in the corner of just one suitcase). The textured dual rings boost sensation around both the shaft and testicles, but there's also a removable bullet vibe with two vibration speeds and three patterns — which means lots of fun whether it's inserted into the ring or used on its own!

    the dual cock ring with bullet vibe removed and laying next to it

    8. A remote-controlled egg vibrator for when you want to get lost in orgasmic bliss, but without you (or your partner) even having to touch you. The other beauty of this luxury vibe is how quiet it is, which makes the real challenge withholding your sounds of ecstasy so the people in the room next door don't hear. 🙈

    the egg vibrator and remote control

    9. A travel-sized rechargeable clitoral stimulator so you can enjoy the mind-blowing, oral-sex-mimicking pulsing sensations wherever your travels bring you.

    The purple suction toy

    10. A rechargeable mini vibrator set that comes with a small rocket vibe base and four interchangeable silicone heads — you might only have room to pack one sex toy, but this one will give you lots of options!

    the pink and gold vibrator with four pink tips surrounding base of toy

    11. A vibrating blow-job stroker because the extra sensation will absolutely ~blow~ their mind (pun intended), no matter where in the world they're using it.

    The clear vibrating stroker held in someone's palm

    12. A three-speed micro massage wand if you want all the mind-blowing, pleasure-inducing bliss of a vibrating massage wand, but without all the bulk. This battery-powered mini might even make it easier to reach some of those hard-to-pinpoint spots, especially since it has a flexible, bendy neck.

    Someone pressing down the micro massage wand and bending the neck

    13. A set of color-changing silicone nipple suckers that will give you plenty of playful sensation up on top, while leaving your hands (or your partner's) free to focus on ~other things~ down below. And bonus! They don't even look like a sex toy, so no need to feel embarrassed if they accidentally slip out of your bag!

    The purple and pink silicone nipple suckers with spherical shape

    14. A rechargeable clitoral vibrator because it's cute and compact, but more importantly, delivers some pretty powerful sensations on your lil' love button.

    Someone holding the purple vibrator in palm

    15. A mini G-spot vibrator designed to hit that ultimate sweet spot. It might not look intimidating, but it'll have you weak in the knees in mere minutes.

    the black vibrator with silver silk Fifty Shades of Grey travel pouch

    16. An eco-friendly clitoral vibrator made from recycled, skin-friendly aluminum and body-safe silicone, because there's simply no reason to sacrifice that ✨ sensation✨ in the name of sustainability. Just slip it in the bamboo storage bag and be on your way!

    The sleek clitoral stimulator wand resting atop bamboo storage bag that reads love. not war

    17. A lipstick bullet vibe that, just like its makeup counterpart, is sleek, seductive, and powerful. Pucker up for a bold and sexy kiss (if you know what I mean). 💋

    The red lipstick bullet vibe

    18. A discreet dual-ended vibrating egg since it manages to target both your G-spot and clit without being much larger than the size of your palm. Plus, it can also be controlled via remote control if you want some hands-free play!

    The pink vibrator with someone pressing remote control

    19. An adorable waterproof pebble vibrator to perfectly target any external pleasure spots with ease. All you have to do is gently maneuver it around until you hit the right spot and setting — and then brace yourself for the mind-blowing waves of bliss, especially if you're using it with penetration too.

    Someone holding the pink pebble vibrator

    20. A set of three silicone cock rings that can help ensure the erection is both bigger and lasts longer. Experiment with the different sizes individually or together and see what kind of new sensations you can unlock!

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