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    31 Home Products From Walmart That Reviewers Think Are Totally Worth The Investment

    Pretty soon you'll be questioning how you ever lived without them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A beautiful wood entertainment center that can *totally* support your Netflix bingeing — it holds flat screen televisions up to 64'' and a total maximum weight of 250 lbs!

    a dark wood entertainment stand with a tv on it

    This sturdy stand features adjustable shelves, so you can decorate your living room to your own personal taste. Plus, it runs the cords in the back of the TV stand, so you can solely focus on the shows you're streaming!

    Promising review: "Looks great. Doesn't look cheap at all...the walnut wood is beautiful. Assembly was easy. Took me a little over an hour. Overall a great purchase. Fits my 58" TV with a little extra room on each side." –Oddesty

    Price: $119 (originally $176; available in 13 colors)

    2. An over-the-door shoe rack to ~pair~ together your love for shoes with your love for space-saving storage — hang up to 36 pairs of shoes and invest in freeing up that closet space!

    the shoe rack hanging on the back of a door

    Promising review: "The BEST shoe rack I've ever had! OMG! this rack is sturdy, holds tight my shoes and I could accommodate my 77 pairs — including my boots and tennis shoes in only one rack. I thought I would need two, but no, this one does the job. I recommend this rack 200%. I am very happy with this purchase." –Cmmn

    Price: $39

    3. A rustic wood sewing table with plenty of storage for your craft supplies and a drop-leaf table top for additional surface case you get a little *uhh* carried away with your crafting.

    an open sewing table in a craft room

    Plus, when it's all nicely closed up, it looks just like a nice piece of furniture!

    Promising review: "I like everything about it! It is just the right size, and it goes well in the room with other pieces that match! It has plenty of room in the cabinets, and I really love the storage bin for all of my sewing supplies! It also rolls around if I need to move it. It was fairly easy to put together says my husband. The extension swings out and the storage door latches in place for more sewing room. When not in use, I store my sewing machine down under and take down the extension table and close the door, and it looks like a nice piece of furniture, which I like because the room is sometimes used for guests!" –Peteypotpie

    Price: $209.99 (available in rustic gray and rustic white)

    4. A velvety, full-size daybed that's not only chic and comfy to lounge on, but also great for storage thanks to the two drawers that conveniently wheel underneath the bed!

    Gray daybed made into a comfy bed in a living room

    It's made from wood and has a wood slat base for prime air-circulation, making it easy-breezy to get a good night's rest.

    Promising review: "This is a nice, stylish daybed. It didn't take too long to assemble with the instructions — about two hours. I like its enclosed backboard and arm rests for converting into a couch. Its backboard length is just long enough to place small pillows against.The wooden slates feel pretty sturdy. I really like the two storage drawers underneath. It is great for when you have guests over, storage for extra throw blankets, or whatever you need." –Florecita

    Price: $329

    5. A set of silky, sustainable bamboo sheets which make it almost impossible not to sleep soundly — they're super soft and also environmentally friendly!

    gray bamboo sheets

    Promising review: "Wonderful things are being made from the fully sustainable bamboo plant. They are light weight, and feel like silk. I have a Tempurpedic mattress that is 16-inches thick. The queen-sized bottom fitted sheet, with elastic bands on all four corners to help hold it in place, is a perfect size for my mattress. As my other bedding wears out, I will certainly consider another luxury bamboo sheet set." –Ibrahim

    Price: $29.99+ (available in sizes twin–California king and 20 colors)

    6. An adjustable leather office chair to finally put an end to those WFH back and neck pain probs. This big and tall model will comfortably support anyone up to 350 lbs with its memory-foam padding, lumbar support, and cushioned arm-rests.

    The chair

    Promising review: "I ordered this chair three months ago. I love it. It supports all of my 400 lbs. This chair is very sturdy. Easy to follow assembly instructions. I've recommended this chair to all to all my friends. I recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable chair for a larger person." –Allen

    Price: $169 (available in black and brown)

    7. A cooling mattress pad if you're sick of waking up hot 'n' sweaty. It wicks away moisture and releases trapped heat, so you can finally enjoy all the comfort of your current mattress, but without the overheating!

