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    31 Things From Target That'll Help Your Dorm Room Actually Look Stylish

    Decorating your dorm room is one of the most exciting parts of college, and these products will have yours looking super cute and stylish.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lightweight mesh shower caddy to fashionably store and organize all your bathroom essentials. Plus, you'll look cute heading to and from the bathroom!

    The multicolored caddy holding shower supplies

    2. A wall-mounted wood-frame letterboard for a trendy way to display little messages or inspirational quotes in your room. Don't forget to change it up over the course of the semester!

    The blue letterboard on the wall behind the desk with the message "work hard be nice"

    3. A fairy string of LED lights to add a bit of magic to your room. You can bend and shape the string of 25 lights however you please, including as a frame for your wall tapestry!

    The lights loosely hung along a wall providing whimsical light and decoration

    4. A modern and chic office chair so you can study in style and comfort with this seriously padded scoop seat.

    The blue chair

    5. A beautiful butterfly chair that's perfect for lounging while listening to music...or your online lectures.

    The orange chair

    6. A faux (but very real-looking) leaf plant if you want a touch of greenhouse aesthetic, but are worried you might not have the time to take care of a plant.

    Model holding the faux plant

    7. An 11" six-cube organizer so you can display your favorite photos, decorations, books, and more without taking up much space...and it looks super classy!

    The white organizer storing a plant, books, and bin

    8. A soft and fluffy Sherpa bed rest pillow since you want something that will look cute resting on your bed, but also let you relax in some serious comfort. The back support is extra handy if you plan to study a bit in bed.

    The pillow in white

    9. An LED clip lamp to light up your notes without sacrificing any valuable surface space on your desk. It also works great for a handy reading light behind your bed, too.

    The pink lamp clipped to a desk

    10. A hand-woven area rug with a heathered pattern that will make your dorm room instantly feel modern and trendy.

    The blue heathered rug

    11. A square storage ottoman that triples as a chic seat, footrest, and secret storage spot, thanks to the removable lid!

    12. A cotton wall tapestry because you'll definitely want this vibrant bohemian piece to cover up the boring and drab walls — tapestries are a dorm room classic for a reason.

    The aqua and purple mandala patterned tapestry

    13. A handmade jungle sloth and panther wall art print if you want to add a splash of color and tropical excitement to your dorm!

    14. A gold-and-black wall clock for a functional and fashionable piece of decor that will add a bit of ~sophistication~ to your dorm room.

    The wall clock

    15. A set of two blackout curtain panels since they'll make it easier to sleep in after late nights and also make your room feel cozier and look classier.

    The white curtains

    16. A marble-print magnetic dry-erase board with an easy mounting system so you can write down and display your to-do list in style. Procrastination, begone!

    The white board on the counter with a grocery list written on it

    17. A patterned square cork board that adds a touch of rustic decor while also being a practical spot to hang notes, photos, reminders, and more!

    The cork board

    18. A wooden pencil cup with a phone stand to keep your school supplies handy and let you easily watch videos or video-chat your study buddy.

    The pencil cup holding writing utensils and a smartphone held upright in the stand

    19. A wood desktop storage unit so you can keep your school supplies, makeup, or personal items organized in something sleek and stylish. Win-win!

    The black storage unit

    20. A solid-iron hammered wastebasket because you'll definitely need a place to collect your trash, so why not do so in style?!

    The silver wastebasket

    21. A gold hanging file holder with black folders that looks so sleek and elegant, you'll actually *want* to organize your notes and papers.

    The file holder

    22. A framed door mirror for a charming and useful accent in your room, whether it's mounted to your wall or door. It's cute and budget-friendly!

    The green mirror mounted on a door

    23. A grid-print reversible comforter set because it'll keep you cozy and give off that ~clean and crisp~ look, especially with the decorative felt pillow and microplush throw.

    the blue comforter set

    24. A decorative tassel throw pillow to add some serious boho-chic vibes.

    The blue and red throw pillows on a couch

    25. A gold grid wall organizer with clips so you can create your own fancy photo display to mount on the wall or leave freestanding on your dresser.

    The wall organizer mounted on a wall displaying photos and cards

    26. A table salt lamp made from Himalayan salt crystals that will calm and soothe you with its natural amber glow. You can even adjust the brightness to match your energy level.

    The salt lamp

    27. A string of paper orb lights since paper lanterns are an adorable and unique way to light up your room, especially when you're hanging out with your friends on a Friday night.

    The orb lights hung on the wall

    28. A slim and sleek wood-finished bookcase that will let you display your favorite novels and knickknacks among its three adjustable shelves.

    The brown bookcase

    29. A soft faux-fur beanbag if you want to lounge in luxury and enjoy some cozy and classy vibes.

    Model lounging on the black bean bag

    30. A Y-weave curved storage basket to maximize on both storage and cuteness in your small dorm space!

    The basket in teal

    31. A super soft and super stylish sherpa throw blanket that will add a splash of sophistication and a whole lot of cozy warmth to your room.

    The throw blanket in pink