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    Any Parent Will Appreciate These 36 Things That'll Help With Those Endless Parenting Duties

    Parenting is a 24/7 job, and we're here to help make it just a little more manageable.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A leave-in conditioner designed to gently untangle even the wildest of manes your little one might wake up with. Made with vitamin B5, jojoba oil, keratin, and more, it'll restore your tot's hair without any pulling or tugging. 

    And it's not just for kids — adults can definitely use it, too!

    Promising review: "This stuff is beyond 5 stars. I initially bought this for my son who is tender-headed. I have really curly hair and happened to break my ankle and was in the hospital for two weeks and couldn't wash and condition my hair like I do at home. I had what felt like dreadlocks in three places! I was hoping this would work on my hair and it was amazing! I completely soaked my hair with this stuff, waited a little while, and gently combed through it. I absolutely cannot believe how well it worked!!" —Bea

    Get it from Amazon for $8.66.

    2. A cult-favorite stain remover because kids are very messy, and you'll want to keep this concentrated spot treatment on hand to get out all the ketchup, grass stains, and dirt that show up on their clothes constantly.

    Reviewer's photo showing a stained swimsuit
    Reviewer's after photo showing a clean swimsuit without stains

    Promising review: "This is the best stain remover I have ever used! I wish I would have found it years ago! My daughter is 6 and I can't think of how many stains this product hasn't gotten out for us. Even old set in stains that I thought were hopeless. A friend turned me on to this stuff and now I will never go without it! A must-have for anyone with kids." —Lauren Ruffin

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $12.35.

    3. A pack of sink extenders so you don't have to lift up your toddler and risk straining your back every time they have to wash their hands. They'll also feel so ~grown-up~ now that they can use the sink all by themselves!

    A child washing hands in the sink using a sink extender on the faucet
    A faucet extender attached to a faucet

    Promising review: "Must have for toddlers and small children! LOVE this! My 1- and 3-year-old love washing their hands now and my back gets a nice break. Adding the faucet extenders and a stepstool to our bed time/morning routine has been a godsend. Great bargain for the price." —TeaBea21

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $10.95.

    4. A plastic storage bag organizer that makes it easier for you to grab whatever size you need while packing lunches or storing leftovers from dinner. Gone are the days of fumbling with those bulky cardboard containers they usually come in!

    wooden organizer with slots for ziploc bags with the words quart, sandwich, snack, and gallon on it
    SouthernMissDesign / Etsy

    Each unit is made of solid birch wood. If you order the unassembled version, the seller recommends using wood glue to put it together.

    SouthernMissDesign is a small business based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, that specializes in handmade wooden signs and custom vinyl monograms.

    Promising review: "Love how this makes my drawer so clean and organized! No more fiddling with boxes! Fast shipping and wonderful package presentation!" —Jamie Lynn

    Get it from SouthernMissDesign on Etsy for $32.50+ (available assembled or unassembled and in two finishes).

    5. A magnetic visual timer for any kiddo who asks "ARE WE DONE YET?" during cleanup, homework time, bathtime, you name it. Now they can look at how much color is still left on the timer and answer the age-old question themselves!

    Reviewer holding the square timing clock in one hand. It is about the size of two hands placed side by side. The clock is colored where time has elapsed.
    Another view of the clock mounted on a wall

    Promising review: "This is the perfect size and NO BATTERIES REQUIRED. It does the job well. I bought it for my son. Now that the classes are virtual I needed to be able to measure the time between the classes so my son knows how long he has in the classes/break time. In addition, it can be used for other things, such as in the kitchen. Being able to move this around with you as you need it really makes life a whole lot easier." —Rvargas

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in seven colors).

    6. A pack of Munchkin burp cloths that are basically living in the future — they have built-in pockets to place hot or cold packs in so you can give your baby sweet relief from colic or fever. It'll make you think, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

    A parent holding a baby with the burp cloth draped over their shoulder
    Two burp cloths with a bottom pocket for a hot pack and a middle picket for a cold pack

    Promising review: "Definitely a must-have in every new parent's kit. Make sure to evenly distribute the gel per instructions and check before applying to newborn. Same for comfort when applying for moms. However, a game changer for colicky babies." —Trev DuReaux

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $10.10.

    7. An adjustable shower visor if your child absolutely despises when shampoo gets in their eyes. This will keep bathtime meltdown-free as it blocks those suds away from their face.

    Reviewer's child wearing the blue hat in the bath
    reviewer's child wearing a pink shower visor

    Bonus: it just looks so freakin' cute on them, too!

    Promising review: "Total game-changer! My little one would scream to the top of her lungs for the entire duration of her bath; it was stressful and not to mention exhausting. I’ve tried various caps like this one but found some to be too hard of material, some too soft. I’ve had some simply start to fall apart after one use and many other issues until this one. It’s the perfect combination for bath time success. Easy to put on/off, clean, dries fast and protects a wide area beyond the immediate face. Bath time is fun time once again." —Jynnifer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.95+ (available in two colors and two styles).

