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    36 Smart Solutions To The Little Problems That Always Pop Up In Your Home

    Let these problem solvers work hard for you so you can get back to living your best life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rubber squeegee brush capable of lifting up so much pet hair you didn't even know was trapped within your carpet. Seriously, run this brush over your carpet, and watch in amazement at the huge fur balls that your vacuum has been missing.

    2. Or a dog hair remover that you can run across your clothing, furniture, or bedding to easily pick up all that loose pet hair. Now you can stop worrying about how much hair is stuck to your favorite leggings and instead get back to petting your pup.

    3. A mesh bag made to fit all of your delicates like lingerie, swimwear, and scarves while keeping them safe in the washing machine. Now you'll no longer have to untangle your bra from three other sweaters when you're doing laundry!

    white mesh delicates bag with a yellow zipper

    4. An over-the-door shoe organizer perfect for placing in your storage closet to keep all of your cleaning supplies in one easy-to-access place. Finding your Lysol spray has never been easier.

    5. A dishwasher magnet so you can finally stop screaming out "IS THE DISHWASHER CLEAN OR DIRTY?!" every time you have a dirty spoon. Bonus: the modern design will blend beautifully into your kitchen decor.

    round magnet with "clean" right side up and "dirty" upside down

    6. A collapsible colander that has expandable handles so you can rest it over your sink and rinse a large amount of vegetables without having to hold the heavy colander yourself. Genius!

    7. A rope doorstop designed to keep your door propped open as you head back and forth from your car to unload groceries after a big shopping trip. It's also great to use in the summer and let the nice breeze cool down your house.

    three rectangular doorstops with rope wrapped around them

    8. A turntable so even that bottle of mustard way at the back of the shelf can be easily reached with just a quick spin. No more emptying out the entire cabinet for one item anymore!

    9. A sound machine meant to drown out the noise of construction happening right outside your window at 6 in the morning. Go ahead and get more of that beauty rest – you deserve it.

    review photo of white small noise machine with three buttons in the front

    10. A microfiber window blind cleaner if you've been putting off cleaning your dusty blinds because it's just so dang hard to do! With three blades that clean two blinds at once, you'll be done in no time and finally be able to cross off the dreaded chore from your to-do list.

    11. A set of woven baskets to finally give you an aesthetically pleasing place to store all of your bulky throw blankets. They'll actually blend into your decor and make your space look put together instead of sticking out like plastic storage bins do.

    three empty woven baskets on a bookshelf

    12. A pair of blackout curtains if you're always woken up by the ever-so-pleasant stream of sunlight directly hitting your eyes.

    13. A handmade cookbook holder because it's really annoying when cookbooks won't stay open to the recipe you're trying to cook from. With this, you can refer back to the recipe with ease, and when you're not using the holder, it's a handy measurement conversion chart. We love a multitasker!

    a dark wooden cookbook holder with a white hand-painted kitchen conversions design

    14. A stainless steel cleaner that'll get rid of all those pesky handprints on your appliances. It won't leave behind any streaks, and your appliances will look brand-new!

    15. A light-up alarm clock that simulates the sun rising to gently wake you up in the morning. It's a lifesaver for early risers who sleep in a really dark room and struggle to get out of bed.

    16. A plant food spike for anyone who just can't manage to keep their plants alive. This fertilizer is formulated specifically for indoor plants, and one spike lasts up to two months!

    17. A stove gap cover to prevent crumbs or spills from collecting in that annoying spot between your stove and your counter. Messy cooks: this one's made for you.

    18. A set of angled measuring cups so you don't have to bring the cup up to eye level or bend down to see how much you've poured in.

    three angled measuring cups shot from above that show eggs, sugar, and milk in them

    19. A floating bookshelf for a seemingly ~magical~ way to show off your favorite books. If you live in a small apartment with barely any space to store your book collection, this is a great space-saving solution.

    20. A bottle of stain-and-odor eliminator that you should always have on hand in case your massive four-legged friend leaves a massive mess on the carpet.

    21. A pack of furniture pads to place on your dining chairs so you can stop scratching up your hardwood floors every time you scoot the chair back and forth.

    The pack of furniture pads

    22. A cutlery drawer organizer so you can finally organize your kitchen drawer and actually find your favorite fork for once (admit it – we all have a favorite fork). The space-saving design also frees up the rest of your drawer.

    Reviewer photo of cutlery neatly organized

    23. A jewelry stand ideal for storing all of your long necklaces so they don't get tangled up in a random pile of clothes. Plus: it's a great way to show off all of your favorite jewelry when you're not wearing it!

    A reviewer photo of gold three-tier jewelry stand with colorful necklaces on the handles and earrings on the bottom

    24. A TubShroom created for anyone who has to call the plumber every few months when the tub clogs yet again. This lil guy catches all of your hair before it heads down the drain, and all you have to do is clean it out after every shower.

    A reviewer photo of the tubshroom with hair surrounding it

    25. A multipurpose, heat-resistant mat that will help you out with so many tasks in the kitchen — use it to grab a hot pot handle, as a drying mat, as a spoon rest while you're cooking, or as a trivet for hot dishes at the dining table. Finally, a product that works as hard as you do!

    26. A hair tool organizer because nothing's worse than untangling the cords of your straightener and hair dryer when you're in a rush. This organizer attaches to your cabinet door and keeps all your tools separate and easy to grab.

    A reviewer photo of a hair tool organizer attached to the inside of a cabinet door holding a blow dryer, hot air brush, a hair straightener, and a curling wand

    27. A grease splatter screen to place on top of your frying pan while cooking to prevent hot oil from splashing up and getting all over your stovetop. It makes post-dinner clean up so much easier, and you won't have to worry about the dangerously hot oil splattering onto your hand or arm.

    A reviewer photo of a stainless steel splatter guard sitting on top of a pan on a stove

    28. A garment rack for people with teeny tiny closets who need more space to hang up their clothes.

    29. A popular candle made with an odor neutralizer specifically designed to fight unwanted, lingering smells caused by stinky (but lovable) pets.

    person cuddling her dog while a pet house candle is burning in the foreground

    30. A set of clear organizing bins so you can actually see what's in your fridge and eat it before it expires. They also help to maximize the space you have in your fridge and keep similar food items together.

    31. A pack of LED battery-operated puck lights you can place underneath your kitchen cabinets or in your closet to provide some much-needed light in dark corners of your home.

    reviewer photo of a gray kitchen with multiple puck lights lighting up the counter underneath the cabinets

    32. A set of bag holders that keep your food storage bags upright so you can fill them with ease. It's a meal prepper's dream!

    33. A container lid organizer so you don't have to search through all your cabinets just to find the right lid. Nothing's worse than filling up a food storage container and not being able to find the top for it!

    34. A knife sharpener that will keep your knives cutting as well as the day you bought them. No need to get them professionally sharpened — this gadget does the job for you so you can get back to chopping veggies in no time.

    Person using a kitchenIQ small knife sharpener to sharpen knife

    35. A Command broom gripper for storing your broom upright when you're not using it. Say goodbye to the days of stuffing your broom in a closet and losing it forever.

    36. A rotating cosmetics organizing tower anyone with an extensive makeup or skincare collection will appreciate. You'll clear up your counter space, it'll make your morning routine faster, and you'll be able to spot that perfect red lipstick you love in two seconds flat.

    A reviewer photo of a clear rotating plastic makeup organizer with skincare and perfume on it

    With these smart products in your house, you'll be able to tackle any small inconvenience that threatens to ruin your day.