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    Having A Toddler Is Hard Enough: These 20 Target Products Are Here To Help

    And I'm guessing you'll take all the help you can get...

    1. A pack of two magnetic puzzles that will fascinate, mesmerize, and excite your toddler — there's just something about picking items up with magnets that they love. Whether they choose the fishing puzzle or bug catching puzzle, this is sure to be a massive hit!

    2. A sticker activity book since everyone loves stickers, especially toddlers! With over 500 stickers and lots of fun activities, this book will keep them busy so mom and dad can take a second for themselves.

    Sticker book

    3. A Disney stroller cargo net to make trips to the park, and yes, I do mean *the* Disney park, even more hassle free. It'll give you easy access to all your toddler essentials, meaning you won't have to dig and dig for wipes when they get ice cream all over their hands and face.

    Disney cargo net

    4. And a stroller organizer to pair nicely with the above stroller cargo net. Not all strollers come with an organizer, so this nifty product is a game changer. It offers you a place to store your phone, water bottle, and any other knickknacks your kiddo might need.

    the black and gray stroller caddy with stuff inside

    5. A folding travel potty seat because when they gotta go, they gotta go now. This will make it easy-peasy to use the nearest bathroom, and luckily, it folds up nice and neat to make it easy to transport.

    travel potty

    6. A dinosaur lunch tote with all the practical things — zipper front pouch, a mesh water bottle holder, and a handy clip strap — but more importantly, a super fun, ~rawr-tastic~ dino print!

    7. A dinosaur water bottle because maybe they'll actually stay hydrated if it means they can show off their cool dino bottle. And don't worry, the push-button top is super easy for little hands to open without adult assistance, which can help them feel a sense of independence.

    the multicolored dinosaur water bottle

    8. Go Camping, an adventurous board book designed to help them get ready for their first night in the outdoors. What kind of animals might they see? What will they hear? And what will they roast around the campfire? This book has the answers (but you'll have to provide the s'mores fixings, I'm afraid).

    Book about camping

    9. A pack of Bravery Badges for when your brave little warrior sustains a battle wound. This kit includes 48 flex fabric bandages that come in a convenient travel tin so you can always be prepared on all your adventures together.

    band aids

    10. A set of magnetic numbers and letters that your little one can use to practice their ABCs and 123s as you're cooking dinner. You can even challenge them to spell out certain foods — how about jam?

    kid using magnet letters and numbers

    11. A Dot Markers Art kit with all kinds of great activities to help them build hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and reading and spelling skills. Not to mention, it's super fun and a whole lot less messier than painting.

    kid using dot art markers

    12. A Retro Magna Doodle because just remember how much fun you used to have with yours! Now it's time for them to experience the same doodling fun, and it will also keep them happily entertained when traveling.

    Kid with Magna Doodle

    13. A pack of no-mess coloring books so they don't make a mess all over the rental car, airplane tray table, or airbnb kitchen table. Just fill the pen with water and your kiddos can color the pictures in with the *invisible ink* — it's like magic!

    14. A pack of beginner pattern blocks if they're ready to start exploring shapes and patterns. They can either fill in the pieces to complete the picture or come up with their own designs. So many possibilities with all these fun geometric shapes!

    Kid using pattern blocks

    15. A giant doodle mat to transform the floor or the wall into their very own art canvas (before they decide to try drawing on the wall directly 🙃). With 22 different tools and a huge drawing surface, it's perfect for letting them get creative. Plus, all the tools use water so once it's dry, they can start over again!

    16. A copy of 123s of Thankfulness for a wonderful way to teach them all about what it means to be thankful as well as helping them to work on their counting skills. It makes an especially lovely birthday gift too.

    123 of Thankfulness

    17. A Match and Roll Shape Sorter that does so many things all at once: keeps their hands busy, builds dexterity, develops problem-solving skills, and teaches them all sorts of new shapes, like parallelograms, quatrefoils, squares, rhombus, diamonds, ovals, ellipses, and pentagons.

    child playing with shape sorter

    18. A classic beach ball since I've yet to meet a toddler who doesn't love to hit and throw things. This is something they can toss and beat around indoors or outdoors for year long fun, which will also help build gross motor skills — and it's less than $2 to boot!

    the red, blue, white and yellow beach ball

    19. A musical whale fountain because it plays music and sprays water to the beat, which will make bath time feel like a super fun concert instead of their least favorite activity. Lowkey I kind of wish I had something like this for my bath.

    child playing with the bath toy

    20. And Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker for kiddos who are simply obsessed with all things construction vehicles. This is quickly going to become their new favorite bedtime story.

    Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site book

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