    8. A nifty car seat buckle release tool because nothing is more frustrating than fighting with the car seat buckle when your kid's crying or you're already running late for something. It'll also save your and your little one's fingers from any painful pinches!

    The red tool
    A parent unbuckling their child in the car seat using the tool

    Promising review: "I got this because I have three kids, and since I have captain chairs, my 4-year-old sits in the third row. I can toss it back to him after I’ve parked or when I’m in the carpool line and he can unbuckle himself and then unbuckle his siblings and I don’t have to climb in the car. It’s GREAT! I also like how it doesn’t attach to the car seat like some similar products, and I can keep it up front while the car is moving. So much safer!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in five colors).

    9. An automatic stirrer so your food doesn't burn at the bottom of the pan as you're running around the kitchen doing a tons of tasks, like chopping veggies, answering the phone, or listening to your kid ask "Is dinner ready yet?" a million times.

    blue automatic stirrer in a pot

    You'll need four AA batteries to get this thing going. It has three speed options — all you do is place it in a pan, turn it on, and it will rotate the food on its own! You can also take off the legs to clean them in the dishwasher.

    Promising review: "Used it today to start a cheese sauce. I love it! I didn’t have to stand over the saucepan stirring or whisking. Lately, I have had some arthritis in some fingers. It’s perfect for us cooks!!!!" —PaulaBotta

    Get it from Amazon for $35.95

    10. A classy dry-erase calendar you can customize with your family's name so everyone's schedule can live in one convenient (and pretty-to-look-at!) place. No more wondering what day soccer practice is!

    the clear acrylic calendar
    1801 & Co.

    1801 & Co. is a Minneapolis-based small business that has been handling high-quality, custom printing services through their Etsy shop since 2016.

    Promising review: "Functional AND’s already helping to keep my family more organized and it’s not an eyesore! Putting the clear acrylic w/ white lettering on a dark wall really helps it *pop*! It was packaged well, and instructions for hanging were very clear." —Ness Step

    Get it from 1801 & Co. on Etsy for $63.96+ (available in six sizes and three colors).

    11. Or a customizable command center that might just be the most functional and smartly designed way to keep track of your family's life. If you need more folders for documents or hooks on the bottom, you can add those on to make this truly fit exactly what your family needs.

    command center with dry erase board and other sections to help organize life
    close-up of a chalkboard section of the command center

    1Thrive is a small business that creates customizable command centers to help keep your family's busy life under control.

    Get it from 1Thrive for $199 (add-ons like folders, pens, hooks, markets etc. available).

    12. A convenient tray if you feel like you spend half your day waiting in the pick-up line at your kid's school and you'd like to use that time to catch up on your never-ending to-do list.

    tray attached to the steering wheel with a laptop computer on it

    Please, do not try to use this while driving. It will not work.

    Promising review: "Life-changer for a mom always on the go. I'm always on the go with my kids from one practice to the next and having a 'desk' surface for my laptop that is stable and easy to use is AMAZING! I wish I would have thought of this myself. Love that it easily fits into the seatback pockets when not in use." —Vanessa

    Get it from Amazon for $9.66.

    13. An ingenious portable vibrating pad for the babies who can't fall asleep unless you're rocking them or walking around with them. Just tuck this into a crib mattress, a stroller, a car seat, or their bassinet, and the subtle vibrations the pad gives off will help them snooze in no time flat.

    A blue pad with a power button
    A model placing the blue pad under the crib mattress
    Reviewer's photo showing the blue pad placed inside a baby's rocker

    BTW, it's not just for babies; adult reviewers swear by it too.

    Promising review: "Must have for gassy babies or to soothe them to sleep. Don’t waste your money on a fancy baby chair the vibrates like I did. I got the Lulla-Vibe and I use it everywhere. Our baby has gas issues & we’ve tried everything to try comfort/soothe her. I’m thinking about ordering another one for the diaper bag as it worked so well. The vibrations are strong so you can easily put it on the side of the baby’s mattress, or sleeper if you use that. We attach it to the back of our baby’s rocker and in the stroller in the back pouch. Works AMAZING!!!" —Kenneth L.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    14. Or a Baby Shusher so you don't have to stay up until the wee hours of the night making a shushing noise to keep your baby asleep. Once you see how well your kid sleeps with this thing going, you'll realize it's well worth the money.

    Reviewer's child sleeping with the white noise machine in the bed
    Reviewer's baby sleeping with the white noise machine in the bed

    The Baby Shusher is safe to use in a crib, has adjustable volume, and it can be set to make noise for 15 or 30 minute intervals.

    Promising review: "I was so tired of 'shushing.' Literally. I shushed so hard and for so long, it made me light-headed. My baby has serious FOMO and fights naps like the plague. This helps so much! Even during the worst fits this helps calm her and she's out in minutes. Great for the car too!" —Jami

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    15. A tear-off planning pad to help you keep track of everything and anything important that pops up in your day. Yes, that parent-teacher conference after school does need to happen, but you also have to carve out some time to eat lunch, too!

