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    35 Things That'll Totally Upgrade Your Next Trip To The Beach

    These products take care of every worry that could pop up at the beach so you can focus on soaking up the sun and splashing in the surf.

    1. A canopy umbrella so you can escape a shaded oasis whenever the sun's rays get a little too overwhelming. And don't worry about being that one person chasing after their umbrella on a windy day: the umbrella comes with ground stakes and tie-down cords to keep it firmly in place.

    2. Or this personal umbrella that clips onto the back of your beach chair so you can make sure you have access to shade, even if everyone else in your group prefers to lay in the sun all day.

    3. A waterproof pouch to keep your cellphone dry, even if you take it in the water. Want to take pictures or answer a text? The clear sleeve still gives you full touch-screen capability!

    4. A sun visor as stylish as it is effective at getting the sun out of your face and the sweat at bay. If traditional baseball caps make your head too sweaty, you'll love how the open design of this visor allows the breeze to hit your hair and neck.

    model wearing a beige wide brim visor

    5. A beach chair that sits low to the ground so you can still have that relaxing feel of sand on your toes and legs while sitting upright. It also comes with a cup holder (important!) and a sleeve on the back to hold your towel when you're not using it.

    6. A pack of beach towels if you have a big family and just need a lot of towels that will last throughout many summer seasons. Reviewers say these hold up well wash after wash.

    yellow beach towel hanging on the back of a chair

    7. A pair of beach socks because sometimes the beach can be very rocky, rough, and hot and you need to keep your feet protected! When you're done using them, they roll up for easy storage.

    two reviewers with beach socks on their feet while sitting in the sand

    8. A rechargeable handheld fan you'll want to whip out the second you feel the first drop of sweat descend down your face. This one's a lifesaver on those unforgivingly humid, nonwindy beach days.

    reviewer holding up a black personal fan outside

    9. A bottle of Black Girl Sunscreen that doesn't leave behind that dreaded gooey, milky look that most sunscreens do. This formula goes on completely sheer, and it's infused with jojoba and avocado to keep your skin hydrated.

    10. A stunning one-piece swimsuit guaranteed to leave you feeling so beautiful and confident as you frolic among the waves. Get ready for all the compliments when you wear this on your next beach trip!

    11. Or this bikini top designed for anyone with a bigger chest who's sick and tired of searching for bathing suits with support. When you're wearing this, you can swim, jump through the waves, or chase after your dog without worrying one of your boobs will suddenly come flying out.

    model wearing a red bathing suit

    12. A pair of lightweight, waterproof Birkenstocks that are way more supportive than those flimsy flip-flops you've been holding onto. If you've been heading to the beach often this summer, you'll want to make sure these durable shoes are part of your beach uniform.

    a pair of black waterproof birkenstocks

    13. A cooler backpack if you have to walk a long way from your car to the beach and need an easy way to carry all your water bottles, sodas, and adult beverages. This thing can hold up to 20 cans!

    14. A swimsuit cover-up that will become your go-to beach outfit this summer. The collared neck and rolled-up sleeves make it look polished enough that you could also wear it as a regular dress or over jeans!

    15. A cooling towel to soak in cold water and place around your neck to keep you cool as a cucumber all day long. The more water you soak it in, the longer it stays cool!

    16. Or a pet bandana so your pup can get a taste of the cooling towel magic, too! It's especially helpful for longer-haired breeds that have a harder time cooling down in the summer.

    17. A set of beach towel clips because nothing's more annoying when you're trying to relax than your towel falling down the back of your chair or flying away whenever the wind picks up.

    18. A tube of Burt's Bees After Sun soother if you find yourself looking like a lobster after a long beach day soaking up the sun. Apply this all over the sunburnt area as soon as possible for sweet relief from the pain, itching, and heat.

    to the left: a badly burnt back of a reviewer, to the right: the same back healed and tan

    19. Or a tube of aloe gel formulated to help soothe sensitive sunburnt skin on your face. The aloe vera contains antioxidants that soothe the pain while the papaya extract in the gel has anti-inflammatory benefits that help the skin appear less red and irritated.

    bottle of island aloe gel with aloe plants behind it

    20. An inflatable lounger for a truly luxurious sunbathing experience...I bet you're already daydreaming of yourself in one of these, drink in hand and waves crashing in the distance.

    21. A set of beach toys because what's a day at the beach without a very serious sandcastle-building session? Whether this is for the kids or the kids at heart, this durable set will provide endless hours of fun trip after trip to the beach.

    22. A tumbler with double-wall vacuum insulation that will keep drinks cold all day long. No matter how hot it gets outside, you can rest assured you'll have ice-cold water at the ready!

    23. A Slammo game set if you're looking for a way to add some excitement to a lazy beach day. If you have a big group, pair up and have a little competition!

    group of people standing around a slammo game at the beach

    24. Or this cornhole game to add another event on the Beach Olympics docket. When you're done playing, you can fold up the boards and fit them into an easy-to-carry case.

    four people playing cornhole at the beach

    25. A full-face snorkel mask that allows for more peripheral viewing so you'll never miss a single fish swimming by. The design helps you breathe more naturally than traditional snorkel masks, so you'll be able to *just keep swimming* for longer.

    model wearing a full face snorkel mask while swimming in the ocean

    26. A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses for a whimsical way to protect your eyes at the beach. With so many colors available, you can match them to your swimsuit!

    27. Or this pair of sunglasses that also function as a bottle opener. Yes, you'll instantly become everyone's favorite person on the beach when you're wearing these sneakily helpful sunnies.

    28. A utility wagon because spending a day at the beach means you have a lot of stuff to bring, especially if you have kids! The wheels move smoothly over sand, and it folds up easily to put in your car.

    29. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite for finally reading that bestseller you've been wanting to start for ages. The anti-glare display on the screen mimics the look of words on actual paper, providing the optimal beach-reading experience.

    30. A scalp and hair mist from Sun Bum with SPF 30 because even the top of your head needs sun protection! This keeps your hair looking healthy and strong, and you won't get that awful sunburnt scalp from a long day swimming in the ocean.

    a hand spraying the small brown and yellow bottle of scalp and hair mist

    31. A set of beach cup holders — just stick them right into the sand, and your drink of choice stays upright and sand-free. There's even a slot on the side to hold your phone or sunglasses!

    an orange, pink, teel, and light blue beach cup holder

    32. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker to blast that Spotify playlist you made called "beach jamzzzz" loud enough for everyone to hear. It can connect up to two smartphones at once and it can last for 12 hours of playtime on just one charge.

    reviewer photo of a JBL black portable waterproof speaker at the beach

    33. A beach brush because as much as you love the beach, you don't love all the sand that gets on your feet, shoes, and basically everywhere else. Use this to brush away any sand that's stuck to your body before getting in the car.

    person using a pro bum brush to brush off the sand from feet

    34. A folding table for a truly superior beach picnic experience that will leave you asking, "What took me so long to buy one of these?" It'll keep all your food sand-free and within easy reach.

    reviewer photo of a beach table in the sand with a sunset in the background

    35. A portable safe so you can confidently leave your valuables on the beach without worrying they'll get stolen as you swim among the surf.

    Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the best beach trip of your life: