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    All The Best Memorial Day Deals At Amazon

    Savings across home, electronics, fashion, and more.

    1. 45% off a Shark bagless robot vacuum since not only does it clean the floors for you (even all that pet hair!) but also "self-empties", meaning you only have to clear out the dirt and debris about once a month. Just think how much time you're going to save!

    The vacuum on carpet heading out from charging base

    2. 40% off a Waterpik for a high-powered and more effective alternative to dental floss. Let's be real, flossing by hand is kind of a pain (but still really important!) and doesn't always clear out all the particles stuck between your teeth. This thing will — and you'll pretty much only have to press a button.

    The white waterpik flosser on bathroom counter

    3. 60% off a heated eye massager to help soothe and relax overstrained, dry, and puffy eyes, which can improve sleep and alleviate migraine and sinus pain. Plus, you can easily stream your favorite tunes through the Bluetooth speaker for even more relaxing vibes.

    Reviewer falling asleep on couch with heated eye massager on face

    4. 50% off a portable power station with nine different outlets and an impressive 600W of charging juice, which means you can use just about any and all appliances on your camping — or rather, glamping — trip or if the power ever goes out!

    Reviewer's station charging up multitude of devices reading 88% charge left and 24W of power

    5. 40% off a pair of wireless earbuds because reviewers confirm they're just as good as AirPods and arguably even better. The sound quality is incredible *plus* they're fully waterproof — and all that for a mere fraction of the cost of the big-name brand!

    Reviewer's photo of the wireless buds resting outside the charging case

    6. 56% off a beautiful boho runner rug to bring some colorful chic style to your otherwise boring entry or hallway.

    the rug in reviewer's hallway with tabby cat sitting on it

    7. 47% off a hammock with straps so you can ~hang out~ in the trees this summer. Great for camping, backyard chilling, beach trips, and more!

    reviewer chilling in the hammock by beach

    8. 50% off an at-home permanent hair removal device that reviewers say works just as good as professional laser hair treatment, if not better (only it's less painful and way cheaper!).

    reviewer's before and after of leg with hair and leg with no hair

    9. 47% off a pair of retro-chic polarized sunglasses so you can protect those eyes in serious style. Basically, these look like designer shades, but the price is anything but!

    reviewer wearing the gold-rimmed sunglasses with sundress

    10. 39% off a narrow-mouth Hydoflask for a slim, sleek, and seriously thermo-regulating water bottle. We're talking ice cold for 24 hours or piping hot for 12, so no more lukewarm drinks for you!

    The white hydroflask in grass

    11. Or! 48% off a wide-mouth Hydroflask with a straw lid so you can have the best of both worlds: a wide opening but narrow straw to sip from, which is super clutch when you're driving! Plus, of course, it also features top-notch insulation for your drinks.

    Reviewer's blue water bottle with straw lid

    12. 39% off a Garmin Vivoactive 4 if you want a smartwatch focused first and foremost on fitness monitoring. It's got over 20 sports modes, including GPS tracking, and lots of helpful metrics (like pulse ox, respiration, stress, sleep, heart rate, hydration, and more) *plus* the ability to stream your playlists, pay with a digital wallet, and set up safety and tracking alerts!

    Reviewer wearing the white watch outside with face reading 9:03 in digital format

    13. 43% off a pair of double-walled glass mugs since the design looks oh-so-fancy and is oh-so-clever in that it keeps your drinks super hot yet won't burn your hands. Perfect for tea, espresso drinks, hot cocoa, and more!

    Reviewer holding mug of foaming cappuccino in front of window

    14. 42% off an Echo Show 8 for anyone slowly starting to upgrade to a smart home. This gadget acts as a convenient little control center but can also be used to video monitor your home, stream shows and music, set alarms, adjust the thermostat, make grocery lists, and more!

    reviewer's echo show 8 set up and playing music from Amazon music

    15. 41% off a portable 12-volt car jump booster pack so you don't get stranded on the side of the road when your car battery dies. Instead of calling AAA or awkwardly asking a passerby for a jump, you can use this to kickstart the engine and be on your way in minutes!

    Reviewer using the orange jump booster pack on vehicle

    16. 47% off a luggage cup holder here to help you navigate through the airport *without* spilling your coffee for once!

    Reviewer's blue suitcase with iced coffee in one pocket of the two-pocket cup holder attached to luggage handle

    17. 40% off a TikTok-famous veggie chopper since it will make slicing and chopping all those veggies a piece. of. cake. The bottom part even acts as a storage container too!

    Reviewer putting a potato on a flip top lid cutter and bringing the lid down to chop it into pieces
    Model pressing down on top to cut an onion

    Check out a TikTok of the veggie chopper in action. 

    Promising review: "I finally decided it was time to give one of these a try. I always keep chopped bell peppers and onions in my freezer to have ready for fajitas, chili, etc. I dreaded the job of chopping everything so much that sometimes I would even have to throw away bell peppers and it went bad before I got to them. So, for the loss of all of those peppers, I decided to compensate by getting one of these. What would take quite a while to do in the past now just takes a few minutes. And all of the pieces looks so uniform and will cook so much more evenly! I wish I had of done this so long ago!" —Paula Bond

    Price: $23.99+ (originally $39.99, available in three colors)

    18. 41% off a digital photo frame that displays pictures from an app, which means your loved ones can send photos to the frame from near or far!

    the faux-wood digital frame displaying holiday photo

    19. 33% off a popular pet-odor eliminator spray to get rid of the horrible smell that tends to come along with your furbaby's little accidents.

    reviewer holding the Angry Orange spray bottle

    20. 29% off a mini belt bag, aka a chic fanny pack, because it's perfect for keeping the essentials handy on all your excursions, whether's it walking the dog, exploring Disney, sightseeing, or just running errands! Oh, and in case you were wondering, many reviewers comment that it's remarkably similar to the Lululemon bag (only way cheaper, obvi). 👀

    reviewer wearing the fanny pack over a heavy coat while posing in an ice cave
    Reviewer standing outside with brown belt bag
    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed, www.amazon.com

    Promising review: "I bought this for my trip and I took it with me everywhere! It was the perfect size so I could fit everything I needed and matched well with my outfits. It’s cute, comfy, and adjustable! I will definitely be buying in a different color. —Nina

    Price: $16.98 (originally $23.98, available in 31 colors)

    21. 25% off a MagGo — a portable magnetic battery for charging up iPhone 12s and 13s — that's also a handy little stand for your device.

    22. 20% off a Goodful all-in-one nonstick pan because this single 11" deep dish pan does the job of a frying pan, saute pan, saucepan, stockpot, wok pan, skillet, AND braiser (and it's even dishwasher safe). Exactly the kind of multitasking we love to see!

    23. 26% off a non-stick stainless steel wok pan (with a domed lid and bamboo spatula!) for anyone who just loves stir fry, curries, and noodle dishes. This is especially great for cooking up Asian-inspired meals, so maybe you won't find yourself ordering Chinese takeout a few too many times a week.

    Reviewer cooking chicken stir fried rice in the wok on stove

    24. 35% off an anti-fatigue floor mat to give your body a whole lot of extra cushiony support when you're standing in the kitchen for hours on end. Plus, it won't slip around and is super easy to wipe clean (crucial for when the cooking gets a bit messy).

    Reviewer's mat in front of sink

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.