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    25 Things To Give Your Home An Eco-Friendly Revamp

    Because even small changes can make a difference.

    1. A pack of wool dryer balls, since they're not only reusable and more eco-friendly, but also completely eliminate the need to constantly buy dryer sheets. They can even help dry your clothes faster (thus saving you money either on utilities or at the laundromat). Sounds like a win-win-win to me!

    Reviewer's side-by-side comparison showing these dryer balls looking almost identical between brand new and eight months of use while a different brand is unraveled and expanded after eight months of use

    2. A zero-waste all-natural insect repellant lotion bar about to become the MVP of summer. Why, you ask? Well, it smells nice, moisturizes your skin, repels those pesky bugs, AND is totally chemical-free. UGH, where was this last weekend when the mosquitoes were eating me alive?? *adding to cart immediately*

    The bug off lotion bar in open tin

    3. A roll of heavy-duty bamboo towels for a more sustainable and higher-performing upgrade to your single-use paper towels. Each perforated sheet can be used up to 120+ times before you'll finally have to throw it out, but even then, the good news is that it's 100% biodegradable. Plus, the certified organic bamboo makes them softer and thicker than traditional ones, so you can even use them on your skin.

    Reviewer's photo of bamboo paper towels spread out next to the roll

    4. A few biodegradable laundry detergent pods that use natural enzymes and plant-based ingredients to say see ya later! to any and all odors and stains on your clothes. And yes, there's even an unscented version for you super sensitive folk!

    A box of Dropps biodegradable laundry detergent pods next to and orange and pine tree leaves

    5. The Bacon Sponge — a compostable and biodegradable cloth designed to soak up tough grease stains — so you can keep cooking up all your favorite fried foods without having to go through a roll of paper towels each time (or dirtying up your new reusable bamboo ones!). Nothing should get in the way of your love for bacon, including environmental concerns.

    the cloth towel

    6. A super absorbent reusable period panty here to transform that time of the month by reducing both waste and worry. It's way comfier than using pads, tampons, etc., but best of all, no more leakage (which also means you'll finally stop ruining all your undies and sheets).

    reviewer wearing the black period undies

    7. A set of bamboo cotton makeup remover pads because not only can you wash and reuse them (which is super easy thanks to the cotton wash bag), but they also feel a whole lot softer on your face and don't leave any of that annoying lint residue. Plus, they come in plastic-free, recyclable packaging!

    Reviewer's photo of the cotton bamboo pads stacked on top of the wash bag

    8. A pack of tough spaghetti scrubs that work so well at effortlessly scraping away caked-on food you'll actually look forward to doing the dishes for once! The secret to the magic? They're made from all-natural and recycled ingredients like peach pits and pumice stones, which give them that gritty surface texture.

    two spaghetti sponges being used on dishes with water and soap to scrub away dirt

    9. Dental lace — a biodegradable woven silk dental floss, if you want to skip the petroleum-based plastic found in most traditional floss. This non-toxic alternative is made from vegan, plant-based wax and essential oils and comes in a cute glass dispenser jar (don't worry, it has a built-in floss cutter). I made the switch about a year ago, and I can confirm that I do indeed smile brighter knowing I'm cleaning my teeth with more earth-friendly floss!

    10. A reusable silicone bag free of BPA, PVC, and latex that's equally as handy as a plastic storage bag and then some. Sure, you can use it to store and freeze food, bring your PB&J to the office, pack toiletries, etc., but you can also use it to steam veggies in the microwave! I don't even buy plastic bags anymore because these are so awesome.

    11. A vegan and nontoxic solid dishwashing soap packed with plenty of tough cleaning power but none of the plastic, palm oil, or fragrance/dyes. And!!! It's ethically manufactured in a USA solar-powered facility by a small mother-daughter team. Yes, yes, and yes.

    Reviewer's photo of the soap sitting on kitchen sink next to sponge

    12. A few organic cotton produce bags since they'll keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer and also make shopping a bit easier — each bag features the tare (or unladen) weight on the label, so you'll know exactly how much produce you're buying when you weigh it!

