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    31 Home Products From Target That Are Both Useful And Under $10

    From a mini waffle maker to a soap dispensing brush, these items are here to help make life easier for less than a Hamilton.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mini waffle maker for anyone with limited kitchen storage space who still wants to treat themselves to a delicious homemade brunch on Sunday morning.

    mini red waffle maker on a table top with chicken and waffles in the background

    I love this little appliance! It heats up fast, it cooks the waffle batter in minutes, and it barely takes up any space in your cabinet. Fun tip: the waffles are the perfect size to use as the "bread" in a breakfast sandwich.

    Promising review: "This mini waffle maker saves me time, energy and money every morning! I use my protein pancake mix to make a quick egg and cheese sandwich, or enjoy classic waffles with fruit. Such an easy cleanup and perfect for my small apartment kitchen." –cm

    Price: $9.99 (available in five colors)

    2. A personal rechargeable fan that'll be perfect for your home office that always gets stuffy in the afternoon. It can last up to three hours on the high setting from a single charge.

    black rechargable fan on desk

    Promising review: "This tiny fan is perfect! I didn't want a regular-sized fan and I didn't want a clip-on fan. I love that this fan has a little stand of its own. The first speed level is enough alone to keep me cool at my desk. I also love that you charge it instead of using batteries! Would 100% recommend if you need a small fan that does a good job." –curls21

    Price: $9.99

    3. A broom gripper to store your broom securely when you're not using it. Say goodbye to the days of stuffing your broom in a closet and losing it forever.


    Promising review: "These are great. I hated the way my brooms and mops were always sliding down. It looked messy all the time. My daughter had them in her storage area so I decided to give them a try. They’re easy to install and then just a short wait time until they’re ready to use. Definitely would recommend them!" –Antsgamma

    Price: $6.89

    4. A turntable that'll be great for organizing spices and maximizes the space in those hard-to-reach corners of your cabinets.

    salt and pepper on a cabinet turntable

    Promising review: "Great turntable for the price. Just like everyone else in quarantine, I am organizing my pantry. Used this lazy Susan in my pantry. Makes all your sauces, marinades and oils easy to reach. Would definitely recommend!" –Hchu

    Price: $8 for a 10-inch turntable

    5. A bathtub drain protector to keep your hair from going down the drain and creating a serious clogging problem.

    oxo drain protector in a bathtub drain

    Promising review: "This was definitely money well spent. It catches a ton of hair and has kept my shower drain flowing quickly for six months now." – kristen3970

    Price: $6.99

    6. A pack of adhesive cable organizers so your phone charger cord doesn't get lost in the abyss that is your bedroom.

    three gray and three teal cord organizers with a cord in the middle

    I bought these a month ago and they have been a game-changer for both my bedside table and my desk. It makes me feel so organized, and I wish I would've known these existed sooner!

    Promising review: "These are so cute and work so well to keep cords from falling all over the place. I like the shape and colors as well." –JacquiR5

    Price: $9.99 for a pack of six

    7. A nonstick jumbo muffin tin to make bakery-quality muffins from the comfort of your own kitchen.

    jumbo muffin tin with one muffin in it and a spatula on top

    Promising review: "Wonderful muffin pan. Been getting a LOT of use lately and it works perfectly. Just takes 25 minutes to bake jumbo muffins that never stick with just a light spritz of cooking spray. Very easy to clean up with no residue." –Tripmom

    Price: $8

    8. An angled 2-cup measuring cup so you won't have to bring the cup up to eye level or bend down to see how much you've poured in.

    milk being poured into angled clear measuring cup

    Promising review: "The idea of not having to hold the cup up in front of your face to look at the measurements is a game-changer. The measurements are accurate and it's incredibly convenient. What more could you possibly want?" –Carol Ann

    Price: $8.99

    9. Or an eight-piece measuring cup and spoons set that'll fit together so perfectly, you'll be so satisfied every time you place them in your kitchen cabinet.

    set of 8 dark blue measuring cups and spoons

    Promising review: "Very happy with these! $2 for all of these? Functional and well-made. AMAZING! I went back to Target and bought another set for my daughter who will be off to college!" –RegularCustomer

    Price: $2 (available in three colors)

    10. A soap-dispensing brush to make dishwashing a little less terrible. It fits comfortably in your palm, and the plastic holder it comes with keeps the brush so much cleaner than that crusty, gross sponge you've been using.

    person picking up a soap dispensing palm brush from a plastic holder

    Promising review: "Love how easy this is to clean. Just take apart and pop in the dishwasher. This will last much longer than my other brush and the dispensing feature is much better quality!" –Oceangem2018

    Price: $9.99

    11. A rimmed cookie sheet with a nonstick coating that'll make removing your baked goods easy as pie. No cookie crumb left behind!


