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    Just 27 Pieces Of Clothing And Accessories Amazon Customers Love

    May I introduce: your new summer wardrobe.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of cargo-style joggers ideal for summer hiking or lounging by the campfire, especially since they'll prevent those pesky mosquitoes from getting at your exposed legs! They're lightweight, quick-dry, have an impressive five pockets, and are super duper stylish on top of all that.

    Reviewer standing on dock in black joggers

    2. A pleated tennis skirt because it's so cute and comfy you'll want to wear it all the time, both on the courts and off. And don't worry, it has pockets to fit your tennis ball, cell phone, lip balm, or whatever else you need handy.

    Reviewer wearing the white tennis skirt while riding their bike

    3. A high-neck thong bodysuit to bring on ~hot girl summer~. It's pretty much impossible not to feel unbelievably confident when you're rocking a sleek 'n snazzy bodysuit, and it also means you don't have to worry about constantly re-tucking your tank.

    reviewer wearing the bodysuit in orange

    4. A pair of chunky hoop earrings so you can add a bit of trend and glam to all your outfits. Seriously, earrings like these = instant chicness.

    5. A running short featuring a zippered pocket that many reviewers praise as being nearly identical, or even better according to some, than their Lululemon counterpart. And best of all, these ones don't require you to drop a ton of cash!

    Reviewer standing on mountain lookout in pink shorts holding child at waist

    6. A shirred blouse since it's super duper comfy and is pretty much guaranteed to make you feel super confident with its elegant and smooth 'fit.

    7. A smocked mini dress with flowy balloon sleeves for when you want to dance and twirl about in a field of flowers, or at the very least, want to bring that flirty summertime energy with you on date night.

    reviewer wearing the blue dress on a balcony

    8. A retro-inspired bathing suit that pairs a flouncy tankini top with stylish high-waisted bottoms — for when you want the fun and functionality of a separate top and bottom, but don't want to wear a full-on bikini. Oh and I almost forgot, the pattern combos here are awesome – there's cheetah print, feathers, polka dots, an American flag design, and more!

    9. A high-waisted denim short since the raw frayed hem gives them an even trendier and cooler look than regular clean-cut jeans. In other words, you've just found the perfect casual-chic summer shorts. 😎

    Reviewer wearing the light wash jean shorts

    10. A pair of loose and flowy oversized cotton jumpsuit that will have you feeling like you're dancing at Woodstock and enjoying those chill hippie vibes whenever you wear them. ☮️ 😌

    Reviewer wearing the red jumpsuit over tank

    11. A henley tunic featuring a very crisp button-up cut in front if you've been looking for a versatile warm-weather top. It's loose, but not baggy, so you can easily wear it tucked in or out. Plus, it's that perfect in-between where it can be worn casually or dressed up. So many options, all so cute!

    Reviewer posing out in yard in the red henley tank shirt

    12. A crop top sports bra if you're ready to hit the gym in comfort, style, and confidence. It's beloved by reviewers for being just as cute and breathable as the Lululemon Align but costing only a mere fraction of the price!

    reviewer wearing the black crop top with high waisted boho pants

    13. A ruffly wrap dress so you can flit and flirt about to your heart's content, especially since the adjustable tie-front design essentially guarantees the *perfect* 'fit.

    Reviewer's photo wearing the red polka dot wrap dress with cowboy boots

    14. A wide-brim straw hat that serves a triple function: It protects your precious head and face from the sun's harsh rays, stylishly completes your 'fits, and keeps everyone else wondering, who are they?? Yep, you're gonna feel like a celeb wearing this beauty.

    reviewer wearing the tan straw hat at the beach

    15. A floral cover-up that's the summertime equivalent of your favorite cardigan layer. Slip this on over your swimsuits, dresses, tanks, and other warm-weather outfits to give them an extra touch of style. It's lightweight, beautiful, and super versatile — what's not to love?

    16. A Hawaiian shirt because you really can't go wrong rocking some laid-back island vibes. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to head to that tropical bar for happy hour hehe.

    reviewer wearing the paisley printed Hawaiian shirt on beach with their partner

    17. A crop top with a ~twist~ (literally speaking, that is), so you can change it up from your simple tees every once in a while. And who knows, since it's super duper cute, maybe *this* will become your go-to instead!

    Reviewer wearing the white twist-front crop top with jeans

    18. A boho midi dress that has no right being this adorable!! I'm actually obsessed with those tie-up ribbon shoulder straps, ugh! I hope you're ready to get a ton of compliments, because wow, this is simply too cute. 😍

    the reviewer wearing the pink dress

    19. A workout set because when your outfit is on-point, going to the gym becomes infinitely more exciting (even on days you really don't want to go). Rocking this super cute ribbed crop top with matching high-waisted yoga shorts will have you feeling put-together and ready to absolutely slay. 💪

    reviewer wearing the olive green set

    20. A wrap bodycon dress to wear when you want to feel confident as all heck. The super chic cutout twist front shows off just a touch of skin, while the ruched fabric ~does the work~ to give the dress a fun shape.

    Reviewer's picture in the purple and pink mini dress with a middle cutout

    21. A casual romper about to become the MVP of your summer wardrobe. Why, you ask? Well, it's unbelievably comfy and on-trend, even if you pair it with nothing but a pair of sandals or sneakers!

    Reviewer wearing the black romper and standing next to bride to be

    22. A scalloped bikini — and before you ask, yes, it comes with both the top *and* high waisted bottoms — since the trim kinda looks like dainty little seashells, meaning you'll feel like a mermaid who's assumed human form.

    Reviewer kneeling on sandy beach wearing the yellow one-shoulder bikini set

    23. A smocked midi dress with frilly flutter sleeves since summer is all about cute and flirty dresses like this one. This is definitely gonna be in the weekly rotation and quite likely to make its debut at your next backyard BBQ party.

    Reviewer wearing the red dress

    24. A pair of biker shorts that deliver in all the right ways: high-waisted, pockets that will fit your phone, comfy and stretchy fabric that's just compressive enough to make your 🍑 pop, *and* long enough to banish thigh chafing once and for all!

    Reviewer from side wearing the black shorts with hand in pocket

    25. A pair of water shoes designed for people who really need some extra protection while they play on the sands and in the water, but dread the thought of wearing clunky, water-logged shoes. These practically feel like nothing, but they'll protect you from harsh rocks, sharp seashells, slimy seaweed, and all those other beach day hazards your feet usually encounter.

    reviewer standing in the water in the black and pink abstract patterned shoes

    26. A pair of polarized sunglasses with a retro-chic polygon shape that's sure to trick everyone (yourself included) into thinking you're wearing designer shades...but in reality, you're stylishly protecting your eyes on a budget, which means more money for those fun summer activities instead!

    Reviewer wearing the gold-framed sunglasses

    27. A chic mini dress pulling out all the stops to make you the queen fashionista this summer: trendy halter neckline, stylish tie waist, fun pattern, and some flirty ruffles. Whether you pair this with a jean jacket or just wear it alone, you'll be turning heads at the office, out on the town, and heck, even in your own living room!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.