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    Nurses Know Their Stuff And They Think These 18 Shoes Are *Very* Comfortable

    Tie-dye Crocs, athletic sneakers, and more pairs of comfy shoes that nurses highly recommend.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of tie-dye Crocs for something fun and colorful (and comfy, of course!), which will hopefully make you and your patients smile. :)

    Reviewer wearing the tie dye crocs outside

    2. Or, these colorful Crocs clogs if you're worried about potential fluids leaking onto your socks. These are just as exciting and comfy with a bit more protection.

    Reviewer in the tie-dye clogs

    3. The famous Allbirds runner — uber soft and supportive everyday sneakers made from lightweight and breathable eucalyptus fibers, which means they're as sustainable as they are comfy.

    Someone walking outside on steps and kicking heel up in the black sneakers

    4. A nonslip athletic sneaker because if the fun color and unique design doesn't sell you, the light cloudlike cushioning surely will! And just FYI, reviewers have even hiked in these without issues so even slippery ER floors should pose no problem.

    Two reviewers wearing the yellow sneakers in front of waterfall

    5. A snazzy-looking, but still supportive, clog known among this reviewer's peers as the "Louis Vuitton" of nursing clogs — need I say more?

    Reviewer in scrubs with ankles crossed wearing the black with colorful floral design clogs

    6. A pair of slip-on sneakers featuring tons of arch support, non-slip tread, and a sleek aesthetic to boot! Hard to say if you'll be complimenting their look or feel more.

    7. A New Balance sneaker with a cushioned and responsive midsole *plus* a memory sole insert, aka a combo that will keep your body ache-free after standing for hours on end. 🙌

    Reviewer in the white sneakers

    8. A pair of Brooks running shoes if you want tried-and-true nurse-approved footwear. These have been a long time favorite among nurses and other professionals who are on their feet all day, and it won't take long for you to jump on the Brooks bandwagon too.

    Image of reviewer wearing black shoes

    9. A Sketchers boat shoe featuring all the spiffy style of Sperry's you love, only even more comfort and support (and it's probably less expensive too!).

    reviewer wearing dark gray boat shoes with shorts and a tee shirt

    10. A tough and durable waterproof walking sneaker for nurses who need to move fast and quickly during their shifts. This gives you the comfort of clogs but without the awkward shuffling.

    model wearing gray waterproof walking sneaker

    11. A loafer that's light as a feather but won't let you slip. *Plus!* The material is super easy to wipe clean, so if you tend to work with somewhat messy patients, this might be the shoe for you.

    Reviewer wearing the black loafers with blue socks and scrubs

    12. A pair of Nike Air Zoom Pulses because even though you might think of Nike as specializing in running shoes, it's clear these were designed with medical professionals in mind: easy slip on/off design, rubber sole, comfy cushioning, and quite stylish.

    reviewer in the white sneakers featuring pink and yellow trim detailing

    13. An orthopedic clog that sure ain't the prettiest but just might be the comfiest, at least according to reviewers who have plantar fasciitis — they say this shoe actually makes a huge difference and helps alleviate the pain!

    Reviewer in the shiny black clogs

    14. A pair of Gales "Frontline Nurse" shoes, which if you haven't already figured it out, are designed specifically for all you healthcare professionals. So yes, that means they're waterproof, slip-resistant, super supportive, *and* antimicrobial!

    Three images of blue, purple, and white shoes

    Promising review: "I LOVE these shoes. It feels like walking on clouds. I love them. They are incredibly comfortable. Gales are by far my favorite. I’m a RN. I work 12+ hour shifts. My feet don’t hurt when I wear these bad boys! I love them so much a few days after I received my first pair, I ordered a second pair." —Brynna Porch

    Get them from Gales for $90 (available in sizes 5–17W/3–15M and seven colors) or from Amazon for $90+ (available in sizes 6–17W/4–15M and seven colors).

    15. A classic nursing shoe because you really can't go wrong with the combo of a supportive arch design, easy-to-clean material, and soft shock-absorbing padding — and just look at those exciting patterns!

    16. A Skechers slip-on mule sneaker so you never have to bend over to tie your shoes again (and then inevitably struggle to stand back up). Work smarter, not harder — because nursing is hard enough as is!

    Reviewer wearing white sneakers
    Reviewer image of black and pink sneakers

    Promising review: "So comfy, I can wear them for 13-hour nursing shifts. Better than anything else I tried in years." —Terri Ritterpusch

    Get them from Amazon for $59.95+ (available in sizes 5–11 including wide fits and 11 colors).

    17. A stretchy slip-on sneaker since it basically feels like wearing a soft, comfy sock yet is just as supportive as a clunky nursing clog.

    Reviewer in green sneaker

    18. And a pair of popular Hoka running shoes that don't mess around when it comes to support. I mean, seriously — just look at them! You can't literally see how thick and padded the shoe base is!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.