    Promising review: "Is it goofy to love a nonstick rimmed baking sheet? Never mind, I don't care. I have replaced all my cruddy old baking sheets with these babies. They are fantastic! They clean up great in the dishwasher and do the job for a reasonable price." –momof3

    Price: $9.99

    12. A pack of LED battery-operated puck lights you can place underneath your kitchen cabinets or in your closet to provide some much-needed light to dark corners of your home.


    Promising review: "These are easy to stick to the wall with included double sided tape or hang. Lightly tap to turn on and off. Couldn’t be easier. Bought more to add underneath kitchen cabinets to add light when I’m making coffee early in the morning when it’s still dark." –ClarissaN

    Price: $8.59 for two

    13. A vegetable and herb stripper to make meal prepping a breeze. You use the small holes for herbs like rosemary or thyme and the larger holes for leafy greens like kale.


    Price: $4.99

    14. An all-purpose kitchen scraper you can use to scrape dough off your counter, pick up chopped veggies in one scoop, or use as a ruler for precise measurements. Plus: it has a handy conversion chart printed right on the scraper!


    Promising review: "I love this scraper! I’ve had different scrapers but this one is something else! I use it all the time when I bake and prepare my doughs. Also when I cook in meats, it’s just so easy to use and clean. I love the measuring conversions engraved on the side of the scraper; those are so useful when working on new recipes. This scraper does what it promises and even more! I totally recommend it, it’s worth the money!" –Lucy Ann

    Price: $9.99

    15. A pack of Command picture-hanging strips in three different sizes to easily hang all of those frames that are leaning against a wall right now. Use these instead of nails to keep your walls damage-free.


    Promising review: "Huge pet peeve about nail holes in the wall, and this is the best solution for someone that likes to change around frames and kid artwork quite a bit." –Siri

    Price: $8.79

    16. A set of three plastic mixing bowls with spouts on the sides to make pouring batters and sauces so much easier.

    a white bowl, a light gray bowl, and a dark gray bowl stacked inside each other

    Promising review: "I bought these mixing bowls several months ago. Could not believe the price and I love them. Use at least one of them every day. They clean up so easily and can go in the dishwasher." –Marj

    Price: $8 for a set of three

    17. A bottle and straw brush set so you can clean every nook and cranny of your favorite reusable water bottle.


    Promising review: "The texture of the bristles are firm yet flexible. And I love the hanging loop to hang the brushes on a small hook by my sink." –PamB

    Price: $6.49

    18. A beechwood rolling pin because rolling out dough with a random wine bottle just won't cut it anymore. Treat yourself to a real kitchen tool!

    beech wood rolling pin

    Price: $9

    19. A rubber squeegee to keep in your bathroom to clean any glass shower doors, large mirrors, or tiles with ease. It comes with a hook on the handle so you can easily hang it on the showerhead.

    rubber squeegee with gray handle and white head

    Promising review: "Small enough to get into the shelves in the corner of the shower stall, flexible, and gets every drop. Best part is that the hanging hook pivots, so you can hang it flat wherever/however you need to." –tosagayle

    Price: $9.99

    20. A set of heat-resistant silicone baking cups with handy tabs that make them easy to remove from muffin tins. They're also easy to clean because they can flip inside-out.

    batter being poured into a red silicone baking cup with other baking cups on a baking sheet

    Promising review: These muffin cups are great! They don’t stick, even with fudge brownie batter. They’re very easy to clean and don’t stain or hold on to smells. I’ve used them quite a bit and I prefer them to any disposable muffin cups." –HC

    Price: $9.99 for a pack of 12

    21. A lingerie wash bag that'll keep all of your delicates protected while going through the spin cycle. It's also the perfect size to put your face masks in when you need to wash them.

