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    15 Things From Lovehoney That Are Beginner-Friendly, But Deliver *Results*

    Yes, it's possible to skip the intimidation bit ,and get right to the ~mind-blowing waves of pleasure~ part.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A silicone finger vibrator since it'll add extra sensation and pleasure without requiring you (or your partner) to change up your technique — just slip it on and let the buzz bring you bliss!

    the pink vibrator on an index finger

    Promising review: "My order arrived quickly, with typical Lovehoney discretion. This actually had a charge when I opened it and when I turned it on, I couldn't help but let out a yelp of surprise at how strong the vibration was. I decided to let it charge fully before playing. I couldn't help but cycle through the 20, yes 20, options that this toy has to offer before getting down to business, and once I I tried to edge with it but my body was having none of that. No complaints. The toy seems to be made very well, is nice to the touch, and I love that it comes with a storage pouch to keep it nice and clean. With all of the options this toy has to offer, you are sure to find something you like. The noise is fine, I always have a fan going and I could barely hear it. Finger loop was snug,  but it worked fine and I never felt like it would fall off. Overall a great product and I am considering purchasing the whole Ignite toy line! Well done, Lovehoney! :)"  —JSK

    Price: $34.99

    2. A mini rechargeable bullet with 10 exciting settings that's small but mighty. It's the *perfect* travel-size, and trust me, you're gonna want to bring it along wherever you go.

    The black bullet held in someone's hand, roughly the length of a finger

    Promising review: "I ordered this product like a month ago and WOW!! Let me just tell you how this little thing has ROCKED my world and improved my sex life(; The battery life is pretty decent, and with the different speeds and patterns, it’s got it’s PERFECT to use alone or during sexy time! Personally I like the high settings, but the low ones are good too(: makes you reach your climax every time!! sometimes multiple in a row lol! I love that the design is very simple and sleek! I feel like I can hold it perfectly, and it's easy to use! also the silicon — gives it such a great soft feeling(: —nataliem0614

    Price: $39.99

    3. A four-piece bondage beginner's kit so you can venture into the world of tying and teasing with some fun and playful basics: a silky blindfold, fluffy feather tickler, and two silk ties.

    The kit contents containing mask, feather tickler, and two restraints

    Promising review: "A complete novice when it comes to this stuff, thought this would be fun to try, and I was right. The blindfold is perfect for covering any light, the feather is a nice addition and silk ties are great for anyone taking their first steps in it. I'd recommend this for any beginners, too, as you really can't go wrong." —Georgina9xo

    Price: $19.99

    4. A set of hot massage rocks to give your partner a soothing and sensual massage, which is pretty much guaranteed to set the mood and bring the *heat*, if you know what I mean.


    Promising review: "These are so great, me and my partner love these. They always lead to a sensual night exploring each others bodies. Can heat them up to a temp that suits you. Gentle on skin and super relaxing to use. Variety of different sized stones so you can choose from small to large for your need or wants." —Shezag

    Price: $9.99

    5. A set of color-changing silicone nipple suckers that will give you plenty of playful sensation up on top, while leaving your hands (or your partner's) free to focus on ~other things~ down below.

    The purple and pink silicone nipple suckers with spherical shape

    Promising review: "I LOVE these. They are small and discreet, and don't look like they would do much, but don't be fooled — they have really good suction, and make my nipples puff up nicely, becoming extra sensitive. If you use them for long enough, that sensation can last quite a while — I once wore them for about 2 hours, re-suctioning them occasionally to make it more intense, and my nipples were perky and sensitive for two days after that, which made for some fun times! If you find they come off/don't suction well, some lube helps with that. The suction on them is nice and gentle at first, not painful like a clamp, but if you want to add in some pain, these are good to get your nipples extra sensitive before clamping. They are a nice soft material, and the color-change effect is fun. Really easy to use, and good for people that are just dipping their toe (or nipple? LOL!) into BDSM type play." —Anon

    Price: $16.99 (available in two colors)

    6. A vibrating blow-job stroker because the extra sensation will absolutely ~blow~ their mind (pun intended), whether they're alone or have a partner working their shaft.

