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    31 Things From Walmart You’ll Probably Want If Your Favorite Activity Is Staying Home

    Fair warning: these things will make it even harder for you to leave the house.

    1. A beanbag sofa lounger that's perfect for snuggling up on by yourself or with a loved one (including your pet) to watch a movie, read a book, or simply, relax at home.

    A woman lounging on the blue bean bag

    2. A pair of faux-fur moccasin slippers with cushy memory foam insoles so you can slip your feet into something cozy and comfy, yet still supportive, as soon as you step through the door.

    Seven different colored moccasins laid on in an arch

    3. A bamboo bath tray if you're ready to treat yourself to the most luxurious soak in the tub ever. Picture it: relaxing in the bubbles, watching your fave Netflix show, and sipping on wine.

    Woman in the tub reading her book on the caddy and enjoying a glass of wine

    4. A soft and supportive lounge pillow so you can comfortably relax on your bed or sofa while you read, watch TV, or work from home. I'll take this over my stiff desk chair any day, thank you very much!

    the pillow in black

    5. A vanilla bean candle that will fill your home with its sweet and inviting scent while also creating a super cozy cabin vibe as the wick gently crackles away.

    Three different sizes of the candle lit on a vanity tray

    6. A rustic wood sewing table with plenty of storage for your craft supplies and a drop-leaf tabletop for additional surface case you get a little *uhh* carried away with all your home craft projects.

    an open sewing table in a craft room

    7. A sofa armchair caddy to keep all the essentials (phone, book, TV remote) handy while you relax on the couch and keep things from constantly disappearing into the void of the couch cushions.

    The brown caddy on a sofa armrest holding remote, glasses case, iphone, and journal

    8. A 14-piece stainless-steel cocktail kit for those who would much rather have happy hour à la maison than out at the bar. This has all the tools you'll need for mixing up your fave cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

    The cocktail kit being used to mix a drink

    9. An adjustable leather office chair if you love working from home (after all, more time at home), but don't love all the WFH back and neck pain. This big and tall chair will eliminate the discomfort, comfortably supporting you with memory-foam padding, lumbar support, and cushioned arm-rests.

    The chair

    10. A metal etagere shelf floor lamp to class up your living room with some stylish, yet functional, lighting that also serves as a bit of decor.

    the lamp

    11. A Tempurpedic memory foam pillow since the plush cushioning and gentle alignment means you'll wake up from your naps feeling rested, refreshed, and without any kinks in your neck. Sleep just got a whole lot better, if that's even possible.

    A female model sleeping on her side with the pillow

    12. An Instant Pot that takes all the ~pressure~ out of cooking at home. With just the press of a few buttons, you can slow-cook, pressure cook, sauté, steam, and warm your food!

    Instapot sits behind a main course of slow-roasted beef with veggies and sides of sautéed mushrooms and broccoli, and fluffy jasmine rice

    13. A Vizio soundbar with a 5" wireless subwoofer and surround speakers so you can build a home theatre that will truly immerse you in all your fave TV shows and media. Plus, you can also stream your music directly to the speakers via Bluetooth. It's a homebody's dream.

    Two people watching tv together on the couch

    14. A six-tool combo kit for anyone who loves staying at home and tackling those DIY projects. The best part? You only need one interchangeable 20V battery to use all six of these cordless power tools!

    The Hart tool kit with black carrying case

    15. A Roborock robot vacuum and mop since there's almost nothing worse than having to stare at your gross, dirty floors 24/7. Instead, set up multiple cleaning schedules and let your Roborock keep the floors mess-free so you can actually enjoy being at home.

    The Roborock

    16. An Amazon Echo Dot to turn days and nights at home into a ~part-ayyy~! Have the Echo turn the lights on and off, blast your favorite songs, entertain you with jokes, and more!

    The echo speaker on a desk

    17. A cute and velvety pom-pom throw pillow for something that's cozy and chic. If you're tired of staring at your grungy old couch pillows all day, these will definitely brighten your mood.

    the colorful pillows on a couch and floor

    18. A 24-setting luxury dual showerhead if one of your favorite parts of being at home is unwinding with a relaxing shower – with this, you'll get *double* the relaxation as two showerheads deliver spaworthy sprays.

    19. A six-piece outdoor patio dining set because warm weather is on its way and this will transform your backyard into a vibrant outdoor living space that's perfect for lounging around or hosting BBQs.

    The patio set in red

    20. A velvety fleece throw blanket since cozy blankets are a must-have for snuggling up and lounging about the house, and you really can never have too many.

    The blue textured throw blanket draped over a couch

    21. A swivel massage recliner for a full spa treatment right from your home. Sit back, relax, and enjoy five heat and massage modes without ever having to put real pants on.

    The recliner chair

    22. A galaxy light projector so you can take a magical journey into space all without ever leaving your living room.

    The projector emitting purple celestial light while a couple relaxes on couch together

    23. A convenient wireless charging stand to power up your favorite devices all at once and stop those cords from cluttering up your space.

    The charging station shown charging an Apple IPhone, watch, and airpods

    24. A plush kitty that's not only soft and adorable but can also be heated in the microwave for even warmer and cozier snuggle times.

    The calico cat plush toy

    25. A glass teapot featuring a glass infuser if you're someone who, like me, needs a steaming cup of tea as soon as they wake up...and every second thereafter. Time to take full advantage of my giant loose-leaf tea collection!

    The glass teapot with loose leaf tea brewing

    26. An essential oil diffuser since some gentle aromatherapy will make you feel even more relaxed at home. It smells great, moisturizes the air, and is good for your health! Win-win-win!

    The brown wood diffuser on a yoga block next to someone meditating

    27. A set of essential oils to use with that new diffuser, especially since there are six aromatherapy blends to choose from 😌.

    The essential oils

    28. A sheer curtain panel (or two) for some elegant, light-filtering window drapings that will make the room feel homier while also keeping those nosy neighbors from peeking in. After all, nobody needs to know you've basically been a couch potato all day.

    The pink curtains partially open in front of a window

    29. An abstract swirl area rug that'll protect your floors in style and also give your feet a soft and plush surface to stand on instead of the cold hardwood or tile.

    The grey and white abstract swirly-patterned area rug on a hardwood floor

    30. A bamboo serving tray with a slide-out knife drawer if classy at-home wine and cheese nights are your love language. This is exactly what you need for serving up your beautiful charcuterie spreads. 🍷🧀

    The bamboo serving tray filled with crackers, meats, and fruit

    31. And an electric fireplace to ~set the mood~ without you actually having to build or maintain a fire. Just press a few buttons and enjoy the cozy vibes.

    The brown fireplace set up in a living room

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