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    20 Things From Anthropologie For Anyone Who Is Bored With Their Home

    In this house, we leave boring at the front door.

    1. A chic statement lamp because this unique darling will be a whole lot more interesting to stare at than the wall (or your current desk lamp) whenever you're bored at work, aka sitting in the meeting that definitely could have been an email. Don't be surprised if your co-workers comment on how beautiful the scalloped glass shade is!

    the lamp with purple shade

    2. A velvety garden-patterned throw blanket so gorgeous you might mistake it for an exquisite piece of art. In other words, if you want to transform your living room into an art gallery, just drape this beauty over the couch. 😍

    Someone holding up the tassel-fringed blanket

    3. A quite charming and playful scalloped bath mat if you keep stepping out of the shower or tub and feeling, well, a little meh from the lack of style in the bathroom. This is a small swap that'll make a big difference (and maybe even turn that Monday morning frown upside down 😉).

    the yellow trimmed bath mat outside of tub

    4. A sculptural American oak bookshelf to turn your impressive collection of books into a stunning home decor statement piece. Totally worth the splurge, if you ask me!

    the beige bookshelf with books and decor on five layers of shelves

    5. A unique velvet dining chair for some trendy sculptural seating — and unlike the ones you see in a museum, you can actually sit in this one!

    A blue chair, pink chair, and green chair spread out in room

    6. A very boho-chic tufted area rug that'll add some colorful style to the darkest, dreariest, most boring areas of your house.

    7. A whimsical mirror with a frilly gold trim that makes it feel like it belongs in a fairy tale and not just your typical city apartment. Hello, gorgeous.

    The wall mirror hanging above sink on patterned wallpaper

    8. A pendant chandelier since this birdcage-inspired lighting fixture even has little! decorative!! birds!!! perched inside amongst the twinkling lights! Yeah, don't walk, ~fly~ to snag this!

    the chandelier hanging from ceiling and lit up

    9. A handcrafted serpentine sofa — as if the gently curving shape and plush velvety cushions weren't already luxurious enough, there's also an enchanting watercolor-esque tapestry pattern along the sloping backrest. You may tire of watching reruns again and again, but I doubt you'll ever tire of lounging back on this beauty.

    The sofa

    10. A glass-top side table with a stunning (and perhaps somewhat surprising) sculptural gold peacock base — and just like a peacock preening its feathers, this beaut will get lots of attention.

    the side table

    11. A radiant wall sculpture crafted from iridescent capiz shells that softly glow and glisten when the light hits them. It's somehow part shining sun and part blooming flower at the same time. ✨

    The sculpture hanging on the wall above chair

    12. A sateen floral-printed duvet cover featuring not one, but two beautiful designs, so you can switch up your bedroom look every couple of months, when you inevitably get bored with your decor.

    The duvet cover on bed

    13. A bronze toucan tieback because ~toucan~ resist pulling the curtains back with such a fun and fashionable little birdie? Nobody, that's who.

    The toucan tying back pink curtains

    14. A gilded semi-precious stone serving board that will make serving even the most boring of snacks feel like a fancy dinner party. You could even use these as a decorative vanity tray too.

    Three of the serving platters with cheese and crackers

    15. A Grecian bust pot since it's already pretty unique to have something that looks like an ancient sculpted artifact on your mantle, but then you add a succulent or another plant inside said object, and you couldn't be any further from boring if you tried!

    The bust pot with flowers bursting out of top head opening

    16. A vibrant velvet patterned throw pillow if your plain and simple couch could use an extra ~somethin somethin~... that something being a bold pop of color, style, and luxury, of course!

    Three of the throw pillows in different patterns

    17. An inlay coffee table because no two of these intricately handcrafted pieces are exactly alike... and I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I could stare at its mesmerizing pattern for hours and never get bored.

    the teal table

    18. A set of two sleeping fox knobs here to ~slyly~ transform that simple dresser into something unique and stylish.

    the silver and gold knobs

    19. A velvet bar cabinet giving trendy art deco vibes, which funny enough, happens to be exactly what you need for a fun little happy hour at chez toi.

    20. A fruity-scented shimmery ombre candle so your home both looks and smells magnificent. Decor that's practical and stylish — now that's the opposite of basic!

    The pink candle gently flickering on mantlepiece

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