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    Stylish, Nonstick Cookware Is On Sale For 40% Off Right Now At GreenPan

    Time to revisit all those recipes in your "saved" folder.

    Are you looking for high quality non-stick cookware that's *also* free from all those potentially harmful chemicals?

    Well, allow me to introduce you to GreenPan, a stylish cookware company dedicated to keeping your kitchen free from PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. And right now, they're offering 40% off sitewide with the promo code easter40!

    the gray cookware set

    So go ahead, kick those old, crummy pots and pans to the curb and check out some of our faves on sale now:

    1. An absolutely stunning blue and gold 10-piece nonstick ceramic cookware set to cover pretty much all your needs in the kitchen, in terms of both function and style. Seriously, they're as impressive as they look, no matter what you're cheffing up. 😍

    2. A set of two nonstick fry pans if the thought of having to scrape crusty food remnants off the bottom of the pan one more time is enough to make you never want to cook a meal again. Enter this duo to save the day with its super slick and easy-to-clean surface!

    Someone sauteing pan roasted potatoes on stove, with fry pans of sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts on other burners

    3. A handy little 3-in-1 breakfast maker for all my peeps who love breakfast (after all, it's the most important meal of the day!) but don't love the time and effort required to make it. This baby makes it super easy to fry up an egg with some veggies or meat while browning your toast, all at the same time!

    Four-way split image showing various angles of the teal breakfast maker: frying sunny side up egg (top left), veggies being grilled (top right), tongs flipping bacon strips (bottom left), and drawer on bottom pulled open to show brown toast (bottom right)

    4. A darling red enameled dutch oven since this kitchen heirloom piece will level up stews, casseroles, roasts, sourdoughs, and more! Not to mention, it'll add a colorful splash of style just sitting out on the counter or stovetop too.

    the red round dutch oven open on stove with veggie scraps being boiled to make broth

    5. A baking sheet featuring a nonstick surface, built-in handles, and a slightly raised rim, which means you'll have absolutely no problem getting those ooey-gooey cookies out of the oven and then quickly wiping the pan clean. Less time cleaning = more time to eat cookies.

    The baking sheet with chocolate chip cookies

    6. A traditional rice cooker so you can whip up your favorite type of rice (or quinoa or oatmeal if that's more your style) at the touch of a button — and it'll come out perfectly fluffy and moist to boot!

    The rice cooker open with white fluffy rice

    7. A three-piece knife set because the combo of titanium-coated blades and walnut wood handles looks as sharp and sleek as they slice. No more dull and drab knives for you!

    Remember, just enter the code "easter40" at checkout to get 40% off sitewide at GreenPan through Mar. 20.

    Using your new nonstick GreenPan cookware like: