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    28 Things For Anyone Who Wants To Up Their Home’s Coziness Factor ASAP

    Give me alllllll the cozy home vibes, please and thank you.

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    1. A faux-fur blanket because you (and your furbaby) deserve to snuggle up in something super soft, warm, and cozy this winter. The fact that it'll look highly stylish sitting on your sofa is just a bonus really.

    A stack of different colored blankets in a closet shelf divider

    2. Or an electric heated throw blanket if you need *even more* warmth than a regular fuzzy blanket can provide.

    Reviewer snuggled up in the blue blanket

    3. A faux-leather electric recliner so you can lean back, relax, kick up your feet and get uber comfy beneath your new heated blanket!

    the faux leather tan chair with remote

    4. An in-wall recessed electric fireplace featuring 12 multicolor modes for both flame and LED backlighting, so you can constantly change up the ambiance with slightly different variations of coziness.

    the fireplace

    5. A heated foot spa bath reviewers confirm actually keeps the water hot... like real hot. In fact, almost too hot for some. Time to turn your living room into a steamy, cozy at-home spa. 😌

    Reviewer soaking feet in the spa bath with temp set to 109

    6. A wooden tealight candle holder for a simple way to transform plain ole tealights into stunning decor that ~sets the mood~.

    the tealight holder on table holding flickering tealights

    7. A luxury bamboo bath caddy to make sure tub time is as relaxing as possible. Set a ~cozy mood~ by lighting a candle, pouring yourself a glass of vino, and enjoying a show while you soak, all of which this tray makes extremely easy.

    reviewer image of the caddy on their bathtub with a mug, a candle, and a kindle

    8. A variety pack of aromatherapy shower steamers since bath-takers aren't the only ones who deserve a luxurious spa experience — this ones for all my fellow shower lovers. Choose from six different scents and get ready to indulge in a luxurious steam!

    Reviewer's photo of the individually-wrapped shower bombs

    9. A beanbag sofa lounger perfect for snuggling up on by yourself or with a loved one (including your pet) to watch a movie, read a book, or simply, relax at home.

    A woman lounging on the blue bean bag

    10. A soft and supportive lounge pillow so you can comfortably relax on your bed or sofa while you read, watch TV, or work from home. It's basically like a cozy replacement for your stiff desk chair.

    The purple pillow resting on a bed

    11. An essential oil diffuser to fill your space with lovely and inviting scents, which will curate some seriously homey vibes. Bonus! It's also a Bluetooth speaker.

    The diffuser with soft orange light emitting mist

    12. And a seasonal fragrance oil set featuring six super delicious wintertime scents if you want some especially cozy vibes infused into your home with your new diffuser.

    Reviewer holding the box set with the six oil blends

    13. An entertainment center with tons of storage space and a built-in electric fireplace. In other words, this will make your living room instantly feel both cozy and classy. And don't worry, you can turn on the fireplace display without turning on the heat, meaning you can enjoy the soothing ambiance even if you live someplace pretty warm.

    Reviewer's photo of dark brown entertainment stand with fireplace on and supporting a flat screen tv showing a scene of hyenas

    14. A handmade wood framed wall sign that reads "Get cozy," just in case anyone was unclear about the expectations in your home.

    The rectangular sign on wall above bed

    15. A down comforter so you can forget all about the cold temperatures and snuggle up in warmth instead. Come to think of it, is there really any reason you need to leave your bed until spring?

    Reviewer's photo of the grey comforter on bed

    16. A soft and fuzzy throw pillow for an accent that's *actually* comfy and cozy as opposed to just one that just looks cute. This pillow is made by Ugg so you know it's gotta be super snuggly.

    stack of the throw pillows on floor

    17. A hand-crocheted mug sleeve since it will make sipping on a warm, steamy beverage feel even more snuggly, especially because you won't have to worry about burning your hands.

    Reviewer's mug in the cream colored crocheted mug sleeve

    18. A tiered fringe floor lamp that'll add a cozy boho glow to the room when you turn it on. Of course, it looks equally fabulous when it's off, too.

    the lamp lit up and glowing next to chairs in room

    19. A hand-poured soy candle featuring notes of orange, cinnamon, clove, and pine, a combo aptly titled Warm + Cozy. After all, you don't just want your home to look the part, it needs to smell warm, cozy, and delicious too!

    reviewer's candle lit on table

    20. A weighted cotton blanket because crawling underneath it basically feels like a giant, comforting hug and will kick those wintertime blues to the curb! Just look at the "reviewer's" face below!

    a reviewer photo of a dog under the blanket

    21. A set of LED pillar candles for anyone who wants the dreamy atmosphere created by gently flickering candles, but doesn't want to risk a pet, child, or clumsy adult accidentally getting hurt from a real flame. Only safe cozy vibes here!

    Reviewer's photo of the LED pillar lights next to a real candle with identical looking flames

    22. A pair of blackout grommet curtains since they not only look snuggly with that soft, faux suede fabric but will also block out the cold and make the room feel cozy too.

    The blue curtains hanging on window

    23. A fuzzy saucer chair simply *begging* you to curl up with a blanket and book! Basically, if you need a cozy corner nook for reading books and watching movies, this is about to become your new BFF.

    Reviewer's pink chair with dog curled up in it

    24. An iris mosaic print area rug because sometimes all you need is a colorful rug to cozy up a space. Best of all, this boho-chic beauty is machine washable and super duper easy to clean according to reviewers!

    the teal area rug in living room

    25. A thick and fluffy bath mat to keep the cozy vibes going as you transition from a relaxing shower to curling up on the couch. Speaking from experience, stepping onto cold tile floor in the middle of winter is the opposite of warm 'n snuggly and kills any and all cozy vibes.

    Reviewer's close up of brown bathmat

    26. A set of patterned flannel sheets that will make your bed so cute and cozy, you just might never make it out from under the covers.

    Two stacks of the folded sheet sets in different patterns

    27. An Instant Pot so you can cook up soups, stews, casseroles, and other comforting meals whenever your heart (and stomach) desires!

    a reviewer photo of the instant pot with chili inside

    28. A plush donut pet bed since your four-legged bud needs their own designated cozy spot to curl up in too... even though they'll probably just want to sit with you on the couch anyways.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.