    white mesh lingerie wash bag with an orange bra in it

    Promising review: "With everyone having to wear masks now, the need to keep them clean is imperative. This little laundry bag is perfect for putting in face masks so they don't get 'lost' in the washer or dryer as so many socks seem to have a tendency to do. On that note, it would be perfect for small items like socks, too." –Leanne

    Price: $4

    22. A silicone baking mat you can use to replace all that disposable aluminum foil or parchment paper you've been using on your baking sheets.

    silicone baking sheet on a rimmed cookie sheet

    Promising review: "So easy to use. How could I live without it? No more parchment lined baking sheets. So much better to roll out pastry dough and move to a pie tin without breaking apart. Love it! I bought three and used all right away." –Wendy

    Price: $8

    23. A pack of bed risers so you can maximize the amount of storage space underneath your bed.

    a pack of black bed risers

    Price: $7.99 for a set of four

    24. A brownie bar pan to make individual brownies, which means every single slice of brownies has beautifully crispy edges.

    brownie bar pan and brownies with sprinkles in the foreground

    Promising review: "I use this pan to make gluten- and grain-free fudgey brownies for my home bakery business and sell my products at a local farmer's market setting. These make the perfect brownie combination of crispy firm sides with a soft fudgey interior. It is great! I also love how heavy duty this pan is and the nonstick surface helps to get the brownies out with ease." –Hope's Homespun Sweets & Treats

    Price: $9.19

    25. A three-shelf hanging closet organizer that'll be sturdy enough to hold all of your favorite sweaters and keep them visible during the fall when you'll be wearing them all the time.

    gray closet organizer holding towels and hats

    Promising review: "Exactly what I needed! Really convenient way to store my clothes without a wardrobe/dresser, as well as taking up so much less space. Great price, too." –zagfld

    Price: $7

    26. A roll of white marble contact paper to transform countertops or desks from boring to Architectural Digest-worthy in about five minutes flat.


    Promising review: "I used it as a cheap, temporary cover for my bathroom counters. I hated the original countertop. Replacing is not in the budget right now. This made for a quick and easy change from the current counter. It has only been a week, but is so far holding up. I would think this would be perfect for a rental where you cannot do permanent updates to the property." –Fiddlesticks47

    Price: $5.99

    27. A citrus juicer with a detachable cup that'll easily catch and measure all of that juice you're gonna be squeezing out. Margaritas, anyone?

    citrus juicer with a plastic up on the bottom on white background

    Promising review: "So easy with the container on the bottom that I don't have to worry about spilling because the lid fits perfectly! Easy pour spout makes it even better." –Marla Thompson

    Price: $9.99

    28. A five-tier pants hanger for your jeans or leggings that take up way too much space in your drawers.

    five tier pants hanger in a closet with two pairs of pants hanging on it

    Promising review: "I bought these hangers for my dress pants and dresses. They hold the clothes in place and are much more space-efficient in my closet compared to separate hangers for everything." —Random

    Price: $7

    29. A cute strawberry stem remover that'll make removing the core and stem so easy so you can spend less time prepping your strawberries and more time eating them.


    Promising review: "Love this little tool! My mom had one and I fell in love with it. it works AMAZINGLY to hull strawberries. I actually hated preparing strawberries bc of the hulling and this makes that job a cinch. So glad I found this at Target and have my own now." –meredith

    Price: $7.99

    30. A silicone ice tray because all you have to do is push from the bottom and out pops your ice cube! This tray is perfect for making bigger cubes for cocktails.

    red silicone ice tray on a white background

    Promising review: "I have a basic fridge that doesn't make ice, so I was looking for something to make my own cubes rather than buying bags all the time. I'm not a fan of smaller cubes that melt quickly and dilute your drink, so I thought I'd try these. Love these big cubes! I use them with a vacuum sealed metal tumbler cup and these cubes will still be almost full size in my cup the next day. I also like that the cubes can stack easily in a big Tupperware in my freezer. It's pretty easy to get the cubes out if you let them sit for just a moment after you remove the tray from the freezer." –SheenaL83

    Price: $4.99

    31. And a garlic press that can mince whole garlic cloves in one swift move. The press plate can pop out for easy cleaning.


    Promising review: "Get the most flavor out of your peeled garlic and save prep time with this easy-to-use garlic press! Made of the best materials and dishwasher safe! Love it!" –ymm03c

    Price: $9.99

    At these prices, your cart should be quite full right about now!


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