    The mattress pad on a bed

    Secure it nice and snug over your current mattress, and let that ~cool magic~ happen!

    Promising review: "I am more than impressed with the Sealy Cooling mattress pad! The first night I noticed a huge difference. My bed no longer gets overly hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. This pad stays cool. This pad is made of really soft material and is so, so comfortable. It was easy to put on and stays put, no shifting or slipping off the corners of my mattress. This mattress pad is all around a great product with no faults. It does what it was made to do! I highly recommend!" –Frankiesmom13

    Price: $18.30+ (available in sizes twin—king)

    8. An elegant bookcase with adjustable shelves that works great as a media organizer in the living room or a pantry organizer in the kitchen!

    a brown bookcase

    This 54'' x 13'' bookcase has nine shelves, six of which are height-adjustable, so you can really let your inner interior designer get creative!

    Promising review: "I love the shelf! I had a black one that I had purchased a few years ago that I used for my DVDs and it got broken in the move! Anyway, I purchased this one to hold spices and stuff in my new kitchen since I don't have much cupboard space! It is very strong and I like how it looks and it was very easy to put together! I had purchased another shelf for my living room for my DVDs, but it was a waste of money, so I am going to buy two more of these to use in my living room for my DVDs!" –annettes1959

    Price: $52.36 (available in six colors)

    9. An over-the-toilet bathroom space-saver ideal for storing towels, toiletries and tp among its three shelves, so you can keep your bathroom cute and clutter-free.

    The white space-saver installed over a white toilet and storing toiletries

    This space-saver fits over most standard toilets, is easy to install, and comes with all the required hardware.

    Promising review: "Great product. Very sturdy and perfect for a small bathroom. Not difficult to put together, but need patience ... many parts!" —Sarah

    Price: $204

    10. A convenient wireless charging stand to power-up your favorite devices all at once without the hassle of those annoying cords!

    The charging station shown charging an Apple IPhone, watch, and airpods

    This sci-fi feeling device easily charges Apple and Samsung phones and smart watches that are QI-enabled, as well as Apple AirPods. This stand comes in four colors, so you can even color-coordinate to match your devices.

    Promising review: "This stand is a great space saving helper! Keep in mind if your headphones aren't Apple brand this won't work, but other than that this works with any phone that does wireless charging and works with my Samsung fitness watch. I use this on my work desk, and it helps keep things organized and hides multiple wires and charging stands. Im in love with this charger and love how it helps keep things more organized and clutter-free." –Jasmine

    Price: $28.97 (available in four colors)

    11. A powerful, handheld turbo garment steamer because you want your clothes wrinkle-free, bacteria-free (99.9%), and odor-free in minutes — seriously, just a 40-second charge up provides 15 minutes of steam time!

    A model uses the steamer to press out wrinkles in professional blue suit jacket

    This 1550-Watt, aluminum-plated steamer has a built-in creaser and comes with a 3-in-1 attachment (silicone band, fabric spacer, and bristle brush) to pull the fabric taut, protect your fragile fabrics, and steam deeply all at once. Whether using regular and turbo mode, this will having you looking ~crisp~.  

    Promising review: "This is my first fabric steamer and I'm impressed! It's a lot easier than using an iron. This unit puts out a lot of steam! I was able to de-wrinkle a pair of pants in less than 5 minutes. I'm sure a more experienced user would be even faster. It heats up within seconds. It's size is good for travel. The water reservoir holds about 8 oz of water. I used a tiny half-pint bottle of water to fill it and it was the perfect size. It does need distilled water to prevent build up. It comes with a crease maker on top, as well as a few head attachments. Overall, I'm very pleased with this steamer!"iheartmykidds

    Price: $46.99

    12. A painted wood storage locker, so you and your kids can easily store the toys (or textbooks) when they're not in use!

