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Which Whole Foods Products Are Actually Worth The Money?

We want to know!!

Whole Foods sometimes gets the reputation of being kinda ~out there~ when it comes to the price of certain products.

$6 ASPARAGUS WATER?! I have so many questions.

Sometimes it can feel like you're spending practically your whole paycheck on organic kale and free-range eggs.

But still, we know there are some products at Whole Foods that are actually worth spending your hard-earned money on, whether it's because they're surprisingly cheap or just really great quality.

Maybe you're a fan of one of the products in their 365 Organic line, which is Whole Foods' in-house brand of generic, more affordable products.

Or you love a certain section of their very expansive ready-to-eat food area, like the Indian food or the salad bar.

When you're looking to treat yourself, perhaps you hit up the cheese section, and you don't regret a single dollar.

Or they have a brand of cold brew you literally cannot live without.

Let us know what Whole Foods products or kinds of foods you don't mind spending your money on in the DropBox below. Don't forget to explain why you love it!