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    31 Cool And Useful Things From Walmart For Your Car That You'll Basically Be Racing To Buy

    If you spend a lot of time in your car, you might as well make it as organized, functional, and comfortable as possible.

    1. A Drop Stop car seat gap filler so you won't keep losing your phone or coins in that pesky little gap between your car seat and the center console.

    person inserting a gap cover for the car, which stops fries coins and a phone from falling down

    2. A pack of two pull-down shades that you can place on the backseat windows to protect your baby or toddler from strong sunlight beaming into their eyes.

    child in a car seat with a sun shade blocking the sun on the window

    3. A leakproof car trash can so you finally have a clean and easy way to keep the trash you accumulate during the day in one place. There's also a small pocket on the outside for storage.

    black waste basket made for the car

    4. A pack of blind spot mirrors that are so useful when you're trying to change lanes on a busy highway.

    blind spot mirror on a side mirror showing a car in the blind spot

    5. A set of Febreze Unstopables air fresheners that you attach to your AC vent to eliminate odors in your car.

    a package of pink febreze unstopables car air fresheners

    6. Or this classic Little Trees air freshener in that coveted "new car" scent. Admit it: you've wanted to try out one of these nostalgic air fresheners since you were a kid!

    little trees air freshener in "new car scent" with actual trees in the background

    7. A gel and memory foam seat cushion to keep your lower back feeling great even after long road trips.

    black and blue seat cushion on a car seat

    8. A universal cellphone mount that uses magnets to grip your phone so it'll stay put even through tight turns and sudden stops. You can also easily swivel and tilt the mount so you can see where your phone's GPS app is leading you.

    9. Or this cellphone mounting kit with a suction cup, which means you can easily move it between cars. The versatility of this mount is unreal: you can attach to your window, your vents, or even place it in your cup holder.

    10. A power inverter that lets you charge multiple devices in your car at the same time. You can even plug your laptop charger into the AC plug on this device.

    power inverter plugged into your car and has a white plug in it as well

    11. A headlight restoration kit to make your lights shine like they're brand-new! It'll even improve your field of vision because you'll be able to see better when you're driving at night.

    before and after image showing a foggy headlight and a clear headlight after cleaning

    12. Adorable strap covers that look like foxes to make the often irritating car seat straps way more comfortable for your little one.

    child in a car seat with fox-shaped strap covers on the car seat straps

    13. A heated seat cushion to keep your backside warm even if it's below freezing outside. It has two heat settings so you can adjust how toasty you want to feel.

    black heated seat cushion placed on a car seat

    14. A four-hook hanger that you can attach to the back of your front seat so you have a place to securely hang your purse or tote bag, that way it doesn't fall over and spill its contents all over your car.

    four hook hanger attached to the back of a car seat with a bag and a umbrella hanging off of it

    15. A compact wet/dry utility vacuum to clean up any spills that inevitably happen in the car. Detail your car anytime you want without having to use that gross vacuum everyone touches at the car wash place.

    person vacuuming up loose wood chips in their car with a vacuum

    16. Or this tiny handheld rechargeable vacuum that'lll clean up all of those tiny little crumbs that accumulate in the car, like that Goldfish cracker your daughter just smashed to smithereens.

    17. A mirror to place on the headrest of your backseat so you can see what your baby's up to as they coo and laugh in their backward-facing carseat.

    baby looking into a backseat baby car mirror

    18. An inflatable car mattress with an air pump to make car naps on road trips 10 times more comfortable. It's also great for camping trips when you just don't want to sleep on the ground.

    blue blow up air mattress in the back of a car

    19. A car seat cover if you're sick and tired of vacuuming up clumps of your dog's fur after every car ride. It's machine-washable and treated with a stain-blocking material, so it'll protect your car seats from any messes your dog might track in.

    dog sitting on a back seat cover in a car

    20. A duster with baked-on paraffin wax on each strand, which picks up all the random dust and tiny debris hanging around your car's interior.

    the original california mini duster in red

    21. A keychain car escape tool that can cut your seatbelt and break your car window in case you find yourself in a situation where you need to safely get out of your car after an accident. Hopefully you'll never have to use this, but it's there in case of emergency!

    22. A car trunk organizer to keep your groceries standing up right as you head home from the store. Also, if you just always have random stuff floating around your trunk, this will keep everything nice and tidy.

    black car trunk organizer with groceries umbrella and random stuff in it

    23. A winter snow shield so you don't have to go out in the freezing cold to scrape ice and frost off of your windshield. Just place this on your windshield before it snows, remove it in the morning, and you're ready to drive!

    24. A waterless wheel and tire dressing that cleans up dirt and road grime with just a few sprays and a good scrub. It also leaves your wheels and tires with a nice glossy look.

    person spraying a wheel and tire dressing cleaner

    25. A reusable microfiber wash mitt to make car wash days so much easier. It traps dirt, builds up lots and lots of suds, and leaves behind a streak-free shiny finish on your car.

    person using mitt to wash their car

    26. A car leather cleaner that revives your seats and dashboard after sun or humidity damage. The conditioners in the cleaner restore your leather seats to their former glory, so you'll feel like you have a brand-new car after using this.

    person spraying armor all leather care cleaner on a orange microfiber cloth

    27. An auto safety kit – it comes with jumper cables, a tow strap, a flashlight, gloves, a rain poncho, and first aid equipment so you are truly prepared for any and every problem you might face on the road.

    car safety kit with all of the contents lying around the carrying case

    28. An electric car blanket that plugs right into your car's cigarette lighter and keeps your whole body warm as you drive through frigid temperatures. It's also great to take along on winter camping trips.

    person with a black and white checkered car blanket over them as they drive

    29. A windshield sunshade to place on the inside of your car whenever you're parked outside in the sun for a long time. No longer will it be hot enough to fry an egg on your dashboard!

    blue sunshade on the inside of a car

    30. A set of heavy-duty rubber mats for the bottom of your car, especially if you tend to track in dirt or snow into a lot.

    four pink car mats to place on the bottom of your car

    31. And finally, a backseat organizer to place all of your kid's essentials, like a sippy cup, snacks, wipes, and books to read. Little kids require a surprising amount of stuff at all times, and this handy organizer keeps it all in one place.

    black back seat organizer with lots of little kid essentials in it

    With these products, your car will look the snazziest it's ever been. Go show it off!!!

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