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    You Can Now Get Three Free Months Of Amazon Music Unlimited And Audible Premium Plus

    Thousands of songs, audiobooks, podcasts, and more — that you can enjoy for free.

    Calling all music, audiobook, and podcast-lovers! It's that time of year again when Amazon Music is gifting you three free months of commercial-free HD streaming (with millions of your favorite and soon-to-be favorite songs and albums) when you sign up. BUT WAIT! There's more — they're *also* throwing in three months of unlimited access to thousands of audio books and podcasts too when you sign up for the Amazon Music and Audible bundle!

    But, should you go for just Amazon Music, or the Amazon Music and Audible bundle?

    First, Amazon Music. Why is it so great? Well, in addition to commercial-free streaming in HD and ultra-HD, you get unlimited access to alllll the songs in the Amazon music library (and there's millions) on any device, including your Alexa.

    Display of Amazon music library

    Plus, it's easy-peasy to add your favorite songs to your personal music library and create playlists. Or, if you don't have the time or creative inspiration to build your own playlist, Amazon Music still has you covered, with tons of pre-curated (and regularly updated!) playlists and radio stations.

    Webpage display of Amazon playlists organized by category and genre

    So, if you love listening to your favorite songs, playlists, and radio stations whenever you want and on any device (whether it be your smartphone, smart TV, or speaker), then Amazon Music Unlimited is for you.

    Maybe that sounds like enough audio enjoyment for you, but if you're looking for even more, then tack on the Audible Premium Plus subscription to really feast your ears with thousands of podcasts, audio books, and Audible originals.

    In addition to popular podcasts, Audible also includes original exclusive series, so all you podcast-lovers can explore new and exciting shows. And of course, the Audible originals are exclusive to this platform, featuring immersive drama, fascinating non-fiction, and creative tales that are specifically meant to be heard (not read).

    Display of audible originals including The Sandman

    Audible also makes it unbelievably easy to browse new titles, organizing bestsellers by category and genre according to three different groups of listeners: Audible subscribers, Audible Plus subscribers (a.k.a. future you), and New York Times listeners.

    Display from Audible platform of the different categories

    And did I mention, that all these books, podcasts, and other great listens can be downloaded to your device so you can listen whenever you want (without wifi or cellular)?!

    Webpage display showing how to add and download content to your Audible library

    But perhaps the best part of Audible (besides access to the expansive Plus Catalogue) is the monthly credit, which is good for any title of your choice...which you get to keep forever. Oh, and you also get 30% off all additional premium selection titles — more savings!

    With access to tons of podcasts, Audible originals, audiobooks, AND a credit for a free title each month, Audible Premium Plus is the ultimate subscription for those who love listening to audio shows and stories.

    To summarize, if you only ever find yourself streaming your favorite songs, artists, and albums, then Amazon Music Unlimited is likely all you need. BUT, if you spend just as much time listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and other stories as you do music, then take advantage of the ultimate Amazon Music Unlimited and Audible Plus Premium Bundle! With three months free, there's never been a better time to sign up.

    After you inevitably get hooked to all this audio awesomeness, it's only $9.99/month for Amazon Music ($7.99/month if you're a Prime member!) and $14.95/month for Audible.

    (Or you can get the Amazon Music family plan for $14.95/month)

    You and your super happy ears, listening to all the awesome songs, shows, and stories:

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