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    27 Things You Still Have Time To Get During Way Day That Reviewers Love

    Reviewers were raving about these products at full price, but you're getting them at super discounted prices – while you still can.

    Your attention please!! Important PSA incoming: Wayfair is having their annual Way Day sale, which means huge markdowns on home decor, furniture, appliances, and more! BUT it ends tonight, so we now have *hours* to hop on these deals!

    Here are some of the most-loved Wayfair finds currently on sale that you can still snag:

    1. A reversible microfiber comforter if you want to ensure the perfect level of coziness year round (i.e. not too hot, not too cold), but also be able to switch up the look in the bedroom every few months. In addition to the fluffy blanket, it also comes with two pillow shams!

    Reviewer's photo of the grey side of comforter spread on bed with dog resting on blanket at foot of bed

    2. An air fryer because once you realize how easy and fast this little device cooks up healthier versions of your fave crispy fried foods, well, there's just no turning back. And to make things even simpler, this compact model features eight presets so you don't even have to bother programming the settings for foods like french fries, chicken, cake, fish, and more.

    3. A rustic 16-piece dinnerware set because for just $30 you can snag enough beautiful plates (including both dinner and salad plates), bowls and mugs to serve four people. Time to throw that dinner party!

    the white dishes with grey trim

    4. A Wayfair cooling gel mattress for a medium support, breathable sleeping surface that comfortably conforms to your body. Translation: no more overheating or waking up stiff and achy the next morning.

    5. A touch-control kitchen faucet since it's a whole lot easier (and also way less messy) to turn the water on simply by touching your wrist or forearm anywhere along the spout or handle. As if that weren't already cool enough, it also has an LED light that changes color when the water temp does!

    6. A Cuisinart Smart Power Duet – a single kitchen appliance that functions as a powerful seven-speed blender attachment AND a fully-equipped food processor capable of chopping, shredding, slicing and more. One base, two different attachments, what a genius space-saving idea!

    Reviewer's photo of the power duet with blender attachment resting on the base and food processor sitting next to it on counter

    7. A 4" cooling gel foam topper if you don't want to entirely replace your current mattress, but definitely need to give it a bit of an upgrade in the comfort and temperature department. This is a simple and budget-friendly solution.

    the mattress topper resting atop a mattress

    8. A Bissel wet-dry vacuum that will keep your floors and area rugs clean by simultaneously sucking up and mopping away the dirt and grime. This bagless beauty is lightweight and easy to use on all surfaces and features a tangle-free brush roll, pet-hair strainer, and a special febreeze formula to reduce stinky odors.

    9. A Cuisinart bread maker for the busy (or just plain lazy) folk who love fresh homemade bread – just choose from the 12 pre-programmed menu options or set your own and you can wake up to the sweet smell of freshly-baked bread wafting throughout the house. 🤤

    10. A room darkening curtain panel because it looks chic and classy and is also highly functional. It reduces light and noise while acting as a thermal buffer, keeping the room warm in winter and cool in the summer. Important to note: they're not completely blackout!

    Reviewer's photo of window framed with two of the grey grommet style curtains

    11. A decorative over-the-toilet storage cabinet to keep all your bathroom supplies and toiletries handy, organized, and most importantly, not cluttering up what little space you actually have on your counters and in your drawers.

    reviewer's photo of the white storage unit installed over the toilet

    12. A GE freestanding gas range stove, because every kitchen needs a simple and reliable appliance for cooking and baking, but this model's way easier to clean than some other types (and a whole lot cheaper).

    the black oven with baking sheet resting atop two of the stovetop burners

    13. A swiveling gliding recliner chair perfect for all sorts of activities: creatively rocking the little one, working from home in comfort, lounging in front of the tv and more.

    Reviewer's photo of the grey chair sitting in living room with a throw blanket draped over it

    14. A stunning upholstered button-tufted headboard because if your bed looks elegant and luxurious, you'll sleep like royalty. That's a scientific fact, right?

    15. A Rachael Ray 12-piece cookware set because these beautiful nonstick pots and pans are gonna bring both your cooking and your kitchen style to the next level.

    16. A set of buttery soft, hypoallergenic microfiber sheets for 90% off – yes, a whopping 90% – that reviewers love not only for their luxurious feel but also the fact that they don't shift around on the bed at night.

    17. A sturdy console table that's ideal for displaying knick-knacks, plants, and other decor in your entryway, living room, and other places about the house. Not only is it functional, but it's also got a charming rustic aesthetic to make your home feel even more put-together and stylishly coordinated.

    Reviewer's photo of the brown console table in entryway with baskets on bottom shelf and potted orchid, lamp and other decor on the top surface of the table

    18. A watercolor poppy wall canvas to add a touch of elegance, art, and nature all at once, instantly elevating any room you place it in.

    A reviewer's photo of two of the poppy canvases hanging above her couch

    19. A geometric print area rug since the subtle design adds just enough color and style without being over the top. It's a perfect little addition to rooms that just need a little extra ~something~ but not necessarily a focal centerpiece.

    reviewer's photo of the blue area rug under the couch in the living room

    20. An open ladder bookcase to artfully showcase all your knickknacks, photos, and books together in a sleek display.

    21. A metal-framed distressed accent mirror that will become even more eye-catching when you see your beautiful reflection in it.

    The mirror

    22. A tree floor lamp featuring three artfully arranged shades and adjustable light settings, a combination that makes this a highly fashionable *and* functional home furnishing.

    The tree floor lamp

    23. A colorful chic swivel office chair, because even if work is boring, your office space doesn't have to be! With an ergonomic shape and adjustable height, this chair lets you work in comfort and style.

    The swivel office chair in purple

    24. A contemporary farmhouse style laundry hamper for a cute and stylish storage solution, whether you use it for dirty clothes, blankets, or other items!

    25. A solid wood tree stump end table if you've been trying to create that rustic and woodsy feel in your home or vacation cabin...or just want a really cool side table to impress all your house guests.

    The brown wood table

    26. A tufted square cocktail ottoman for a fancy French-inspired accent piece that is super functional — roll it around the room and enjoy it as an extra seat, coffee table, or foot rest!

    The cocktail ottoman in natural with a drink tray resting on top

    27. A pull-out drawer if you're sick of having to bend down and reach allll the way back into those cabinets just to get your pots and pans out — as if cooking wasn't already hard enough!

    The shelves holding kitchen pots, pans, and dishes

    You, after successfully securing the incredible bargains during the Way Day Sale: