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32 Whole Foods Products That Our Readers Swear By

"I just like the taste of saving money."

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1. 365 Peanut Butter

"It's still a bit of a splurge, but hands down the best value I've found for a true natural peanut butter- ingredients are peanuts and salt. I don't have to feel like one of my two-year-old's favorite foods is full of unnecessary ingredients."


"It's so cheap and the best natural peanut butter around! Tastes so raw and delicious."

—Sarah V., Email

2. Fresh-Cut Flowers

"They're always gorgeous and get tons of compliments. I spent the same amount of money for a beautiful bouquet at my local Whole Foods as I did on a dinky carnation and baby's breath at a small town grocery store. I will never make that mistake again."

—Jenny S., Facebook


5. Meatless Monday

"You fill up the salad bar plate with as much food as you can carry, and it's only 8 bucks! It usually lasts me about three meals because I load that baby to the brim."

—Easha N., Facebook

*Whole Foods has confirmed that although Meatless Monday deals aren't offered at every single location, "it’s very common for stores to run regular specials and sales unique to their location." Make sure to check with your local Whole Foods about the deal!


8. Special Order Cakes

"Around here, a kid's birthday cake at a bakery is an arm and a leg, but my son's last cake was $40 at Whole Foods and exactly the Super Mario Brothers design he hoped for -- plus delicious!"


9. Toothpaste

"I recently made the switch to using cruelty free products and not buying from companies that test on animals. Whole Foods is the only physical store that sells toothpaste made by brands that are cruelty free."



13. Fresh Seafood

Stephen Chernin / Getty Images

"Their seafood station is so fresh and clean that it doesn't even smell fishy. Now when I go to other supermarkets their fish stations make me gag from the smell!"


14. Breakfast At The Buffet Bar

"Get the French toast with berry compote, get the scrambled egg burrito, get the home fries, and while you're at it, throw some butter chicken in there too. BECAUSE YOU CAN."



15. Quality Confection Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

"They are around $8.99 and are in a kinda small sized tub BUT they are the most amazing chocolates I have every had. Every time I get them, they are gone within two days."


17. Health-Ade Kombucha

"It's more expensive than the others but goes on sale a lot. It's the cleanest kombucha I've ever tasted."


18. Cheese section

"They have baskets of "scrap" cheese that was too small to sell normally--$4 or less for some really fancy cheese!"


"Whole Foods is currently the only U.S. distributor of Uniekass Robusto Gouda (aka-my all time fave cheese). I make weekly trips to satisfy my addiction for this cheese!"

—Grace Brady, Facebook


20. Meal Deals From Ready-To-Eat Food Area

"Their meal deals with an entree and 2 sides for $8-$11. When I'm tired after class I stop by - salmon, salad and pasta for $9! Make sure to check with your local Whole Foods for weekly schedules!"


21. Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

Courtesy of Harmless Harvest

"It is raw, which gives it a much better taste than pasteurized coconut water. It also makes it quite expensive, but it is totally worth the money for a quality product."


22. Bulk Food

Flickr: tylercipriani

"No matter what recipe you're dreaming of, WF's bulk bar is the fastest way to make sure you only buy as much as you need -- not $12 on a prepackaged bag of raw walnuts."

—Matilda S., Email

"It's especially great if you live alone or shop for one."

—Mia V., Email


23. 365 Organic Ketchup

"At $2.69, it's so worth the money. Heinz and other store brands charge way more for the big bottle of organic ketchup. Also, it tastes the best (then again, maybe I just like the taste of saving money)."

—Thomas D., Email

26. Ataulfo/Champagne mangoes

"I almost never see this type of mango at other grocery stores, even the ones that carry a lot of specialty and/or organic produce. These mangoes at Whole Foods are always in good supply when they're in season. They're usually priced at 5 for $5 or 2 for $3."

—Erin L., Email


27. Sriracha Tortilla Chips

"They taste almost like fried wonton and the seasoning is so good! And if you're trying to be healthy and have a bland salad for lunch or dinner, crush up a few of these chips and put them on your salad."

—Robin J., Email

28. Beyond Meat Burgers

"They look, taste, smell and even sizzle like a real hamburger patty. It's got loads of plant-based protein and best of all — it's soy free, which I try to limit in my meatless intake. While I am not 100% vegetarian, I actually crave these just as much as real meat."

—Katlyn M., Email

29. Frozen Salmon

"They have a six pack of frozen salmon filets that are a pretty good deal for the quality and price. Good for fast dinners when I'm being good to myself."

—Katie B., Facebook

30. Strauss Egg Nog

"I think it's around $7 a bottle. Worth every penny with its creamy perfectly spiced taste. Delicious with Brandy."



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