    A red storage locker with the doors open to display storage of kid's clothes, shoes, and books

    This school-inspired storage piece has two separate compartments and can easily be wheeled from the playroom to the bedroom.

    Promising review: "Bought this as a bookcase and bedside table for my son's room. The design is modern, the quality of the wood is great with a smooth finish. I will definitely recommend this product." –MommyMac

    Price: $72.30 (available in red and blue)

    13. A lightweight Bissell pet carpet washer because while our beloved furry friends are cute, their messes definitely are NOT. The four-row DeepReach PowerBrush removes those tough stains, so you can get back to playing with your four-legged pals!

    The pet carpet washer shown next to smiling medium-sized brown and white dog

    This cleaner uses a two-tank system to keep the dirty water separate, and it's easy to remove the water tanks for simple clean-up. Plus, a portion of each purchase goes towards supporting BISSELL Pet Foundation to help save homeless pets!

    Promising review: "This is the best carpet cleaner I've ever had. We had a flood in my brand new home last year due to poor workmanship on the builders part. They paid to have the carpets professionally cleaned and refused to replace them (insert eye roll) and the stains from that came right back up. Add a new puppy, kids doing school from home in my only carpeted room downstairs and you have a disaster. This thing got up everything in one pass!! ONE!! It's my fluffy brand new carpet again! It smells amazing, is barely damp, and looks amazing." –Dont

    Price: $79

    14. A metal etagere shelf floor lamp for stylish, yet functional, lighting and decor in your home.

    the lamp

    It has three decorative display shelves that build to a beautifully-bright frosted lampshade on top. This 69" lamp takes one 150-watt or LED equivalent bulb.

    Promising review: "This floor lamp with shelves adds a perfect modern touch to your home. I picked this one out of the three I had picked out. It's so bright. Just one 9W led bulb is actually brighter than our two LED bulbs in the ceiling fixture. The white shade helps with that I think. Even tho the shade is thin plastic, it looks just like frosted glass–can't tell the difference till you touch it. Made of good metal material and the shelves are so convenient and handy for decor. Very satisfied." –theDrews

    Price: $29.94

    15. A sleek, stainless-steel beverage fridge with adjustable shelves and seven temperature settings to keep your favorite beers and sodas perfectly chilled, so you can ~crack open a cold one~ whenever you feel like it!

    The fridge filled with cans

    This fridge is highly customizable – it has five adjustable shelves and with seven thermostat settings, you can set the temperature anywhere between 34 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, there's an interior LED light that makes this fridge look even cooler!

    Promising review: "Purchased the fridge about a year ago and anyone who hasn't seen the fridge seems to compliment the aesthetic look. It has plenty of space to hold any and all beverages. Overall a very solid fridge and I would recommend it." –Abert12

    Price: $349.97 (available in silver and black)

    16. An entryway coat and shoe rack that's definitely worth it if you are looking to stay organized and clutter-free in a small space, while still keeping your interior design trendy.

    the tall metal rack with a wooden shelf and two barred shoe shelves

    This metal rack has 18 hooks, a bench, two shoe shelves, and a top rack to hang your dry-cleaned clothes. It's a fashionable solution to saving space in a small foyer area or bedroom.

    Promising review: "I love this unit! I had been looking for an affordable coat rack/organizer for about a year. This was exactly what I had been looking for! It has a sleek design, strong and sturdy for my family of six. The shoe rack has plenty of room for shoes and boots. The hooks can handle heavy book bags and winter coats. We even hang our car keys on the hooks so they don't get lost. I don't know how we ever got along without this!!!" –Sunshine9255

    Price: $60.98

    17. A wireless indoor/outdoor digital thermometer because it's so much better to monitor the temperature and humidity without stepping outside.

