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    27 Dresses From Amazon So Pretty I Just Had To Tell You About Them

    And you're probably gonna want to tell all your friends about them, too.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A square-neck balloon-sleeve dress perfect for playfully twirling around in the warm sunny weather. You'll be giving off such a fun and flirty energy, people won't be able to do anything other than smile when they see you.

    reviewer wearing the turquoise dress

    2. A long-sleeve swinging faux wrap dress because the cut of the dress is absolutely stunning, which makes this baby a winner whether you get it in an exciting pattern (and there are many to choose from) or a solid color.

    3. A ruffled, smocked bodice open-back maxi dress so you can finally feel like a springtime bohemian princess. Whether you wear it halter style or strapless, it's a beauty.

    4. A cutout floral maxi dress featuring sexy thigh-high slits and tropical vacay vibes....aka this dress is the perfect excuse to book that island getaway.

    5. A gorgeous polka-dot halter dress because it's super chic and trendy yet somehow also gives off retro vibes??? Not sure how they managed to strike the absolute perfect balance between old and new here, but I ain't mad about it, that's for sure.

    A series of photos showing a model walking around in the dress

    6. A super cute Boho-inspired flare dress with all sorts of fun things going on — it's got a ruffled waist, hidden zipper, and double tie straps, which gives it a very unique and trendy look...but could also leave you with some interesting tan lines if you're not careful. Sunscreen up, people!

    A series of photos of a model wearing the flare dress in green

    7. A super-soft ruffle-sleeve cotton dress so classy and elegant it's practically begging you to wear it to your next brunch.

    A model wearing the dress in blue

    8. A ruffled smocked bodice midi dress since wearing this dress is by far the easiest way to communicate to everyone that you are indeed a royal and are busy doing royalty things, like frolicking in a field and being adorable.

    A model wearing the dress in orange

    9. A ruffly mini denim dress for a cute take on the classic denim look. Just as timeless, only even more adorable, and nowhere near as restrictive as jeans.

    A model wearing the dress in blue

    10. A stretchy strapless maxi dress if you want a dress that radiates boho style all while being extremely comfortable.

    11. A loose-fitting gingham swing dress with pockets (!!) to wear on the days when you just don't have the time to plan a coordinated outfit, but still want to look cute, of course. Pair this with sandals, a jacket or belt, maybe a hat — really whatever you have lying around, and you'll have a perfectly adorable casual outfit with basically no effort on your part.

    A model wearing the dress in blue

    12. A ruffled sleeve maxi dress since the deep-V, high slit, and wrap design make this look absolutely stunning, which means you'll be turning heads left and right as you strut the streets.

    13. A lightweight and very flowy tie-back mini dress that can be worn on or off the shoulder, so when it's finally time to leave the office, you can just slip down the sleeves, and voila! you've got your happy hour 'fit.

    14. A ruffled and strapless maxi dress if you've always loved the sleeveless look but have been too worried about it how it might fit to ever wear one. This beauty has a tie-front in the bust area and a stretchy elastic bodice so you can be sure you'll get a snug and secure fit.

    15. A gorgeously romantic floral print midi dress because as if the puff sleeves weren't already cute enough, they also threw in a ruched and ruffly tie-front bust. 😍

    16. A sweet little open-back dress with cute little ruffles and flowy lantern sleeves — perfect to wear on those days when you're feeling an extra flirtatious energy.

    17. A glamorous halter-neck maxi dress since pit stains are never the vibe. The cut of this dress doesn't leave much fabric directly under your pits, which means you'll get all the classy style with none of the hassle.

    18. A glamorous cutout dress so you can look unbelievably chic while also soaking up literally as much sunshine and warmth as possible (and maybe even tanning a bit). We've waited long enough for the warm weather and will be taking full advantage.

    reviewer wearing the tan colored dress

    19. A gorgeous flowing maxi dress if you want to be the belle of the ball...or backyard BBQ. Doesn't matter where you are, all eyes are gonna be on you in this number.

    20. A stretchy bodice, tie-wrap midi dress because the super-soft material means you'll never want to take it off. And since it can easily be dressed up or down, you can pretty much wear this at any and all occasions.

    A model wearing the dress in dark blue

    21. A layered ruffle off-the-shoulder midi dress so you can shimmy like the beautiful star you are all season long. 🎶You are the dancing queen, young and sweet. 🎶

    22. A lace mini dress just as cute from the back as it is from the front. Not only is the tie-back adorable as all heck, but it also makes for a perfect fit (especially since the straps are adjustable too).

    23. An adorable eyelet baby doll dress because sometimes you just want something cute, simple, and summertime-y (even if it's not *quite* summer just yet).

    A customer review photo of them posing in the white dress

    24. A boho-inspired embroidered baby doll dress so effortlessly cute and comfy you might find yourself wearing it seven days a week (and I wouldn't blame you if you did).

    25. A floral cold-shoulder maxi dress to wear when you need to mentally escape to the beach for the day (so basically every day in the spring and summer).

    26. An off-shoulder maxi dress that's basically the top dog of versatile warm weather dresses. You'll love this simple and sophisticated staple piece and definitely get a ton of use out of it.

    27. And a ruffled flowy smocked-bust midi dress since it has a classic aesthetic you really can't go wrong with. It's cute, comfortable, and will pretty much never go out of style.

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