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    28 Pieces Of Clothing And Accessories Amazon Customers Are Loving Right Now

    Fall fashion finds are *already* trending, and I'm so here for it.

    Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~. Here are some of the most stylish and loved pieces of clothing and accessories on the list this week:

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A soft and cozy flannel shacket, which is clearly trending for a pretty obvious reason — we're about to enter fall, AKA peak flannel season.

    2. An Under Armour V-neck athletic tee because who doesn't need a quick-drying, breathable, and ultra-soft top that's available in over 100 colors?!! You deserve just as many options for your workout wardrobe as your regular one.

    Reviewer standing by lake holding fish while wearing the grey heather v-neck with shorts

    3. A pair of linen-blend wide-leg trousers so you can fulfill your dream of dancing through the streets (or just your living room) like a classic rom-com heroine.

    Model in the yellow pants with hand in pocket

    4. A white Puma sneaker to give any outfit that street-chic aesthetic, which will instantly make you the coolest person on the block. 😎

    5. An oversized crewneck sweater because it'll pair perfectly with leggings and boots on a crisp autumn day — and it's even long enough to cover your tush!

    Three different models wearing the sweater in orange, cream, and grey (respectively)

    6. A pair of stretchy pull-on jeggings that have truly mastered the art of deception. They look so much like black jeans, even you will be fooled! Until you put them on, that is, and feel how comfy and soft they are.

    Reviewer posing outside with hand on hip wearing the black jeggings with wedge sandals and purple button-up blouse

    7. A loose and drape-y tiered shift dress because you'll feel like a boho princess twirling about in this beauty. Not to mention the fact that life is just so much better when you're not wearing tight and constrictive clothing!

    Reviewer wearing the orange dress and posing in a field

    8. A dressy two-strap sandal that reviewers love not just for how cute it looks, but also how comfy it is — even after wearing it all day long. In other words, if you've been on the hunt for shoes to help you finish out wedding season, look no further!

    Reviewer wearing the black chunky heel sandals with a dress

    9. A faux-wrap maxi dress for when you want your look to give off a delicate, feminine energy, like you're wandering through a field of wildflowers — even if you're actually just hanging on the couch.

    10. A classic short-sleeve bodysuit if you're ready to be done with the struggle of tucking (and constantly re-tucking 🙄) your tees — this will eliminate all the hassle *and* give you a super smooth look 24/7.

    11. A pair of high-waisted Spanx shapewear panties for when you want a bit more support and/or smoothing under your dresses and rompers.

    Model in the brown spanx

    12. A pair of buttery-soft flowy athletic shorts because they're super cute (and almost look like a skirt!) while also being high-performing enough for all of your workout needs. And thus, I present to you, the perfect FP Movement dupe!

    13. A Carhartt knit beanie to keep your head nice n' toasty when the cold weather rolls around. The rugged-outdoorsy aesthetic is just a bonus, really.

    Reviewer sit on rock outside in snow, adjusting the caramel beanie on head

    14. A curvy bootcut jean because it's kinda like the goldilocks of jeans: not too skinny, not too flare, juuuuust right. So I'm pretty sure that's gonna make them the most versatile pair in your closet.

    Reviewer looking over shoulder in the medium blue wash jeans

    15. An off-the-shoulder skater dress with such a timelessly elegant style, you'll feel like a royal duchess reincarnate.

    16. A five-pack of soft seamless thongs if panty lines are the bane of your existence — especially since you've been wearing leggings basically 24/7 all fall.

    Reviewer in the black thong

    17. And speaking of leggings, these buttery-soft high-waisted leggings that will make a great addition to your collection. I mean, leggings are pretty much your uniform at this point, so you might as well stock up!

    Reviewer posing on rock in the blue leggings

    18. A nylon water-resistant duffel bag so you can tote your stuff to the gym, pool, and your staycation in adorable style. Bonus: You don't even have to fret about wet towels, or a bit of bad weather — this bag will protect its precious contents!

    Reviewer's photo showing the grey duffel resting on top of carry-on roller suitcase

    19. A mesh three-quarter-sleeve blouse since it looks so classy and elegant everyone will assume you paid top dollar for it (unless you let them in on your secret, of course).

    Reviewer in the blue and brown floral mosaic patterned tunic

    20. A satin spaghetti-strap dress for when you need a sexy little date-night number. And btw, I fully endorse taking yourself out every now and then, too. 🔥

    Reviewer in the blue dress with sandals

    21. A pair of soft and stretchy capri athletic joggers since not only are they great for lounging around, but also for working out — and don't worry, they *do* have pockets!

    22. A pack of mini crew socks because you're suddenly down to one or two pairs in your drawer...even though you don't recall actually losing any...but somehow they've up and vanished. It's one of the biggest mysteries of life: where do all the lost socks go? 🤷‍♀️

    23. A short-sleeve blouse with pretty lace trim detailing on the neckline, for when you want *just* a touch of dressiness and a lot of comfiness.

    Side-by-side images of model posing in the green blouse, half-tucked (left) and untucked (right)

    24. A men's cotton fleece hoodie because it's like snuggling up in an oversized hug, and everybody loves that.

    25. A strapless bra that actually 👏 stays 👏 up👏 . And if you *do* want to wear it with the straps, they can be adjusted five different ways to fit under any style of top.

    26. A pleated tennis skirt since a cute-and-practical fashion find like this is a big ~score~. It's comfy, super versatile, *and* has four pockets!!

    27. A pair of mid-rise scrubs with just a hint of flare, for all the healthcare workers out there searching for a comfy AND CUTE (!!) option — your prayers have been answered!

    28. A loose and flowy oversized cotton jumpsuit that will have you feeling like you're dancing at Woodstock and enjoying those ~chill hippie vibes~ whenever you wear it. ☮️ 😌

    a reviewer wearing the jumpsuit in red

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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