    The thermometer display, remote sensor, and 4 AA batteries

    With three outdoor remote sensors that can be placed up to 200 ft away from the base station, figuring out what to wear just got a whole lot easier! These high-grade sensors take readings every 30 seconds 24 hrs/day for high weather accuracy. It also displays trend arrows to indicate which direction the temperature and humidity are heading.

    Promising review: "Excellent indoor/outdoor thermometer. Very good range with an easy to read display. Very accurate." –Dale

    Price: $19.99

    18. An 8-quart Instant Pot that takes all the ~pressure~ out of cooking. With just the press of a few buttons, you can slow-cook, make rice or yogurt, sauté, steam, pressure cook, or warm your food!

    Instapot sits behind a main course of slow-roasted beef with veggies and sides of sautéed mushrooms and broccoli, and fluffy jasmine rice

    I love my 7-in-1 Instant Pot. It makes the BEST, fluffiest rice in only 16 minutes, which is still crazy impressive to me after using it for three years. While I love cooking, some days I don't have the time to be in the kitchen, and this instapot saves the day — I still get comforting, home-cooked food, but in just a fraction of the time!

    Promising review: "Ordered this for my daughter's birthday. In a short period of time, this product has MORE than paid for itself! She loves using it and LOVES the way it does her family as they enjoy the flavor of the food. Daughter home schools her two children, has a three-month-old and this product is a blessing for her. She can't rave about it enough. VERY happy and delivery was prompt!" –Dragoness1053

    Price: $99

    19. A 10-cup Brita filter-as-you-pour water pitcher so you can enjoy clean and great-tasting water immediately – no more waiting by the sink, parched and painstakingly watching the water drip...drip...drip...through the filter.

    The water pitcher keeping water crisp & cool in the refrigerator drawer

    This BPA-free water pitcher lets you filter 10-cups of water as you pour. Each Brita Stream filter lasts about two months, but the electronic filter replacement indicator will let you know when it's time to swap out a new one!

    Promising review: "Get this one over the other pitchers. A long time ago I had a pur brand pitcher and it was meh at best. It took forever to filter the water. Then, I had a brita filter you put on the sink and that eventually ended up leaking so had to get rid of it (probably was just old anyway). I saw this pitcher that filters as you pour it. I bought yesterday and this is the best one yet. The water comes out slower, but because it filters as you pour it you can just put water all the way up to the top and put it away. It is a little more expensive than other filters, but to me it definitely is worth it, and the taste is great too."Sarah

    Price: $24

    20. A Vizio 32" soundbar with a 5" wireless subwoofer and surround speakers to really immerse yourself in your favorite shows...and it has voice control input... “Alexa, turn up the bass!”

    The soundbar, subwoofer, and surround speakers

    With a 96 dB sound pressure level 50 Hz - 20 Hz frequency range, this set brings impressive floor-to-ceiling 3D surround sound, and some booming bass, thanks to that subwoofer. It's pretty much like being in a movie theater!

    Promising review: "Love it! Worth every Penny!!! Loud!! Amazing Sound Quality! Easy to Set up and comes with all wires needed to install, and it has all kinds of way to plug into TV from Bluetooth, Optical Sound, Audio Cables, HDMI (Arc), and USB. You can also Plug in any Voice Assistant like Alexa or Google Home. Plus the Remote has a LCD Screen! This is Genius!" –Randy

    Price: $129

    21. A stack system mobile toolbox to organize your DIY tools and hobby supplies AND easily transport them!

    The toolbox with the three compartments in the stacked and locked position

    With three different storage units and inter-changeable trays, it's a customizable toolbox-on-wheels! The three units–lower cart (which has a telescopic handle and 7" wheels), middle toolbox, and small organizer tray–stack and lock on top of one another.

    Promising review: "Great buy. I ordered this for my husband because he is a carpet installer and him and his partner are always carrying in their tool boxes, so I figured this would come in handy and boy oh boy did it! The toolboxes are roomy and it takes away the straining of the back by being able to roll the toolboxes now! " –Michelle

    Price: $79

    22. A Roborock robot vacuum and mop for the perfect cleaning companion! With multi-floor mapping, you can easily use the Roborock app, Siri, or Alexa to set up multiple cleaning schedules.