    The clear vibrating stroker held in someone's palm

    Promising review: "This is a really fun addition to a blow-job, and helps to stimulate the feeling of deep throating if you are like me and haven't got a chance of being able to deep throat! The vibration bit is fun, although not very strong and the batteries are small annoying ones. The extra stimulation, when combined with a blow-job, made my man come FAST. He really enjoyed the tightness, the vibration, and that it felt like he was deeper in my mouth than normal. You could also use it without a blow-job, just as a head stimulator, but the open-ended design means that you can push your whole cock through, and have your partner suck the end without having to take your whole length." —Anon

    Promising review: "This is one awesome toy. I found I can wear it hands-free also, and feels great wrapped around the shaft, whilst tickling cockhead...This toy brings edging to a whole new level! Extremely Horny Must-Have Item👌🥵" —FatCock4U76

    Price: $19.99

    7. A double-ended rechargeable strapless strap-on vibrating dildo, which sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is (I promise). It's flexible and easy to maneuver into a mutually-comfortable position...and once you do, you're both in for a WILD ride of pleasure, with eight vibration patterns, 12 speeds, and pliable rabbit ears to get you both going.

    The purple sex toy showing one dildo end in a stop-motion vibrating motion

    Promising review: "Earth-shattering and beyond amazing. The product came in discrete packaging . It came with instructions and a case in which you can charge the toy discreetly inside. It didn't look overpowering or intimidating, and was smooth to touch and easy to use. This was our first experience using this kind of toy. We used this as a couple, and it was the perfect toy for beginners. We did a lot of foreplay leading up to using the toy and played with it without using it as a strap on first, to get used to the feel and the buttons. We put the end in my partner first and then put the other end in myself, as it was easier to maneuver this way when he was laying on his back. He also went on his knees as well and again it was easy to place inside and play. It stayed in place the whole time with strong vibrations. The buttons are easy to work and the size of the strap on is perfect for beginners. The toy feels fantastic in both ends, and is nice and firm but not too hard. It is quite flexible which was fantastic as it allowed us to move around and find a position that was comfortable for both of us. It was the most intimate and sexual experience either of us has ever had. It was the most intense orgasm we have ever had. It is a very trusting experience for a couple to do, and this toy made our first experience very positive, exciting and wet. Neither of us has ever experienced anything like we have using this toy! We would completely recommend this toy to all couples and cannot wait for more. Buy it, it will be the best money you have ever spent and guarantee the most intense, intimate and sexual experience followed by earth-shattering, leg-shaking orgasm on both ends."Couplebran69

    Price: $99.99

    8. A rechargeable clitoral stimulator that will create mind-blowing, oral-sex-mimicking pulsing sensations with literally the touch of a button (and maybe a few more touches, as you explore the six levels of intensity). Ummm, sign me up!

    The pink stimulator resting in someone's palm, showing the silicon-tipped suction area and control panel, with power button and - and + controls for speed

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this toy as it’s easy to use, clean, and gets you to your O quick. It’s great for alone time or with a partner. It mimics oral sex, so that when your partner doesn’t want to go down, you have an alternative. I think this is great for anyone, including a beginner." —Lovehoney Customer

    Price: $119.99

    9. A lil' petite butt plug because it's truly only the size of a pinky finger, making it the perfect, nonintimidating toy to start exploring anal play — especially if you're feeling intrigued but nervous or slightly scared about using too big a toy to explore.

    The black butt plug held in someone's palm

    Promising review: "It's a little over finger-width, nice and short, and has a lovely tapered bottom so it doesn't fall out. It's easily used and she found it comfortable when inserted and had a crazy orgasm. The product itself has a nice feel to it and is very easily cleaned. Overall a great first time product for beginners like us." —Djdragon29

    Price: $12.99

    10. A powerful 10-setting rabbit vibe to stimulate your G-spot and clit simultaneously, helping you achieve the all-mighty queen-of-orgasms, the *blended O*.

    The purple rabbit vibe held in someone's hand

    Important: you'll need to buy two AAA batteries separately.

    Promising review: "This baby is perfect if you're just starting in the sex toy world! It's the best way I've achieved an orgasm as of yet, the ears on your clit and the length vibrating inside you make for some intense blended orgasms! It's not too big, especially since I'm new to this sort of play, and it's so smooth it just glides right in, but obviously, I wouldn't use it without lube. You MUST make sure that you screw it back together when you change batteries, though, as I didn't and now it's kinda broke, but I loved all of the functions so much I'm buying a replacement." —Racheal H.

