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    28 Practical Things From Wayfair You’ll Probably Thank Yourself For Buying Every Day

    These smart storage solutions, functional furniture, and clever kitchen items are as useful as they are beautiful.

    1. A TV stand with sliding barn doors so you can hide away all the clutter you don't want to see but also display the knickknacks you love in the middle.

    gray tv stand with sliding doors holding up a TV and displaying a vase and basket in the front

    2. A etagere bookcase so you'll finally have a functional but beautiful place to display all of your favorite books and knickknacks.

    gold open-shelved bookcase in a well-lit room

    3. A three-piece kitchen canister set to declutter your kitchen counter and make it easy to find your most-used ingredients.

    mint green kitchen containers with a honeycomb texture on the outside

    4. A fancy vanity with a matching stool and a light-up mirror that provides a well-lit area to apply all of your makeup and plenty of storage for all of your lipsticks, palettes, and brushes.

    white vanity set with gold legs, also stools and light-up mirrors

    5. A faux marble coffee table with a handy rack on the side so you can keep your favorite books or magazines within easy reach.

    coffee table with faux white marble top and gold base

    6. Or this sturdy coffee table with open bottom shelves to provide plenty of room to store living room essentials like board games, books, or coasters.

    wooden retro-looking coffee table with laptop on top

    7. A set of quick-drying cotton towels that are a great starting set if you're moving into your first apartment or you want an extra set on hand for any guests.

    gray cotton towels folded up on a counter

    8. A full-length mirror that you can just lean against your wall so you don't have to create huge holes in the wall attempting to hang it up. Renters, rejoice!

    gold framed full length mirror leaning against a pink wall

    9. A floor lamp with three spherical shades that will brighten every corner of your room. It'll be an ~illuminating~ addition to your reading nook that doesn't get enough natural light.

    golden floor lamp with three shades

    10. A garment rack with two levels of hanging space and three shelves, making it a smart solution for anyone who has zero closet space but lots of clothes.

    steel black garment rack with solid wood bottom

    11. A hamper with three compartments that will make washing your clothes a little less of a dreadful experience. The flat top provides a great place to fold and sort your clothes after drying.

    white rolling hamper with three compartments

    12. An end table, compact enough to fit in even the smallest of living rooms. The compartment on the bottom can be used to store your favorite magazines.

    side table with a wooden top and a black bottom with a magazine holder

    13. A retro-style bread box to keep your bread fresher for longer. This one is big enough to store two whole loaves.

    red bread box sitting on a counter

    14. A hanging organizer so you can fold and stack your bulky sweaters so they don't get those awful kinks in the shoulders when you use a hanger. You can also use this to store shoes, purses, or accessories.

    black fabric hanging organizer in a closet

    15. A nonstick cast-iron frying pan that's so versatile, it'll reign superior over all your other pans. Seriously: you might as well keep it on your stovetop because you'll end up using it every day.

    cookie in a cast-iron skillet

    16. A minimal wooden desk with plenty of workspace on top and storage below, because it's time you stopped working from your bed or at your dining room table and upgraded to a real desk for your WFH setup.

    desk with white legs and drawers and wooden top

    17. A shoe rack to place in your entryway so you can finally stop tripping over your boots and umbrella every time you open the door.

    wooden shoe rack with shoes, magazines, umbrella, plant and bag on it

    18. A double cereal dispenser because when you're half asleep, anything that makes serving up your breakfast easier is a serious win.

    black cereal dispenser with cereal inside

    19. A gel memory foam mattress topper that will transform even the most uncomfortable, stiff mattresses into a cloud-like dream. Get ready for the best sleep of your life.

    20. A round velvet storage ottoman with so many uses: you can hide away blankets inside, flip the top over and use it as a side table, and it even acts as extra seating.

    purple storage ottoman with a tray on top of it

    21. A rolling kitchen cart that'll add much-needed storage and counter space in a tiny kitchen. You can use the top as a station for chopping or prepping your food and then you can store dishes or pantry items on the bottom shelves.

    black and wooden rolling kitchen cart with things on it

    22. A honeycomb organizer that perfectly divides your drawer into equal compartments so you can actually see your underwear or socks, instead of having to dig around a never-ending pit of fabric.

    top view of a honeycomb organizer in a drawer

    23. A reversible comforter that regulates your temperature so you'll be warm and toasty in the winter, but won't overheat or get sweaty in the summer.

    maroon and gray reversible comforter showing both sides

    24. A Nespresso coffee and espresso machine so you can kick your daily habit of going out to get coffee and instead save so much money.

    black coffee and espresso machine with a cup of coffee on the bottom

    25. A pillow-backed fabric chair that can transform into a chaise lounge or a bed. It's great for small living rooms that don't have enough space for a bulky sleeper sofa but still want to accommodate any overnight visitors.

    light gray chair that can fold out to a bed

    26. A pack of LED battery-operated puck lights you can place underneath your kitchen cabinets or in your closet to provide some much-needed light to dark corners of your home.

    27. A Kalorik 6-quart stainless-steel pressure cooker that also can be used as a slow cooker and a steamer. You'll love how easy it is to dump in your ingredients, press a few buttons, and get a deliciously cooked meal with practically no extra effort from you. It's like magic!

    kalorik stainless steel pressure cooker on a marble countertop

    28. A tufted office chair to keep your back and bottom comfortable through a long work day or a marathon study session.

    turquoise chair in an empty room

    Your future self when you realize how great these practical pieces are:

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