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    29 Small Businesses To Try If You’re Determined To Shop Small More In 2022

    If shopping small is a 2022 Resolution, then check out these shops. 🥰👌

    1. Green City Living will help you transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle with all sorts of reusable products. Plus, every time you place an order, they plant a tree!

    2. DIOP is all about creating unique clothes that empower and celebrate one's heritage and identity with their absolutely stunning styles and patterns rooted in the founder's West-African culture.

    3. Lucky No. Candles designs candles with a special crystal and scent that corresponds to the properties of each lucky number so you can really *ignite* your intention.

    The gold-rimmed candles in numbers 4-8

    4. Estelle Colored Glass is a Black-owned, woman-owned luxury brand making vintage-inspired, hand-blown colored glassware, including artisan wine glasses, champagne flutes, and cake stands. Don't be surprised if your guests are impressed!

    A set of different colored stemless wine glasses spread out on a flat surface at different angles

    5. Powell's Books is the dream come true for bookworms who don't have the time or option to visit a local bookstore in-person. This small, independent bookstore is located in Portland, Oregon, but you can browse, shop, and purchase old and new books online! 😍

    A stack of books on display at the in-person bookstore

    6. Want gorgeous, displayworthy books instead? Libernation Books hand-sprays books so they have beautiful, shiny page edges, which makes them look and feel like a unique collector's edition.

    7. Bôhten designs African-inspired eyewear with an emphasis on culture, community, new-age fashion, and sustainability.

    8. Cactus Store specializes in everyone's fave desert plants, offering all different varieties of cacti. Brb, gonna splurge and add some new prickly plant babies to my collection hehe.

    Hanging cacti plants inside

    9. Radiate Campfire will help you enjoy a little warmth and ambience wherever your travels bring you. Their 4-pound portable campfire lights as easy as a candle and provides over three hours of burn time, with no firewood needed. Someone grab the s'mores fixings!

    10. Keeki is for all you homemade bread bakers, or really just anyone who loves perfectly soft and moist bread (it me). Their unique and reusable beeswax-lined linen bags allow your loaves to breathe, thus *perfectly* preserving all that fresh bread-y deliciousness for days.

    The yellow windowpane keeki bag with a crusty loaf of bread peeking out the drawstring opening

    11. And Dough Dealer will give you the perfect excuse to use that new beeswax bread bag, as their no-knead bread kits make it easy for anyone to bake their own crisp and airy loaf. Trust me, you ~knead~ to try this.

    12. Wildpier Beauty makes plant-based exfoliation gloves and face sponges that will gently but oh-so-satisfyingly scrub away all the dead skin and leave you feeling like a *brand new person* – and all you need is water! No harsh chemicals or products necessary.

    A woman using the exfoliating glove to scrub away dead skin on her stomach

    13. Afropick is a Black-owned family business creating unique hair picks to celebrate textured hair. These accessories make a powerful statement and symbolize unity, strength, and heritage.

    14. Nuudii has started a revolution for boobs. They don't make bras, but rather a flexible support system that softly cradles your boobs with a subtle lift (aka that perfect sweet spot between bra and braless).

    15. One Stripe Chai was started by an Indian woman who wanted to share the culture of this beloved South Asian beverage with the world – and thanks to her hard work, now we can all enjoy ethically sourced Indian chai and tea blends! 😌

    A mug with the masala chai tea sitting next to the bag and loose leaf tea blend

    16. Or, if you're more a coffee person, Nguyen Coffee Supply roasts specialty Vietnamese coffee (locally in NY) with beans from a fourth-gen farmer in the Vietnam Highlands.

    The truegrit coffee bag next to a cup of the coffee brewing

    17. The Brrrn Shop offers a new and exciting take on at-home fitness with their unique Brrrn slide board. It's an accessible, low-impact piece of equipment great for all different kinds of exercise, and best of all, it makes working out fun...even if we end up in another lockdown.

    A male reviewer's photo of himself using the board to perform weighted side lateral lungs with a dumbbell

    18. Fluide is a queer-owned brand on a mission to provide vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free beauty products for all the beautiful humans in the world, no matter what their skin, shade, or gender expression.

    19. Farm to Feet will become your new fave sock provider with their high-performance merino wool socks — it's time to blaze your own trail in 100% USA-made style, comfort, and warmth.

    Close-up of someone's ankles and shoes in farm-design crew style socks

    20. Skida, a Vermont woman-owned small business, specializes in hats, headbands, and other winter sports accessories with super fun and colorful designs.

    21. MignonandMignon is an Asian-owned and woman-owned small business that makes absolutely beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, including customized pendants, birthstone necklaces, monogrammed bracelets, and more.

    22. Bite offers an eco-friendly, plastic-free alternative to keep your smile *white and bright*: toothpaste tablets (which come in glass containers, of course) made only from clean, non-toxic ingredients.

    A jar of the toothpaste tablets

    23. Sustainable Home Goods is a Black-owned and woman-owned small business on a mission to promote sustainability. They sell ethically-sourced, fair-trade, and eco-friendly products, from kitchen and home goods to clothing and beauty accessories.

    dryer balls

    24. Tappas has created one of the most innovative multifunctional containers that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly versatile with its unique three-tier spiraling sphere design — it just could become your new show-stopping serving piece this year!

    25. Rebirth Garments is a queer-owned brand that designs gender nonconforming clothes, accessories, and lingerie because everyone, no matter what their size, gender, or ability, deserves clothes that fit and empower.

    Two humans kneeling together, one in a brightly colored two piece bandeau set with jewelry, another in a shiny blue one-piece with multiple cut-outs, both wearing platform heels

    26. Dukyana's super snuggly – and absolutely gorgeous – hand-knit sweaters are perfect for anyone who's literally always cold (mom, I'm looking at you).

    27. Smile Leather for beautiful, high-quality leather accessories, including a super handy dandy vaccine cardholder (which annoyingly doesn't seem to fit in most wallets).

    The leather vaccine card holders in multiple colors

    28. Hereandnowshop will wow you with her minimalist, stained glass jewelry, especially the pieces that feature pressed flowers and feathers. 😍

    29. Mola Pila is a Spanish toymaker who handcrafts plush toys with lots of creativity and love...and you're never too old for a fun and soft stuffed creature (right?!).

    Model with a pink stuffed toy

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