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What Books Have Gotten You Through A Hard Time In Your Life?

A really good book can have healing powers.

Sometimes, when it seems like nothing in life is going right, snuggling up with a good book can start to help.


Whether you're dealing with depression, grief, or a broken heart, or anything that's affected your mental health, immersing yourself in a relatable story has gotten you through some pretty rough times.

There might be a collection of short stories or poetry that helped you see the light during a long depressive episode.

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Or maybe there's a classic novel that gave you hope when you were grieving the loss of a loved one.


Maybe reading Harry Potter always soothed you when you were feeling super anxious.

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Or perhaps you read Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and you were inspired by her brave story or related to her struggle after suffering your own trauma.

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Through everything, books have been there for us. Tell us about the book that helped you through a hard time in your life in the DropBox below.

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