    The solid produce bags with colorful tare weight label tags

    13. A plant-based pop-up sponge if you've really been wanting to make the switch to a plastic-free alternative but are reluctant to give up the convenience of using one. Made from sustainably-grown wood pulp in the Pacific Northwest, this sponge performs just as well, and even better according to some reviewers, as any other sponge, but it's also 100% home compostable!

    The pop-up sponges

    14. A three-pack of reusable beeswax wraps that'll have your coworkers staring in amazement (and a bit of envy) when you whip out your delicious sammy in one of these super cute, plastic-free babies...and then proceed to walk to the office sink, clean it, and pack it away again for tomorrow. Do them a favor and send 'em the link!

    Reviewer's side by side showing a baking dish of banana bread uncovered and then covered with blue turtle patterned beeswrap

    15. A glass bottle of Bite toothpaste tablets to give your pearly whites a fresh and sparkly clean...and finally stop getting those toothpaste stains on your shirt! Even better news: the formula is vegan, naturally whitening, and helps fight sensitivity.

    The mint fluoride toothpaste bits in glass jar

    16. A bidet attachment because the time is now to join this hygienic clean-tush revolution — and once you do, you'll never go back to TP again. Your bum and your planet will thank you.

    the white bidet attachment

    17. A natural all-purpose cleaner if you're sick of suffocating whenever you bust out your current chemical-filled spray. Formulated with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients like soap bark, corn, and coconut, reviewers praise this for its impressive streak-free cleaning power and light scent.

    the cleaning spray bottle

    18. 100% biodegradable straws that look and feel like plastic — which means they don't get soggy in hot or cold beverages — but are actually made from veggie fibers. Now you won't have to worry about that extra flavor note of "paper straw" in your cocktails and lattes.

    The box of straws next to mixed drinks with caption reading "eco-friendly stirrer straws produced from non-toxic materials that are safe for both you and the environment"

    19. A bar of Ethique solid shampoo for anyone who's been on the hunt for a high-quality, all-natural shampoo bar that's actually as good as the kind that comes in plastic bottles — their vegan formulas are all free of soap, palm oil, and aluminum, pH-balanced, and specially crafted to address different hair types and scalp issues.

    Model using of the shampoo to wash the back of their hair

    20. A tinted mineral sunscreen since the certified organic and all-natural formula will keep your skin protected from sun damage for up to 80 minutes *without* negatively harming the marine ecosystem while you swim. Yep, it's reef-safe, completely biodegradable, and even comes in a recyclable plastic-free tin!

    Model holding the sunscreen tin next to their face

    21. A reusable grocery bag that folds up into a tiny pouch, which means you can bring one with you pretty much everywhere — and thus you'll never again find yourself caught at the grocery store and having to reluctantly use a plastic bag because you left all your reusable ones at home. Oh, and did I mention, they're so. stinking. cute.

    22. A glass water bottle with a stainless steel infuser that's so gorgeous you won't ever be tempted to use single-use tea bags again. Aesthetics? Check. Eco-friendly? Also, check.

    Model holding the clear glass water bottle filled with infused tea with wooden lid screwed on

    23. A set of stretchy silicone lids for anyone who, like me, struggles endlessly when covering bowls and food with plastic wrap. These are so much simpler to use, easy to wash, and more eco-friendly! I can't even remember the last time I used plastic wrap since buying these.

    24. A handmade all-natural oven cleaner here to make your dream of once again being able to see inside the oven and watch the cookies bake come true. Made from plant-powered ingredients, this gives a seriously deep clean, all without the use of harsh toxins or chemicals!

    The oven cleaner in glass jar next to steel scrubber

    25. A Blueland hand soap starter kit — you buy the glass dispenser bottles one time and then just add a soap tablet and water to refill! It's the perfect solution for those who love foamy hand soaps but also want to cut down on plastic.

    The two glass bottles and soap tablets scattered in front

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