    The filled out pad propped up on a desk

    The handy labeled sections on the pad are "Top Priorities," "To-Do List," "Notes & Ideas," "Date," "Today I'm Grateful For," "Important Times," "Meals, Snacks & Water," and "Exercise/Self-Care."

    Promising review: "I use my iPhone as a calendar, but it has its limitations; I still prefer paper when it comes to planning. This daily page planner motivates me to take care of myself while I take care of the things that need to be done. I like that the 'must do today' section only has three spaces, while there's much more room below to write additional tasks for later. This keeps me from piling too many tasks on myself. It also has a place to track water intake and three square meals, and one of my favorite parts is the box in which I am asked to write what I am thankful for each day." —Donna T. Edmundson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95+ (available in three colors; also available in eight other organizational pads, from meal planning to meeting notes).

    16. A hands-free shopping bag carrier if going to the grocery store to shop for your whole family always results in a million heavy bags. Never fear — this ergonomically designed carrier can hold up to 200 pounds while still leaving your hands free to open doors or make phone calls.

    Model using the carrier to connect all the grocery bags and hoist them over their shoulder

    Promising review: "I've tried so many different products that are supposed to allow you to carry multiple bags at once, but nothing has worked as well as this! It's easy to use: Just hold one end of the handle and thread the other end through the handles on the bags. Carrying the bags over my shoulder works really well for me because it allows me to spread the weight of the bags over my hips and back rather than taking all the weight on my shoulder. It's very well made, sturdy, and really makes your life easier. It's worth the money." —S. Hill

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    17. A cascading wall organizer so you can finally get that huge pile of paper off of your desk and actually be able to find any important documents related to your kids. If you always find yourself helping them with endless piles of homework, this is a great way to organize it all and make it easier for both you and your child!

    gif of a person unfolding the document organizer to show all the color coded envelopes

    You can also fold it down and take it to go.

    Promising review: "This is the most amazing invention ever. My husband and I got into a habit of piling up all our random papers in the kitchen on top of the microwave, and I was just SICK of it! Could never find anything and things would go missing. Once I set this up, it was a game changer. My kitchen mess is no longer! And I have not lost another field trip form and have a place for all those floating art projects, receipts, and pay stubs." —Kirsten

    Get it from Amazon for $10.29+ (available in four colors).

    18. A robot vacuum because as a parent, you're running around doing a million things during the day, and sometimes vacuuming just doesn't get done. Anything that can do a chore for you is truly priceless!

    Promising review: "We switched from a $600 Roomba that didn’t work all that great to this beast. The cleaning is so much better! We run this in about 1,000 sq ft (kitchen, living room, kids playroom, and dining room) every night. It goes from carpet to hardwood to tile to rugs with no issues at all. It gets under the couch, around the table, and does a great job with the dried Play-Doh that seems to be everywhere (toddlers!). We have a cat, dog, and three kids and our floors look great every morning (and a wreck every night...)." —Jessica-CO

    Get it from Amazon for $159.99+ (available in two colors).

    19. Baby detergent pods free of scents, dyes, phosphates, and all that other icky stuff that can irritate your baby's delicate skin. This plant-based pod might be small, but it's mighty strong at cleaning your baby's clothes.

    cardboard box with clear detergent pod sitting outside it

    Dropps is a small business based in Philadelphia that produces eco-friendly cleaning products, and their shipping process is 100% carbon neutral.

    Promising review: "These are great! They seem to clean really well and don't leave behind residue. Also, my kids have sensitive skin and haven't had any issues since using this." —Emma N.

    Get at 64-count of pods from Dropps for $26 (also available in packs of 160 or 240).

    20. Drop Stop car gap fillers (as seen on Shark Tank!) if your kid (or you!) has a habit of dropping french fries in that pesky gap in the car.

    This gap filler is made from a neoprene material that provides the universal perfect fit for any car — just attach it to the seat belt catch once (it has a built-in slot) and it'll be set! You'll never have to worry about removing or readjusting.

    Promising review: "This product has saved countless french fries from the dark and scary abyss that is the void beneath my seat. It also prevented my daughter from hiding daddy's cellphone under his seat when she's doing something on it that she's not supposed to. So if you've got devious kids or a love of french fries, I would strongly recommend this product." —Duster

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $24.99.

    21. A squirting spoon with a squeezable silicone pouch to make on-the-go feeding time a breeze. It's great for the times you take your baby out to lunch with you — it gives you the freedom to feed yourself with one hand and them with the other!

    parent squeezing food out of the contraption

    This comes with a hard plastic lid so you can seal it up and save it for snack time.

    Promising review: "This product is amazing!!! I now have kids in sports/activities and I am always on the go. I put my baby's food in one of these and take it to-go in my diaper bag. It comes with a spoon cover that is hard plastic that covers the hole where the food comes out. The body of the spoon is a soft silicone that you gently squeeze to get the pureed food out. The spoon itself is a hard plastic but we had no issues. It is easy to clean and comes apart in two pieces. Seriously, this is the best gadget ever! This is coming from a mother of four who has probably owned and purchased every gadget out there to make life easier!!" —castgirl

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.