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    25 Things From Chewy That'll Help You Have The Best Weekend Ever With Your Dog

    A weekend with your dog is always a great weekend, but you'll have the *best weekend ever* with these awesome toys, treats, and more.

    1. A stick chew toy because your dog will looooveeee playing fetch with you inside or outside and chewing away for hours. It's way better than a regular stick, right?!

    Medium dog chewing on the stick toy

    2. A padded reflective no-pull harness so you can end the best weekend ever with a safe and delightful evening walk! Plus, the harness is waterproof, just in case it rains or *someone* finds a puddle.

    3. A flying squirrel toy with glow in the dark corners for some serious floatin' and fetchin' frisbee fun all day and all night long! This toy can also be used in the water, so it's perfect for a weekend trip to the lake.

    Reviewer's lab sitting outside with the yellow flying squirrel toy

    4. An adorable shark life jacket with a detachable fin so you can splash around with your furry friend and have a blast trying to fool the other beachgoers. Shaaaarrrkkk-ih-Tzu!

    5. A water-resistant reversible furniture protector if you want some puppy snuggles on those weekend staycations, but don't want to ruin the couch (or lose your Airbnb deposit).

    A reviewer's dog curled up on the furniture protector on the couch

    6. A support harness for dogs who are disabled or recovering from an injury, since both of you deserve to go on vacation, even when it's tricky for them to move on their own.

    Human using the handles and support harness to help a large dog walk up the stairs

    7. A collapsible dog bowl so you can take your best bud hiking this weekend — the carabiner is super handy and easily clips onto your backpack or belt loop. Stay hydrated and enjoy the views!

    8. A flea and tick collar because pulling off parasites and excessive itching do NOT make for a great weekend. You want to spend your time playing and making memories instead!

    A reviewer's photo of their two, small-medium sized dogs wearing the collars

    9. A flip board strategy game that will challenge your dog and keep you both entertained while lounging in the rental house. Various treat-hiding compartments reveal a prize when your doggo is smart enough to open it!

    Reviewer's dog about to play with the strategy game toy

    10. An assortment of five various sized rope toys to give you hours of wrestling weekend fun. Play some tug-o-war, fetch, and whatever else you can think of!

    11. A three-pack of colorful squeaking tennis balls because who doesn't love playing fetch AND bright colors AND squeaking?! How could it not be a fantastic weekend with these toys?

    A reviewer's lab sitting outside with three multi-colored tennis balls

    12. A plush volcano puzzle toy that will have you bonding as you engage in some riveting games of hide-n-seek.

    13. A classic ball-launcher toy if you want to have the most epic game of fetch ever while saving your shoulder. It even has hands-free pickup, so say goodbye to touching those slobbery messes! Just load the included ball, launch, and watch 'em ruuuuuun!

    A man using the launcher to play fetch with his dog outside

    14. A Kong extreme dog toy for an ~extremely~ fun way to give the bestest boys and girls their treats. The super strong rubber means it will hold up after hours of bouncing, chewing, and playing.

    A reviewer's dog chewing on the extreme dog toy

    15. A box of Milk-Bone original dog biscuits because it can only be the best weekend ever if there are treats involved! Plus, they'll help freshen breath and are filled with vitamins and minerals.

    A reviewer's dog waiting patiently to eat the treat on his front legs

    16. A snazzy blue doggy daypack with four expandable pockets so your doggo can carry their own water, toys, and treats on your big adventures!

    A reviewer's medium sized dog wearing the daypack on a hike

    17. A goody birthday box with toys, treats, and a bandana to throw your little doggo the best. Birthday. Party. EVER. It's a bundle of fun and savings!

    18. An steel-framed elevated dog bed since you want your best pal to have a comfy seat when you lounge around on the patio or by the campfire together.

    A medium sized dog relaxing outside on the green elevated dog bed

    19. A bag of human-grade 100% pork jerky dog treats to make it a truly incredible weekend for your dog with a snack that's essentially human food — *doggy gasp* — yes, human food! Your dog will love this high-protein snack, and you'll love seeing how happy it makes them!

    A reviewer's french bulldog posing next to the bag of jerky treat

    20. A spiky soccer ball toy that not only squeaks, but also lights up when it bounces. Light up fetch time with your furry friend!

    A small dog attacking the pink spiky soccer toy outside

    21. A goody puppy box to make training weekend super fun and special with three puppy toys, training treats, and essential potty supplies.

    A puppy next to an unpacked puppy box. Banner reads "welcome home"

    22. A soft and waterproof flippy flopper for some epic fun with a flying disc on the beach and in the water. It's colorful and it floats, so you won't lose it, either.

    23. A virtually indestructible ball made from a tear-proof, non-toxic material, so your weekend fun isn't ruined by a toy unexpectedly breaking, cause that'd be a bummer.

    24. A peanut butter filled bone because you love your dog so much and know they just might die of happiness if they have a bone to gnaw on AND it has a peanut butter filling.

    25. A snazzy dog tuxedo so you can have a fancy and sophisticated dinner party with the best date ever: your dog. Socializing with humans is way overrated anyways.

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