    Price: $44.99

    11. A rechargeable clitoral vibrator because it has a cute and sophisticated aesthetic, but more importantly, delivers some pretty powerful sensations on your lil' love button. Definitely a must if you're an external pleasure person.

    The purple pebble-shaped clitoral vibrator

    Promising review: "Well, what can I say about this vibrator, other than you NEED this in your life. After reading the good reviews, I thought I’d give it a go and thank you I did!! Not only is this vibrator a sleek and soft piece of design that is a little less daunting than some shapes, its vibrations are enough to have you quivering in minutes. With a range of different style of vibrations I’m certain there is something for everyone, and if a different vibration isn’t for you, then why not just keep to setting one? A plain straightforward vibration that you can intensify as much as is required. Personally, I love this vibrator for personal use (especially in the bath), however I have used it with my partner who loves it, too! Definitely adds something extra to the bedroom! One for beginners to get a little taste, however also good for those with more experience who are looking something extra to spice it up! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!" —Ec1234

    Price: $89.99

    12. A beginner's strap-on set with a 5-inch dildo attachment and harness with space for a bullet vibe, so you can start pleasuring your partner with a bit of penetration without stressing about picking out multiple components. When you're ready to try different dildos, use the harness's three interchangeable O-rings.

    The black harness with pegging dildo

    Promising review: "Oh hell yes. I bought this for a bit of role reversal with my boyfriend and was very satisfied with the result. It felt super good on and gave me one hell of a buzz as well as making boyfriend moan and sigh. This is perfect for a starter pegging toy." —Sue

    Price: $39.99

    13. A sleek G-spot vibrator because this slender, curved beauty will perfectly target that special spot and have you riding waves of pleasure. Fair warning, though — the three speeds and four vibration patterns are pretty powerful, but not the quietest.

    The black G-spot s-shaped vibrator

    Don't forget to buy two AAA batteries to power this!

    Promising review: "Amazing!!!!! I am a virgin and am pretty new to sex toys, so I bought this looking for something not too intimidating. I have always struggled to have G-spot orgasms, and am happy to say that this gave me my first one! The shape of it is perfect for the g-spot and feels amazing. However, I tend not to use it as a vibrator since it is fairly noisy, and I live in a shared house. Regardless, I highly recommend this to beginners like me!!" —H

    Price: $29.99

    14. A 7-inch textured glass dildo that creates a unique sensation all on its own, but is also useful if you decide to play around with temperature. Plus, it's just absolutely visually stunning, and can be displayed like a beautiful piece of art (if you're cool with phallic art).

    The glass dildo with blue twist ribbing wrapped up the shaft

    Promising review: "When we opened it, we were both surprised about its size. It's true to its listed size. The toy is so nicely designed and with just enough curve. It was a little weighty but not heavy, just the right weight. My wife really enjoyed how it felt, and she said the size was great. It was so easy for me to use on her and to handle the toy. We didn't need any lubricant cause it's so smooth, it just seems to want to slide in. The ribs on around the item are a nice plus as well. It was great to use this toy along with the Tracy cox bullet vibrator as well. My wife couldn't stop squirming and making enough noise. We are positive the neighbors could hear her, haha. One thing we really enjoy about the glass to is the ease to clean. Soap and water. If we want a really good clean, just toss it in the dishwasher. So easy. Fully recommend this toy for beginners and experienced individuals. We are now looking to find more glass toys, they are great. Haven't tried different temperature yet but planning to try both hot and cold. So nice to have options to spice things up." —Loveing C.

    Price: $36.99

    15. A classic waterproof 7-inch vibrator that has seven powerful settings and speeds, but is absolutely whisper-quiet, making it the *ideal* choice if you have nosy roommates, or just want to discreetly explore your body in new ways.

    The purple vibrator with ribbed texturing along the body

    Important FYI: you'll need two AA batteries before you can start using this baddie. 

    Promising review: "Great for beginners. This was the first sex toy I purchased, and it was a great introduction. The settings for the speed are easily accessible and make it easy to work from lowest to fastest. You can use it on your own or with a partner, and it's perfect for both internal and external use. The size and shape make for an incredible experience, you will have to hold back the orgasms with this toy!" —Horny24

    Price: $24.99

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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