    The Roborock

    My mom invested in a Roborock a year ago, and she LOVES her cleaning buddy, Hazel (yes, she named her robot vacuum). She's got three different maps programmed, complete with no-go zones, and has her scheduled to vacuum the kitchen every night. The app is pretty handy, too, and will notify her when Hazel starts and finishes her route. I'm not really sure what my mom would do without Hazel...probably have dirty floors, I guess. 

    Promising review: "The quality of this vacuum is awesome. The lidar function makes this vacuum has excellent navigation. Suction power is strong, it can easily remove most of stains on the floor. And the app is very useful. I can use app to control my robot to any corners." –Wenqi

    Price: $429.99 (available in black and white)

    23. A swivel massage recliner to ~treat yo' self~ by bringing the spa to your living room. Sit back, relax, and enjoy five heat and massage modes.

    The recliner chair

    This massage recliner chair is made of padded PU leather, has four storage pockets, two cupholders on each armrest, and a remote control. With a color choice of black or brown, this luxury chair will match nicely with most living room decor!

    Promising review: "Excellent product, space sensitive, but fits me great. Excellent packaging and took less then 10 mins to assemble. Great price, wide enough for larger folks. I am 6 ft and 237lbs. Massage and heat are excellent. No need to pay over $500. Looks Great. Rocks, glides, and swivels." –CarlR

    Price: $399.99 (available in black and brown)

    24. A Blackstone Pro 2-burner 28" griddle grill that doesn't mess around, featuring a 519-inch steel griddle surface, stainless steel tube burners, industrial strength wheels, a magnetic tool bar, and lots of storage — it'd be a big ~mis-steak~ not to invest.

    The grill

    Keep all your grilling essentials handy with the two side shelves, side hooks, and paper towel holder. It also has a built-in hood and uses a rear grease management system, too. Talk about impressive!

    Promising review: " I love the practical use of this grill. Great every time. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, flat iron steak, home fries, beef for tacos, peppers and onions—it's all great and can be cooked at the same time. I was worried about just getting the 28” vs 36”. I am not disappointed at all. It actually has more cooking surface area than my four burner charbroil grate grill, which I will let go in a yardsale or trash pickup. I cooked burgers for my son's 2-year birthday. Had 12 guests. Still plenty of space to feed all and cook burgers quick. I would not hesitate to make this purchase again. Just have to use it, and you will love it." —1875830

    Price: $274

    25. A 24-setting luxury dual showerhead since everyone loves a relaxing shower, especially when there's not one, but two shower heads delivering spa-worthy sprays.

    This shower system features the only anti-swivel, three-way water diverter on the market to prevent loosening and leaks. With a high-power, three-zone spiral dial on each head, you get high power delivered twice over, so you can doubly enjoy all the modes, including rain, massage, and mist!

    Promising review: "Best showerhead I've ever owned. I love having two heads, one detachable, while they both have all the different setting options. I like that there's a knob that you can turn that allows you to have both heads going, or just the handle, or just the shower head. Everything about this was great. And installation was super simple. If you can read this review without issues and you have a pair of pliers then you can install this shower head in less than 10 minutes flat." –Anonymous Walmart Customer

    Price: $18.99

    26. A motion-sensor trash can, because nobody likes touching gross, germ-infested trash and recycling bins – wave your hand in front of the sensor and violà

    The trash can

    Plus, it automatically closes when you're out of sensor range, too. This divided bin has separate compartments for trash and recycling.

