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    23 Splurge-Worthy Gifts From Nordstrom That Are Totally Worth Their Price Tag

    Not a single cent wasted.

    1. Ugg mini boots to keep their toesies nice 'n toasty in adorably cute style this winter. Just an FYI, these tend to sell out fast during the holidays so you'll want to get your hands on a pair as soon as possible.

    the Ugg boots

    2. A bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Libre for a fragrance that blends notes of French lavender essence, Moroccan orange blossom, and musk into one delectably divine scent.

    the perfume

    3. A Mermade Hair Waver so they can get those laidback beachy tresses with practically no effort or time spent on their part. All they'll have to do is separate their hair into sections, clamp down for a few seconds, and wait! No need for twirling strands around a large barrel. Just effortlessly gorgeous waves in 10 minutes or less.

    the waver

    4. A pajama set to give that friend who's still sleeping in an old college T-shirt a luxurious (and quite stylish!) upgrade.

    model wearing the pajamas in black

    5. A Hydro Flask because this aesthetically-pleasing bottle will keep their drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours OR steaming hot for up to 12!

    6. A snazzy 8-inch simplehuman mirror since it will make their beauty routine uber efficient and make sure everything gets blended *perfectly* right from the start. The secret? It simulates natural sunlight while also providing 5X magnification.

    the mirror on a counter

    7. A wine chiller to keep their whites and rosés cold for hours, because almost nothing is more disappointing than going for a sip of refreshing wine only to discover it's warm now. If they wanted warm wine, they would have opened a bottle of red!

    the wine cooler

    8. A Smeg kettle that will surely win over any tea lover with its adorable retro aesthetic — but if that's not enough, the integrated stainless steel water filter should convince 'em!

    the kettle

    9. A pair of pointy-toe Marc Fisher Chelsea boots so they can strut around with a touch of flair and attitude. It's what I like to call sophisticated sass.

    10. A bottle of Santal 33 from Le Labo that smells so wonderful you just might end up keeping it for yourself (and I wouldn't judge ya!). Featuring notes of Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, cardamom, iris, and violet, the musky scent might remind them of campfire smoke, if campfire smoke where a perfected fragrance, that is!

    the perfume

    11. A water-resistant Longchamp nylon tote that'll make the perfect accessory for the fashionista in your life who can't go anywhere without bringing all their things. This bag is shockingly spacious on top of being super stylish.

    the tote in black

    12. Hoka running sneakers praised by reviewers for being extremely comfy while also offering incredible support and stability. Whether it's errands, work, or exercise, these shoes don't disappoint!

    the sneakers in black

    13. A Shiseido curler because it's one of those small but mighty makeup tools that just might change their life. It's constructed with a rather genius edge-free design, which completely eliminates any pinching!

    the curler

    14. An Aquis hair towel made from a super light microbial material that drastically reduces drying time while also *strengthening* hair, too. Talk about a win-win!

    model using the pink towel

    15. A pair of Zella's "Live-In" high-waisted leggings, which as the name implies, they will be living in 24/7. Reviewers are obsessed with how they fit (i.e. comfy, no-slipping, and figure-sculpting) *and* how they feel — cool and moisture-wicking. No doubt they're gonna love them!

    16. A Giorgio Armani liquid lipstick because they deserve luxurious lip color that won't go anywhere — and that's exactly what this smooth, creamy, highly pigmented formula delivers.

    17. A super soft leopard-print throw blanket for any and all snuggle bugs on your holiday list. Yes, furbabies definitely count! 😻

    three of the leopard-print blankets in different colors draped over living room end table

    18. A Sweaty Betty tapered athletic pant boasting such a sleek look they can certainly get away with wearing them to the office. Truly perfect for that friend with the hybrid work schedule.

    19. A Dyson Airwrap so they can treat themselves to a salon-level blowout whenever and wherever they want in minutes! They even have the choice of straight, wavy, or curly hair, depending on which attachment they use. Yeah, this one is worth the hype, people.

    20. A Slip pure silk pillowcase since it'll help them get that much-needed *beauty rest*. Not only does it feel super luxurious, but it'll also help soothe skin to prevent breakouts and leave their hair feeling soft and shiny come morning. 😌

    the blue pillowcase and case

    21. A pair of Quay sunglasses that will give them an immediate boost of confidence whenever they put them on.

    model wearing the black sunglasses

    22. An upscale Diptyque candle for a gift that smells just as wonderful as it looks! Soon they'll be relaxing to the aroma of blooming roses, plus blackcurrant foliage, and enjoying the candlelit aesthetic.

    the candle

    23. A Chanel hand cream if they're always complaining about dry hands. This will restore their chapped skin back to baby-soft smoothness which they will forever thank you for.

    model putting the hand cream in their bag

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