    Promising review: "I honestly LOVE this garbage can!!! Its everything I thought it would be and then some. It holds tons of trash and recycling. I was really worried that it was going to be too small, but it's perfect for us. The magnets are removable, so if you don't like them you can get rid of them or just move them to a better place. I love having everything in one place. I hated having two cans. I also love that if you read the directions, it shows you how to insert the garbage bags so they don't show. It's so easy to do, and it looks clean and tidy. The automatic hands free is awesome!!!" –shopper3399

    Price: $84.96

    27. An Oral-B smart electric toothbrush to give your teeth that post-dentist sparkle everyday. With daily clean, whitening, and sensitive modes, this brush does the hard work, so you can focus on smiling when the built-in two-minute timer ends!

    The toothbrush

    This ADA (American Dental Association)-accepted toothbrush also has a sensor light to let you know when you're using too much pressure on your gums. While I love my current Oral-B electric toothbrush, I might have to upgrade to this bluetooth-compatible one so I can use the app to set up a brushing routine! The package comes with the handle, charger, brush head, and refill stand.

    Promising review: "Having owned several different brands of electric toothbrushes I find this recent purchase is the best performing so far. It seems to do a much more thorough job of cleaning and able to target each tooth when cleaning one by one. Already with using it only for a few days I can see the difference in the plaque buildup on the surface of the teeth (and I see why dentists suggest this brand)...this to me makes it a WINNER." –songmaker1

    Price: $79.94

    28. A large 360-degree humidifier if you're ready for moisturizing air all day and night – it's got you covered with three mist level settings and a special sleep mode.

    three humidifiers

    This top-fill humidifier holds six liters of water and has an impressive 750 sq. ft. coverage.

    Promising review: "We purchased this humidifier because we wanted to meet the Covid-19 indoor requirements in an effort to make our home as safe as possible this winter. It has a hygrometer that allows you to maintain the level of humidity you desire (40%-90%). Because it turns on and off (like a thermostat), it is cost-effective. It's super quiet! The mist flow can be directed [away from stuff you wouldn't want to be misted]. There's a remote. On the low mist setting, it lasts about a day and a half. On the high mist setting, it lasts about 24 hours. One thing I noticed was the first few days it ran almost all the time, but as the environment achieved a mean humidity level it ran far less often. Wow! I'm impressed." –MadHatter

    Price: $45.99

    29. A six-piece outdoor patio dining set to create a vibrant outdoor living space perfect for a summer barbecue. After all, your backyard is an extension of your home!

    The patio set in red

    This set comes with four foldable chairs, a matching umbrella, and a water wave tempered glass top table.

    Promising review: "Best purchase I've made in a long time. I've had my set for a year and it's in perfect condition. I've left it outside on my deck uncovered through rain and snow. It hasn't rusted at all and still looks brand new. The table is super sturdy and was put together in 15-20 minutes. I had the umbrella out for about five months, then put it in the shed during the winter. It's now May and I just took them back out and they still look new." –Melissa

    Price: $149.98 (available in three colors)

    30. An electric fireplace stove heater for the perfect energy-efficient way to heat your home while also ~setting the mood~.

    The electric fireplace creating a warm, cozy atmosphere in the bedroom

    Unlike a real fireplace, it's portable, so you can move those cozy vibes from room to room. This sturdy metal stove gives off a realistic flame effect with a glowing log and ember bed display, which can be operated with or without the heat.  

    Promising review: "This mini fireplace not only looks good, but warms up my room so nicely. I love that I can easily move it to whichever room I need. Once I'm warm enough, I can turn the heat down or off and still keep the flame and logs on." –cgg4

    Price: $79

    31. And a Brinks electronic deadbolt if you're someone who constantly loses their keys. This keypad lets you easily program up to six user codes and features an optional auto-locking function, so you can protect all these great new home goods you've just invested in!

    The deadbolt lock

    This exterior lock fits standard doors 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" thick and has an illuminated keypad, which certainly comes in hand at night. 

    Promising review: "A definite buy. I have much experience with lock pads, including WiFi/Bluetooth devices. As of date, this is the more sturdy of all previous mentions. I like the simplicity of the programming, yet the sound and feel of a sturdy lock. Excellent product, excellent price." –AndrewCCRN

    Price: $67 (available in bronze and satin nickel)

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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